Game Tutorial Shoot 4 Gold

Shoot 4 Gold

Shoot for Gold Scratch Card Introduction

Shoot for Gold is a lot like a shooting gallery on a fair. The goal is to shoot three golden stars and thus win some nice prizes.

Shoot for Gold Scratch Card Game Details

  • Payout percentage: The theoretic payout of the Shoot for Gold scratch card is 90.3%
  • Type of casino game: Scratch Cards
  • Costs per card: 2 euros

Shoot for Gold Scratch Card Game Tutorial

The Shoot for Gold scratch card has a very fun layout. When you open this scratch card click BUY GAME, you will see a kind of fair stall. In the stall there are 8 little ducks that you will have to shoot. By clicking the button next to buy game, you can choose from three different crosshair options. When you have made your choice, you can click the ducks. You may pick a total of 6 ducks, when one of these 6 ducks contains a golden star, you will win a prize. On the left of the screen you will see how many shots you have left and how many golden stars you have found already.
When you have found three golden stars, you will win an amount, what amount this is can be revealed by clicking the POTENTIAL WIN button on the left of the screen.
JYou can also opt to AUTO SHOOT, in that case 6 random ducks will be shot. You can also practice this game first.

Payout Table / Win Plan

The main prize that can be won by playing the Shoot for Gold scratch card is 50,000 euros. The PAYTABLE button will reveal the pay table that will give you more information on the payouts. This pay table is based on 1,000,000 rounds.

Possible Game Settings

The Shoot for Gold scratch card has a number of settings that can be adjusted. Below in the middle of the screen you will find a question mark and a speaker. When you click the question mark you will get two options to choose from, GAME RULES and GAME HISTORY. As the name implies, the game rules will give you information on the rules of this scratch card. The game history shows the results of previous rounds. The game history is not available in a practice game.
The speaker icon next to the question mark allows you to easily turn the sound on or off.

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