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Live Roulette

NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette is the NetEnt Live Casino version of the classic roulette. Players can access a live online stream with a real croupier as a host, thus approaching the most “brick-and-mortar” casino gaming experience.

It fits alongside NetEnt Live Casino HD Blackjack – providing players with two of the world’s most popular table games, but with a much more social setting.

NetEnt Live Casino features several different versions of Roulette tables, including ordinary Roulette, Roulette Pro, Roulette VIP and Auto Roulette.


NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette's RTP: 97.30%
Type of casino game: Live Casino
Type of Live Casino game: Roulette
NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette game features: Race Track bets, Dynamic Billboard, Favorite Bets panel, Live Dealer, High Definition video, Live Player Chat.

Can You Play NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette for Free?

You certainly can, simply by clicking our demo above! NetEnt added demo modes for their live casino games in 2020, and now you can play for free alongside real players LIVE! Click our demo above to try Live Roulette for yourself.

NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette

NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette is played just like in a real-life casino. A player needs to place a chip on a number of choice (or combination of numbers) after which the Live Dealer spins the roulette wheel with the ball. The pocket on the wheel that receives the ball is the winning number that will pay out.


NetEnt Live Roulette RTP: 97.3%
Type Of Casino Game: NetEnt Live Game
Type Of Live Casino Game Roulette
NetEnt Live Roulette Game Features: Multiple Camera Angles, HD Video, Hot & Cold Numbers, Last Winning Numbers & Player Chat


The Game Round

A Live Roulette game round is played by the following steps:

  • The players are invited by the dealer to place their bets after which the bet timer begins its countdown;
  • The bets are placed on the betting field by the players within the allotted time;
  • When the betting time is up the dealer launches the ball on the wheel and announces closing of the bets;
  • Bets are closed after which the betted values are deducted from the players’ accounts;
  • After the ball has landed in a slot the winning number is announced and winning bets are paid out.


Placing Bets

Just like in a real-life casino also on the NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette the normal roulette bets can be placed.


Inside Bets

The inside bets are placed on the inner field of the table, on the numbers 0 up to 36. There are 5 types of inside bets: Straight, Split, Street of Three line, Corner and Six line.

  • Straight: a bet on a single number by placing a chip on the box that corresponds to that number.
  • Split: a bet on two adjacent numbers, horizontally or vertically, by placing a chip on the line between the two adjacent boxes.
  • Street of Three Line: a bet on a row of three numbers on a single horizontal line by placing a chip on the outer line of the number on the far left of the three numbers.
  • Corner: a bet on four numbers that form a square, by placing a chip on the cross between the four numbers.
  • Six Line: a bet on 6 adjacent numbers at the same time. If you want to bet on 1-6 for example, you place a chip on the T-junction on the far left between the 1 and the 4.


Outside Bets

Outside bets are placed on the boxes around the inner field with the numbers 1 to 36. Basically, there are 5 options to place an outside bet: Column, Dozen, High or Low, Red or Black and Odd or Even.

  • Column Bet: a bet on one of the three vertical rows (left, middle, right) by placing a chip in the box at the bottom of the row, you then bet 12 numbers at the same time.
  • Dozen Bet: a bet on 12 numbers in three consecutive rows, by placing a chip in one of the following areas: 1ste 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12.
  • High or Low bets: a bet on the high numbers (19-36) or the low numbers (1-18).
  • Red or Black: a bet on a color (red or black) instead of on a number.
  • Odd or Even: a bet on odd or even numbers.


Race Track Bets

On the right side of the screen you see a separate betting track, also known as “the Race Track”. If you click on the track it will be opened and placed above the betting field. This track contains the same numbers as the wheel and in the same order. On the Race Track the following 5 types of bets are possible:

  • Tiers: a bet on the numbers 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16 and 33.
  • Orphelins: a bet on the numbers 17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.
  • Voisins: a bet on the numbers 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, and 25 (the 8 numbers on the wheel on each side of the “0”).
  • Zero: a bet on the numbers 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32 and 15.
  • Neighbours: a bet on 1 up to 8 neighbouring numbers on each side of any given number. For example: “neighbour 1 on number 5” includes numbers 10, 5 and 24 or “neighbour 3 on number 22” includes numbers 14, 31, 9, 22, 18, 29 and 7.

All bets can be doubled by clicking the “x 2” button left from the chips. By clicking the “Player’s Chips” button (in the same row left from the chips) the game will show where the chips of other players are placed on the betting field.


Undoing, redoing or doubling bets

On the right side of the chips there are three buttons that allow you to undo the last placed bet, to clear all bets or to replace the bet(s) from previous game round.


The Favorite Bets Panel

On the Favorite Bets Panel players can register and save their bets to subsequently replace them automatically. The Favorite Bets panel can be opened by clicking the Star-signed button left from the chips.


The Dynamic Billboard

The Dynamic Billboard is located at the right side of the screen, above the Race Track betting field. The Dynamic Billboard shows the game’s results over the last 15 rounds and which numbers are “hot” and which numbers are “cold” (taken over the last 100 game rounds).


The Live Dealer, High Definition video and Players Chat

In the NetEnt Live Casino the player is hosted by a real-life dealer that’s spinning the roulette wheel and of which the images are broadcasted by streaming “High Definition” video by internet. By Live Chat the player can not only communicate with the croupier, but, if desired, also with its fellow players at the table. The angle of the HD camera can be adjusted to dealer view or roulette wheel view.


NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette Bet limits

At the bottom in the centre of the screen you see a number of chips. When you click the arrows left and right of the chips you will get more options. You can play Live Roulette with 1, 5, 25, 100 and 1000 euro chips. These can be bet multiple times and may be combined. The minimum bet is 1 euro and the maximum bet is 75.000 euros. When you bet a combination, you can see the total amount bet at the bottom of the screen.


Live Roulette Pay Table

The Pay Table of NetEnt Live Casino HD Roulette can be opened by clicking the “i” signed button in the lower left corner of the screen.


Possible Settings

When you start playing European Roulette you can adjust a number of settings to your liking. You do this by clicking the icon at the bottom utmost left of the screen. The game settings can be adjusted as follows:

  • Players list: to show the names of the other players at the table
  • Chat: to turn off or on the Live Chat
  • Background music: to turn the background music on or off or to adjust its volume
  • Sound effects: to turn the sound effects on or off or to adjust their volume
  • Live Casino sounds: to turn off or on the Live Casino sounds
  • Video quality: to set the quality of the video to high, medium or low
  • Switch to wheel view for result: to set the camera on roulette wheel view

NetEnt Live Roulette Pro

As the PRO name suggests, NetEnt Live have gone all out to make this one of the most comprehensive online versions of live roulette around: they’ve done this by applying high stakes, high tempo and top notch graphics that cannot be found anywhere else.


NetEnt Live Roulette Pro RTP: 97.3%
Type Of Casino Game: NetEnt Live Game
Type Of Live Casino Game Roulette
NetEnt Live Roulette Pro Game Features: Multiple Camera Angles, HD Video, Hot & Cold Numbers, Last Winning Numbers & Player Chat


NetEnt Live Roulette Pro Introduction

The thrill of the spin and the eager onlooking of players following the ball dancing around before finally coming to rest are what make roulette such an engaging and exciting casino game to play.

NetEnt Live Roulette Pro is no different in this respect, played with a standard 37-bed wheel and delivered live via High Definition video, the atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino is seamlessly transmitted to the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


NetEnt Live Roulette Pro Features

To make NetEnt Live Roulette Pro stand out from its competitors, multiple features have been added to heighten the player experience wherever possible. These include customisation options such as: multiple camera angles, adjustable volume settings and the innovative Chroma-key background.

In addition to this, a number of game statistics are visible during gameplay to let players know what the current hot & cold numbers are and the last winning numbers were, so that they can place their subsequent bets accordingly.

This information is suitably placed within the play screen, so that it’s readily accessible whilst not interfering with the betting area or the live video stream.

Another great advantage is the mobile compatibility of the game, whilst it is a feature we have come to expect from NetEnt – the quality in which they deliver every time must be applauded – the interface is highly responsive and the game controls are suitably located for mobile and tablet use alike.


NetEnt Live Roulette Pro Betting Limits

As with any ‘Pro’ version of a casino game, the stakes tend to be higher than normal, but with greater risk, potentially comes greater reward!

The default chips values in NetEnt Live Roulette Pro are: 5, 25, 100, 500 and 2,000 which are all easily accessible at the bottom of the play screen and automatically accumulate in chip stack value when placing multiple chips on a bet.

Betting limits on a straight number (35:1 odds) are capped at a minimum of €5 and a maximum of €750 which leads to a potential maximum win of €27,000!

Note that these betting limits may vary depending upon what bet selection you choose.



Live Roulette Pro is the kind of game that we’ve come to expect from a high-quality developer such as NetEnt – immersive, responsive and well-polished.

All of these components, and more, are what fit together to create the full experience that NetEnt want to provide to their players, whilst remaining at the forefront of the live gaming industry.


NetEnt Live Roulette VIP

Welcome to NetEnt Live’s VIP Roulette table, a masterclass in table-gaming that comes with an easy to use interface, outstanding streaming solution and perfectly synchronised audio and video to guarantee a seamless player experience – everything that a VIP needs! 


NetEnt Live Roulette VIP RTP: 97.3%
Type Of Casino Game: NetEnt Live Game
Type Of Live Casino Game: Roulette
NetEnt Live Roulette VIP Game Features: Multiple Camera Angles, HD Video, Hot & Cold Numbers, Last Winning Numbers & Player Chat


NetEnt Live Roulette VIP Introduction

Live Roulette VIP is a prestigious version of the highly popular game played at live dealer tables and with high wagering limits available, it’s perfect for high rollers who want to try their luck and potentially win some massive payouts.

However, just because this game seems to be catered toward the more cavalier gambler with the bigger bankroll, it doesn’t exclude those who wish to play a much slower and cautious game.

You can play from as little as €1 per spin and still receive the full VIP treatment that NetEnt have on offer.


NetEnt Live Roulette VIP Features

As with any player that seeks their entertainment at an online casino, they want to feel as though they’re getting as much ‘bang for their buck’ as possible, so what have NetEnt included to ensure that the player experience is one that keeps them coming back for more?

Along with the fact that NetEnt Live Roulette VIP is streamed in HD video quality to give patrons a fully-immersive atmosphere, a wealth of other features are available that help to make this version of roulette stand out against its rivals.


Personalisation options:

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Adjustable volume settings
  • Chroma-key background
  • Portrait/landscape mode options on mobile


Game Statistics:

  • Hot & cold numbers
  • Last winning numbers


Social Features:

  • Player chat
  • Highly engaging live croupiers


NetEnt Live Roulette VIP Bet Limits

The default chip values for NetEnt Live Roulette VIP are: 1, 5, 25, 100 & 500, these can all be selected from the bottom of the play screen.

The chips themselves also automatically stack in value after placing multiple chips on a single wager, opening up more betting options for the player.

As this is the VIP version of NetEnt’s Live Roulette, the betting limits themselves are wide-ranging, from as little as €1 for the minimum bet up to €250 as the maximum bet that can be placed.

Be aware that these betting limits may vary depending upon what bet-type you choose to place.



NetEnt have done themselves proud in creating a great game designed for VIPs, but which doesn’t exclude the casual player – everybody’s welcome at this party.

Players will love the wide-ranging betting limits that allow the high roller to bet high sums of money whilst the more frugally-minded of you can enjoy this exquisite live gaming experience at your own pace.

NetEnt Live Roulette VIP has an abundance of useful game options and features – with some of the best live croupiers and player chat capability on offer – making everything all the more entertaining.


NetEnt Live Auto Roulette

Utilising their dynamic platform, NetEnt’s Live Auto Roulette uses cutting edge streaming technology to deliver a unique and powerful gaming experience directly to desktop and mobile devices.


NetEnt Live Auto Roulette RTP: 97.3%
Type Of Casino Game: NetEnt Live Game
Type Of Live Casino Game: Roulette
NetEnt Live Auto Roulette Game Features: Statistics, Hot & Cold Numbers, Last Winning Numbers & Player Chat


NetEnt Live Auto Roulette Introduction

As indicated by its name, NetEnt Live Auto Roulette differs from the standard live table game by having the gameplay fully automated without the presence of a live croupier.

So, if you want to focus more on the actual gameplay itself and not potentially become distracted when selecting your bet(s), then this fine addition to NetEnt’s live gaming roster could be the optimal choice for you.

Although there is no live croupier on show here, a friendly voice will be there to guide you along the way, informing you of the time to place your bets and announcing the outcome of the resulting spin.

The regular European version of roulette is played here, using a standard 37-bed wheel with the numbers ranging from 0-36.


NetEnt Live Auto Roulette Features

Once again this NetEnt title is streamed seamlessly with High Definition visuals, adding to the overall glitz and glamour of this highly loved live table game.

NetEnt have also included a number of informative and interactive game features with this release that help to make it an all-around enjoyable experience.

These include visible statistics during gameplay detailing the last winning numbers and current ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers, so that players can choose to place their bets accordingly, providing they want to use this information to guide their decisions.

There are also personalisation options where players can adjust the volume settings and make use of NetEnt’s Chroma-key background to customise their own personal unique experience.


NetEnt Live Auto Roulette Bet Limits

Some incredibly wide-ranging betting is available when playing NetEnt’s Live Auto Roulette, appealing to casual and high-stakes players respectively.

The individual chip values, that are suitably located at the bottom of the play screen and come in denominations of: 1, 5, 25, 100 & 500.

When deciding on your total bet, players will note that stacking multiple chips of the same value will result in the chip values automatically accumulating, for example, placing 5 individual €1 chips on a single number will show a €5 chip.

The overall bet limits in Live Auto Roulette have a minimum of €1 scaling all the way up to an enormous €75,000 as the maximum wager that can be placed, this makes for some seriously high potential winnings!

It is worth mentioning that these betting limits can vary depending on what type of betting selection that you choose.



For players who want to focus on the game of roulette itself, rather than the live croupiers that NetEnt offer in their other releases, Live Auto Roulette is the perfect combination of entertaining gameplay and extremely well-designed features.

With a wide array of betting options and limits at the table, NetEnt have ensured that this game can accommodate all types of prospective players whilst also creating an entirely unique individual experience.