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Space Wars2 Powerpoints

Take a spin in outer space in Space Wars 2 Powerpoints. Winning clusters of symbols disappear, making way for more symbols and possibly more wins! A whole range of high-tech features can be activated and can also combine in powerful combinations of features that will blast symbols to smithereens driving up your wins and Powerpoints! Fill up the meter by gathering Powerpoints through wins. As you fill up the meter, you’ll move up the levels and increase your win multiplier. 1000 or more Powerpoints in the Base Game activates Free Spins. This is where things really start to kick off.

Zap! Pew! The intergalactic war has only just begun! Get amongst it and join the fun in Space Wars 2 Powerpoints.

Read on for the full review.

space wars 2 powerpoints netent slot
RTP 96.06%
Release Date 30/06/2022
Volatility High
Game Type Cluster Pays
Theme Space
Features Various Row and Column Blasters, Multipliers, Free Spins
Reels 6x6 Grid. 8x6 Grid in Free Spins
Paylines / Ways Cluster Pays
Minimum Bet €/$/£ 0.20
Maximum Bet €/$/£ 100
Highest Win 10.020x Bet

What to expect from Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints is certainly something out of the ordinary in the sense that there are no pays from symbols. Not exactly anyway. Matching any 3 or more symbols do not award ‘pays’ as any other slot would, but instead awards points. Accrue more points per spin to win a higher payout.

There are plenty of modifiers and power ups to boost your points along the way as well.

One word of advice… Don’t bother reading the rules. They’ll leave you bewildered.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Game and Feature Rules


  • A match win awards Powerpoints according to the paytable. In both the Base Game and Free Spins, awarded Powerpoints get added to the collect meter.
  • As the meter fills, move up the levels and increase the win multiplier.
  • Payouts are based on the bet multiplied according to the number of Powerpoints collected.
  • In the Base Game, Powerpoints are reset per spin
  • In Free Spins, Powerspoints do not reset until the end of the feature


  • 3 or more of the same symbols in a cluster award a win and start an Avalanche.
  • All winning symbols except for WILD are removed, leaving space for a second Avalanche.
  • The Avalanche continues until there are no more wins.



  • A 4-symbol horizontal and vertical match awards a Column and Row Blaster symbol respectively.
  • These remove all symbols except for Wilds and feature symbols from the Column or Row where the Blaster symbol appears.


  • A 5-symbol or 6-symbol match in the Base Game awards a Zapper symbol. Zappers remove a number of symbol types from the reels in the following way:
    • A 5-symbol match = 1 to 4 types of symbols are removed from the reels
    • A 6-symbol match = 3 to 4 types of symbols are removed from the reels
  • In Free Spins, a 5-symbol, 6-symbol, 7-symbol, or 8-symbol match awards a Zapper symbol, triggering the feature.


  • A winning cluster consisting of vertical and horizontal matches (of the same symbol) awards a Bomb symbol.
  • After the wins are evaluated and removed from the play area, a Bomb symbol appears and the feature is triggered.
  • In the Bomb feature, all symbols (except for Wilds and feature symbols) that are around the Bomb symbol are removed from the reels along with the Bomb symbol itself, adding the corresponding number of Powerpoints to the collect meter.
  • The number of removed symbols depends on the position of the Bomb symbol on the reels. If the Bomb feature affects a Multiplier Wild symbol, it multiplies the total amount of Powerpoints awarded.


  • A 3 symbol match awards a Wild symbol that appears in place of one of the removed symbols
  • In Free Spins, it is also possible to land Multiplier Wild symbols.
  • These are assigned a random value of x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, or x25.
  • If the Multiplier Wild symbol becomes part of a match, it multiplies the Powerpoints awarded for the match by its value.


  • To win, land both a Blaster symbol (column or row) and a Bomb symbol, either horizontally
    or vertically adjacent to each other.
  • This feature removes all symbols except for Wilds and Feature Symbols from the reels that correspond to the Blaster Symbol – depending on whether it’s a Column Blaster or a Row Blaster:
    • If the Column Blaster symbol has landed, symbols are removed from the symbol’s column as well as the two reels adjacent to it (right and left).
    • If the Row Blaster symbol has landed, symbols are removed from the symbol’s row as well as the two rows adjacent to it (above and below).


  • To win, land both a Zapper symbol and a Bomb symbol appearing horizontally or vertically adjacent
  • In this feature, 1 to 3 types of symbols transform into Bomb symbols (along with the Zapper symbol).
  • The Bomb symbols are then activated.


  • To win, land a combination of a Zapper symbol and a Blaster symbol (column or row) appearing horizontally or vertically adjacent to each other
  • In this feature, 1 to 3 types of symbols on the reels (along with the Zapper symbol) randomly transform into either Column or Row Blaster symbols.


  • Collect 1000 or more Powerpoints to winFree Spins.
  • The number of Free Spins depends on the amount of Powerpoints awarded in the Base Game.
  • The number of rows expands to 8.
  • 1 – 3 Extra Free Spins are won by collecting 1400, 2800, 4200, 7000 and 8400 Powerpoints


In jurisdictions where buy features are available, you can purchase Free Spins.

  • 75x Bet buys 8 Free Spins
  • 140x Bet buys 12 Free Spins
  • 250x Bet buys 16 Free Spins

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot: Paytable Review

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints has 11 symbols. 1 High Tier, 5 Mid Tier and 5 Low Tier. Points are awarded when a cluster is formed of at least 3 matching symbols. The minimum win of 0.25x requires 25 points but the least points available is 30 so any match will win you at least 0.25x.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Review

The burning question on everyone’s lips… Is it good? Well, in a nutshell, it isn’t bad. In fact, it’s no different to a regular grid slot once you get past the gimmick of it all. Replacing pays for points which, in turn awards pays seems novel enough, but the novelty is short lived. Other than having the prize ladder visible at all times, there’s little benefit to justify such a shift from the norm. The game could have been created without the points, with a standard pay mechanic and a consecutive win trigger, with one less element of confusion.

Now. On to the features. Once you get your head around the Powerpoints system and the way payouts work, you’ll need to get a grip of the many features. There are numerous powerups as mentioned earlier in the rules, all intended to gain more Powerpoints. Landing more than one powerup wins powerup combos to smash those symbols off the grid. You’re best off to just play the game and find out for yourself. The basic rule of thumb is, clear more symbols to get more points; get more points to win higher payouts.

8 Free Spins are won after reaching 1000 Powerpoints in a single wager and additional Free Spins are awarded at various thresholds above. In Free Spins the grid height is increased to 8 rows allowing more symbols to land and hence, greater chance to match a cluster. Interestingly the 7 and 8 of a kind cluster, which is in the paytable, is only possible vertically in Free Spins. The addition of Multiplier Wilds increases the velocity of points collection.

Pros and Cons

Visible prize progress above the grid Powerpoints mechanic is gimmicky
Lots of surprizes during gameplay Clusters must be Horizontal or Vertical
Increased grid height in Free Spins


Space Wars 2 Powerpoints is the sequel to Space Wars released in 2013 but the similarities end there. NetEnt have taken the theme and launched it off on a different trajectory to another part of the galaxy. It offers a fun, action packed gameplay experience that’s a little out of this world. It’s well designed and built, with endless surprise elements from powerups and combos.

The Powerpoints mechanic doesn’t really offer anything of substance and resembles innovation just for the sake of the press release. While it is little more than a gimmick, it has Originality, and it’s great to see developers trying new things. Considering there are many studios out there who are ‘heavily inspired’ by NetEnt’s work, I can say with confidence that we’ll see similar points collection-based mechanics in the future.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints gets 87 Spins out of 100 based on the following ratings.


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