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Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand

Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand is an online casino video slot from leading provider, NetEnt. The Norse land of Midgard awaits, with the action taking place on 3 reels, 3 rows and 9 -29 bet ways. Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand mixes classic video slot features with new twists that include Hot Spot Reels, Re-Spins, the Land and Expand feature, Free Spins and the Buy Feature.

Game Information

Game Type Video Slot Game
Release Date 15/12/2020
RTP 96.03%
Volatility High
Slot Build 3 reels, 3 rows, 9 – 29 bet lines
Features Hot Spot Reels


Land and Expand feature

Free Spins

Buy Feature

Jackpot No
Available on Mobile Yes
Default Min / Max Bet (€) 0.1 / 16000
Minimum Free Round Values Bet level 1, 9 bet lines, €0.01 coin value (cost €0.1)

Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand Slot Review

The land of Midgard beckons in NetEnt’s Viking adventure. Ready your shield and sharpen your axe, as we embark on this epic journey as decreed by the great Odin himself. There’s plenty of reels to be spun, battles to unfold and riches to be plundered in Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand.

NetEnt’s Viking adventure brings a strong visual presentation to the table. These may not be the most impressive slot visuals we’ve ever seen, but the focused art direction and gorgeously designs create an immersive atmosphere that suits the theme perfectly. This is taken to the next level thanks to a wonderful soundscape that turns up the epic factor thanks to its fitting tone. Animations are also a delight to behold, with wins and features dynamically changing the look and feel of the slot to keep it as visually enticing as possible throughout your play session.

Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand is available across desktop and mobile devices and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Join us below, as we delve into the inner workings of Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand, exploring the mechanics and features that define this epic video slot. Who knows, this might be your next NetEnt favourite!

Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand Features

This Norse adventure is filled with plenty of functions and features to keep players busy at the reels. It finds the right mix between classic slot features and new mechanics that give a much-needed twist to the ageing formula. Chief among these is the game-changing Land and Expand feature.

Below, we’ll give you an in-depth look into these video slot features, detailing their inner workings of these functions and giving you a good look at what to expect when you spin the reels yourself.

Hot Spot Reels

Apart from the 3×3 main reels on your board, Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand also includes two additional reels. These Hot Spot Reels sit on either side of the main board, with one spot each available for symbols to land on.

Although the Hot Spot Reels don’t contribute to the winning combinations you can get on the main reels, they serve as a key to other features in the game, including Re-Spins and the Land and Expand feature.
The Hot Spot Reels are a nice touch to add yet another dynamic layer to the game, yet we feel like they could have been used even more within the slot, possibly featuring in some way in the wins you can get on the main board.


Re-Spins are a great way of doubling down on your winning combo for the chance to get an even bigger reward.

In Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand, Re-Spins are awarded based on symbols landing on the main reels as well as the Hit Spot Reels. Landing matching symbols across both Hot Spot Reels as well as two main reels will reward you with the prized re-spin for another chance at video slot glory.
Re-Spins are a great way to breathe new life into an average spin, although the way that they are implemented here makes it quite hard for players to be able to access this great feature.

Land and Expand

The most exciting feature in the game, Land and Expand is activated by landing matching symbols on two main reels and both Hot Spot Reels.

Once the feature is triggered, the game takes on a different look. Day turns to night and Norse board lights up, revealing a much bigger setup than the general 3×3 you play within the main game. The symbols that activated Land and Expand will quite literally expand to cover their entire reels. As such, it is possible to end up covering the reels entirely in the same symbol, triggering the game’s largest payout by winning on all active bet lines. Additionally, through the Land and Expand feature’s special win mechanic, even if triggering symbols cover 2 of the 3 main reels, bet line wins are still awarded.

It’s a great feature that changes the slot’s pace and gameplay, highlighted through an impressive change in the slot’s visual aesthetics.

Free Spins

3 Scatter symbols aptly represented by the legendary Mjolnir will open the door to the slot’s Free Spins mode. The feature gives players 8 Free Spins that can be played out instantly. Should the player land a Scatter symbol during Free Spins mode, 2 additional Free Spins are awarded, and the reels will expand with an additional row, unless the maximum row count is reached at 7. As the reels expand, the bet lines increase as well and can go up to a maximum of 29.

Free Spins is a well-implemented feature here, mixing the usual functions that come with the bonus mode, together with some exciting mechanics used in Land and Expand to make the bonus something truly worth waiting for.

Buy Feature

If you don’t care much for waiting to enter the Free Spins mode, then you can activate the Buy Feature. This will cost 80 times the respective bet and will grant you immediate access to the bonus mode. Though this is something that has been done before by NetEnt, we feel it works very well in Riches of Midgard.

Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand Slot Verdict

Riches of Midgard: Land of Expand is yet another great slot from NetEnt. The game manages to find the right balance in innovating on classic slot features while avoiding any complex systems that can deter players from trying them out.

While we thoroughly enjoyed our time with Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand, we feel that the revamped slot mechanics in place could have gone a step further and could have added yet another layer to the otherwise brilliant gameplay that Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand has to offer.

With that having been said, Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand is a fantastic slot that will delight all slot players, especially those looking for some highly volatile action.

Why not give Riches of Midgard: Land and Expand a go in demo mode? If you’re feeling lucky and want to play for real, head over to one of NetEnt’s licensed casinos and spin those Norse reels.

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