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Treasure Mine Power Reels (Red Tiger)

When they find a developer they like, slots enthusiasts are quite loyal. That loyalty sometimes leads game creators to release a series of titles rather than one-offs, particularly if players enjoy the first game. One of the more prolific slots series around is Red Tiger’s Power Reels collection. With ten games and fans worldwide, the developer has found great success with the concept. Their latest, the upcoming Treasure Mine Power Reels, showcases the popular power reels mechanic along with slick graphics to deliver players a game they will enjoy and remember 

Treasure Mine Power Reels (Red Tiger) Casinos

Red Tiger is well-known for releasing classic titles that withstand the test of time. 

Those familiar with the Power Reels series will recognise the 8×6 grid immediately, while those who are not expecting it might be a bit overwhelmed at first. Despite its large size, players are limited to 30 paylines as they race across the reels. That does not mean its size is not justified. Indeed, it is a savvy build that allows the developers to create a mining atmosphere via the game’s colourful designs and bold symbols.  

Treasure Mine Power Reels is nothing if not aesthetically pleasing. Set in an underground mine lit by twinkling lanterns and blue gems, the player spins the reels from the safety of a minecart. The grid is set against a simple black backdrop while its frame is comprised of glinting gold and small jewels. Red Tiger obviously spent quite some time creating an engaging environment for the title, and the effort shows. With symbols comprised of mining hats, mining picks, and letters with shimmer gems peeking around their outlines, Treasure Mine Power Reels is a beautiful game.  

Of course, the title is more than simply attractive and has plenty of excitement to offer players. With an RTP of 95.75% and medium volatility, Treasure Mine Power Reels provides adrenaline-pounding action as users dig through the spinning reels in search of their very own hidden treasure. The game has three character wilds consisting of the dragon, diamond, and miner, all of which can substitute for any paying symbols to increase winning combinations. Players must remember that each kind of wild will only land once every spin, but there can be an instance of all three on the grid at the same time. 

Are you interested in trying your luck in the mine? Red Tiger’s Treasure Mine Power Reels is set to be released on the 26th of August 2021. 

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