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Mystic Staxx (Red Tiger)

Video slot enthusiasts are a loyal bunch. They have favourite developers and themes that are consistently successful around the world. One of the more popular concepts is the ambiguous “Asian” genre that tends to feature plenty of dragons, paper lanterns, and the colour red to keep players engaged. Red Tiger’s recent release ticks all of the boxes, and then some.

Red Tiger is a popular developer that consistently releases high-quality titles with beautiful graphics and intriguing gameplay. Their 2021 release “Mystic Staxx” is no exception. The game is entertaining and beautiful to watch, making it an overall reliable slot to try.

Are you interested in learning more about Mystic Staxx? We break down the game in detail below.

Game Type Video Slot
Release Date 08/07/21
RTP 94.68%
Volatility High
Slot Build 8x6, 40 Betways
Features Mega Wilds, Expanding Symbols
Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min / Max Bet (€) 0.1 / 40

Mystic Staxx Slot Review

Players should ready themselves for a magical journey packed with ancient beasts and symbolic charms that can lead to big wins or disappointing losses with Red Tiger’s Mystic Staxx. The slot is not the most revolutionary title from the developer, but it is not a boring one. The theme is pleasing, and the graphics are polished, both of which help give the title plenty of character.

There is no mistaking Mystic Staxx as anything other than an Asian or Far East themed title. The game’s background is a deep red with the impression of dragon scales and the grid itself is bordered by gilded dragons coiling around the reels. Speaking of the grid, it is a large one! With 40 betways and eight reels, players might initially find the board a bit confusing. This impression quickly fades and is replaced by a deep appreciation for the colourful symbols and charming music.

The background of the grid is a simple black, allowing the title’s symbols to shine. They rise to the occasion, offering players rich hues and ornate designs. From the red paper lanterns to the stringed coins tied with different coloured ribbon, the icons are beautifully designed and effortlessly convey the game’s theme. The entire design is almost blindingly “Asian” in fact, with all of the stereotypical elements that are so common in this concept.

Mystic Staxx Demo Play

That is not to say that the slot is not an attractive one. On the contrary, the graphics are well-done and offer more than the rote designs that so often grace the reels with the concept.

Players hoping to take advantage of diverse devices as they play will appreciate Mystic Staxx’s support for a wide variety of platforms. Whether you prefer desktop gameplay or would rather spend time on your smartphone while out and about, Red Tiger’s recent release has you covered. The game is available on tablet, TV, and Android and iOS apps in addition to the previously mentioned smartphones and desktops.

Would you like to learn more about the type of gameplay you can expect from Mystic Staxx? We explore the title’s features below!

Where to Play Mystic Staxx Right Now

Mystic Staxx Features

A beautiful game is a wasted effort if the gameplay does not stack up to the design. The good news is that while it is not revolutionary, Mystic Staxx has features to keep fans of the theme engaged. From expanding symbols to mega wilds, we will detail the game’s main features below.

Expanding symbols

Mystic Staxx’s large grid can seem daunting even during the best of times. When players begin to land winning combinations, however, that sentiment stands to multiply. The first feature to discuss is the expanding symbol. The special expand symbol is 3×3 and, when fully in view, grows symbol stacks by one per reel. The symbol can land anywhere on the reels and multiple symbols can be uncovered each round up to a 20-symbol stack. Once players hit this number, the expand icon transforms into a mega wild.


Mystic Staxx Paylines

Mega wilds

Mega wilds are a fun concept; however, it is functionally the same as regular sized wilds. It can substitute any paying symbols and can land in any position. Despite not offering any intriguing or unique gameplay features, wilds are always a welcomed addition to slot titles. Combinations with wild symbols can pay up to 50x the player’s wager for lines with eight-of-a-kind.


Mystic Staxx Expansion

Red Tiger’s recent release is not an innovative title packed with features – the above bonus features are just about it. There are a few more details to keep in mind when playing the slot. Mystic Staxx offers players a healthy bet range of €0.1 to €40 and is highly volatile. This range should accommodate both casual players more interested in relaxation than heart-pounding risks as well as users who prefer daring wagers and the potential for big wins. Players stand to win a maximum of 2000x as they spin the reels and keep their fingers crossed for high-paying symbols.

Mystic Staxx Verdict

Mystic Staxx is a pleasant title with polished graphics and reliable gameplay. It is not a revolutionary title, nor does it offer players new features or an abundance of bonuses. The title is best suited to players who appreciate Asian themes and enjoy the overall experience rather than the mechanics. The title is not a bad one, to be fair, it is also not an outstanding one. It is not a particularly fast-paced game, either, making it ill-suited for players who want to race across the reels.

All in all, Mystic Staxx is a solid title. From stacked symbols that can hit any reel to mega wilds and a decent max win, there are worse options to keep you occupied. And if you like the concept, you might find the title to be quite pleasant.

Interested players can play Mystic Staxx now at casinos offering Red Tiger games! The game released on the 8th of July 2021.

All in all, Mystic Staxx is a fun slot to check out. It is not a quick play, however, as it takes a few spins to boost the symbol stacks high enough to land exciting plays.

Mystic Staxx is available at most casinos offering Red Tiger games!

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