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Safari Madness

Pack the bug repellent and binoculars it’s time for some Safari madness! Take this wild classic NetEnt slot out for a spin to enjoy some ferocious features and hefty rewards.

Safari Madness RTP: The theoretic payout of Safari Madness is 96.7%
Type of casino game: Slots
Slot structure: 9 reels and 8 win lines
Safari Madness paytable specials

Safari Madness Classic Slot Introduction

Safari Madness is a classic slot machine with a safari theme. On the 9 reels you will encounter all kinds of things that are related to safari; jeeps, crocodiles, hippos, and so on. Safari Madness may seem like a simple slot machine, but it hides a few fun extras like the paytable specials and the 8×8 win lines.

Safari Madness Game Tutorial

Safari Madness has 9 separate reels and 8 win lines. There are a total of 3 horizontal win lines, 3 vertical win lines, and 2 diagonal win lines. Every win line can be activated up to 8 times, which means that you can play 8×8=64 win lines at a time.
When the reels are spinning, you can choose to stop them all at the same time or every line individually. You can stop all the reels at once by clicking MAX BET or SPIN during spinning. If you want to stop the left vertical line, you click CLEAR BETS, if you want to stop the middle line, click SINGLE LINE, and when you click ALL LINES while spinning, you stop the right vertical line.

Safari Madness Paytable Specials

Because Safari Madness has a total of 9 rolls, there are a lot of winning combinations possible. Aside from the ‘normal’ winning symbol combinations, there also are a number of special symbol combinations that give you an extra profit. When you get triple BAR symbols on all 9 reels for example, your winnings will be multiplied by 700! But when you get 9 times the tourist on your screen, your winnings will even be multiplied by 3000!

Safari Madness Bet Limits

In Safari Madness you can pick to play for 10 cents or 20 cents. You can play with 1 to 8 win lines. This means that you can play at a minimum of 10 cents per spin and a maximum of 12.80 euros per spin. By clicking MAX BET you immediately play the maximum number of lines with the coin value you chose. When you click MAX BET, the reels will start spinning at once.

Pay Table / Win Plan

The Safari Madness pay table can be found by clicking the PAYTABLE button. Here you can see all possible winning combinations in one glance. There is a ‘regular’ PAYTABLE that contains the three in a row combinations, and there is a the PAYTABLE SPECIALS that shows the special symbol combinations. The latter can earn you very high profits. If you want to return to the reels, simply click PAYTABLE again.

Possible Settings

While playing this game at NetEnt Casinos, you can adjust certain settings of Safari Madness. You do this by clicking the wrench icon at the bottom left of the screen. Some casinos may not offer this option. Below you will find an overview of the functions that may be adjusted by the player:

  • Sound Effects
  • Fast Play
  • Game History (not available in practice games)

Next to the wrench icon you will see a speaker symbol, click this to turn the sound on or off. Next to that there is an AUTO button. This allows you to automatically play a set number of rounds. The reels will spin automatically and your winnings will automatically be added to your account. You can stop the automatic play by clicking STOP.

Safari Madness Manual

Operating the Safari Madness slot machine is very easy. First you choose the coin value you want to play with, 10 cents or 20 cents. Then you choose the number of win lines you want to play, 1 to 8 win lines. Play 1 win line by clicking the SINGLE LINE button. By repeatedly clicking SINGLE LINE you can choose how many of the 8 win lines you want to play. The colored boxes indicate which win line is activated. You can select every win line up to 8 times. Then you click SPIN to start the game. When you click ALL LINES, you select all 8 lines in one click. This can also be done by clicking MAX BET; the reels will also start spinning in that case. If you want to erase the win lines, click CLEAR BETS.

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