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Well of Wilds Megaways (Red Tiger)

The ‘luck of the Irish’ is a concept that seems to be as old as time. In reality, the term originated in the late 19th century. The California Gold Rush was in full swing at the time, with hopefuls from all around the world converging upon the state in search of riches. The most successful of these individuals were Irish American or Irish, leading the other miners to mutter that they had the ‘luck of the Irish’ to find so much gold.  

Today, the term retains much of its original meaning, albeit in a somewhat altered fashion. What better way to celebrate incredible luck than with a pot of gold, after all? The idea of gold is inherently linked to the saying, even though it might no longer invoke images of miners working to find the riches they so desperately wanted.  

It is no surprise that the luck of the Irish has become a popular slot theme, with everyone hoping for a little luck to land a big win. The resulting titles can be hit or miss, however, with some more culturally insensitive and staid than others. Thankfully, Red Tiger has broken the mould with Well of Wilds Megaways.  

Are you interested in learning more about this Irish-themed slot game? Keep reading for a detailed examination of its features and win potential! 


Game Information Table 


Game Type  Video Slot Game 
Release Date  16/07/2021 
RTP  95.67% 
Volatility  High 
Slot Build  Six reels, 117,649 betways 
Features  Megaways 



Jackpot  No 
Available on Mobile  Yes 
Default Min/Max Bet (€)  0.1/10 


Well of Wilds Megaways Slot Review 


Irish themes in slot machines can be incredibly divisive. Some people enjoy the campy graphics that seem inherent to the concept, while others find them overdone. Either way, many players would likely agree that the theme can be derivative and simplistic, sometimes offering users little in the way of new content.  

Luckily, Red Tiger has crafted a title that bucks those trends and is truly remarkable in just about every way. This is abundantly clear from even a cursory first glance, with the elegant graphics doing plenty to encourage players to ready themselves for a fun-filled, thrilling hunt for gold as they race across the reels in search of riches! The game’s 117,649 betways promise astonishing wins with just a bit of luck.  

One of the first things that players will find when they sit down in front of Well of Wilds Megaways is the well-designed aesthetics of the game. The six-reel grid is nestled against a soft background of gentle waves and four-leaf clovers. These are not the brash four-leaf clovers that often appear in this type of slot, however, and they have a surprisingly realistic style. Players will enjoy the soothing backdrop that helps the bright symbols pop, with deep hues and relatively ornate styles dominating the reels. This includes bags of gold, four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and glittering wilds.  

In addition to the surprisingly sophisticated graphical design that manages to balance bold symbols with a serene grid and backdrop, players will undoubtedly appreciate the mobile possibilities for the game. With smartphone as well as desktop playing options, they can pick up their favourite game and play it at any time and from just about anywhere. 

If you are curious about the features that make this game stand out from the flood of other releases this year, keep reading! We will go over them in detail below. 


Well of Wilds Megaways (Red Tiger) Casinos

Well of Wilds Megaways Features


Well of Wilds Megaways is a relatively rare title that manages to effortlessly combine precise graphics and engaging gameplay mechanics to create a player experience that is truly incredible. From Lucky Spins to wilds and Lucky Coins, the game has something to offer just about everyone.  

Modifiers and wilds 

Well of Wilds Megaways features modifier symbols that can appear on any of the four middle reels. When the symbols land and are visible at the end of the spin, two random symbol types are transformed into wilds on the same reels. This kicks off the cascading reels mechanic.   

Cascading Reels   

When the cascading reels feature is active, the board turns into a whirlwind of falling symbols. The symbols involved in the winning combination explode, leaving the grid and allowing new symbols to rain down from above. These fill the reels with new symbols and offer players the potential for another win.  

Lucky Spins 

Players who land three or more Lucky Spin scatters trigger the Lucky Spins round. Landing three scatters awards players with nine free spins, with each additional scatter adding three additional spins. The number of free spins maxes out at 18. During the Lucky Spins round, all wins boost a win multiplier by one up to x40. The chances to win are also enhanced, with wild symbols remaining wilds for the rest of the round.  

Lucky Coins 

 Lucky Coins are collected whenever they appear on a Lucky Spin. Players who collect five coins trigger the Lucky Wishes round. Three to six extra spins, the Well of Wilds, or a doubled win multiplier appear from a well to boost players’ chances to win big! The Well of Wilds is especially lucrative, turning as many as three symbols to wilds during the bonus round. Up to two can be activated in a single round. 

Well of Wilds Megaways Slot Verdict 


As you might have guessed by now, we think that Well of Wild Megaways is a great slot with the potential to keep players occupied for hours. It manages to avoid the trap that many Irish-themed slots have wandered into, avoiding an abundance of leprechauns in favour of subtle symbols that represent luck and riches. The gameplay is almost second to none, with the Megaways mechanic helping to boost player wins and Lucky Coin collection that is surprisingly exciting.  


All in all, we believe that Well of Wilds Megaways is a fantastic slot that offers players solid gameplay in an attractive package.  

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