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Reptizillions Power Reels

Dinosaurs are ancient history, but they have certainly not gone out of style. From movies to children’s toys and everything in between, the giant creatures have long held a unique and unending place in global society. It is no surprise that they continue to be a popular theme for manufacturers and developers in a wide variety of industries. Red Tiger, a well-respected slot machine game developer, has taken a shot at creating an engaging dinosaur slot that blows fans away with “Reptizillions Power Reels”.

Has Red Tiger succeeded and released a gem of a game to online casino players around the world? Our Reptizillions Power Reels review will take a closer look at what players can expect.

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 10/06/2021
RTP 95.69%
Volatility High
Slot Build 8x6, 30 betways
Features Super Symbols Scatters Free Spins Mega Symbol
Jackpot No
Available On Mobile Yes
Default Min / Max Bet (€) 0.1 / 20

Reptizillions Power Reels slot review

Players should ready themselves for an adventure full of thrills as they journey across the wild reels in Reptizillions Power Reels. The title was released in June 2021 and has garnered a respectable amount of buzz since then. It certainly rises to the occasion, with polished graphics and some interesting mechanics. We will explore both aspects of the slot in our review, beginning with its aesthetics and platform availability.

One thing that stands out immediately upon opening Reptizillions Power Reels is its realistic graphics. Recent games have generally opted for cartoon styles with cute critters and bright colours, but Red Tiger decided to stick to reasonable depictions that feel true to life. All the likely suspects are here, including T-Rex, the raptors, and the triceratops, and they all have attractive and clear symbols that pick utility over form.

The 8×6 grid appears to be carved from ancient stone, with bits of gold peeking out in certain areas. The symbols themselves continue this aesthetic. The tiles have a similarly rough-hewn feel, especially the lower-paying symbols stylised as card suites such as the spade and the club. The board is not covered with deep, rich hues but instead earthy and real-to-life tones. Even these, however, have a bit of the rich and mysterious to them as they glimmer in the light.

The game’s background varies depending upon the state of the slot. The base gameplay features a misty jungle with sunlight trickling between massive trees and foliage. The mega win and free spins round feature a more majestic illustration of celestial skies, lush greenery, and the giant lizards themselves wandering around a tranquil body of water.

Modern players will appreciate the ability to play Reptizillions Power Reels on several different devices, and each option does the lovely graphics justice. Whether using a desktop, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or Android/iOS apps, Red Tiger has released the slot on a device to suit anyone.

Are you curious about Reptizillions Power Reels’ gameplay? We have you covered! Keep reading for more.

Where to Play Reptizillions Power Reels Right Now

Reptizillions Power Reels features

Reptizillions Power Reels is ideal for casual players with its reasonable betting range of €0.10 to €20. Still, it might not be a good fit for big spenders searching for a more thrilling experience. The max win is a reasonable, if not incredible, 4473x. Users who do not appreciate the roller-coaster that comes with high variances will probably want to look elsewhere as the game is quite volatile.

Players must land three or more matching symbols in a line from the left-most reel. The dinosaurs are the most valuable symbols and landing eight of them will pay out anywhere from 7x to 15x.

Beyond the above, Reptizillions Power Reels offers players a few different features. Free spins, super symbols, Power Reels, and scatter symbols are included. Note that wilds are not included!

Super Symbols

Super symbols do not have a set size, but they will always be bigger than a standard 1×1. They lock onto the board when they land, moving one spot to the left every spin until they reach the end of the grid and fall off. Dinosaur symbols that match the super symbol will lock onto the super symbol and navigate across the board with it. Players can land up to three super symbols at a time, and they will always feature the same dinosaur.

Scatter symbols and free spins

Scatter symbols are used to trigger the free spins round. Players must land three of them on the board to receive ten free spins instantly. Before the bonus round begins, a dinosaur is randomly selected to serve as a super symbol, and three of them are added to the grid. They behave the same way described above, but with one twist. When super symbols and locked dinosaur symbols reach the left-most side and exit the reel, they return immediately on the right-most side.

Players will receive another three free spins whenever scatter symbols are on the board during the bonus round.

Power Reels

The Power Reels mechanic is a divisive addition to the slots that employ it. Those who love it are in luck! Reptizillions Power Reels, true to its name, features the mechanic as one of its main attractions. Players should aim to land stacks of dinosaur symbols that move across the grid from right to left in what the game refers to as a “horde”.

Reptizillions Power Reels verdict

Reptizillions Power Reels is a solid effort from leading developer Red Tiger. It looks great and offers some fun twists; however, the Power Reels set-up is not for everyone. If you enjoy the format, it might be worth a shot! Note that the slot is not the best choice for high bidders as the bet range is relatively low.

Reptizillions Power Reels is available now at casinos that offer Red Tiger slots.

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