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Wild Hot Chilli Reels (Red Tiger x R7)

Few things are as exciting as biting into a chilli pepper. How hot will it be? Will it add much flavour to your dish? Peppers are a divisive food, and no two people have the same experience with them. That makes them an inherently exciting prospect. However, they do not always live up to the hype, and connoisseurs often find that peppers fall short of their spice expectations.

Red Tiger is hoping to make waves as the new hottest title around with their 2021 release “Wild Hot Chilli Reels”. With interesting graphics and an appealing premise, players were eager for the title’s release. Was it as good as expected?

We take a closer look at Wild Hot Chilli Reels along with its features. Keep reading for more information!

Game Information 

Game Type: Video Slot
Release Date: 17th July 2021
Wild Hot Chilli Reels RTP: 95.75%
Wild Hot Chilli Reels Volatility: Medium
Slot Build: 5 Reels, 3 Rows, 10 Paylines (Both Ways)
Features: Super Spicy Wilds

Both Ways Paylines

Jackpot: No
Available on Mobile: Yes
Max Win: 500x Stake
Bet Ranges: 0.10 – 200.00
Wild Hot Chilli Reels Slot Demo Mode

Players should ready themselves for some spicy spins with Wild Hot Chilli Reels! The title is as well-designed as you might expect from a Red Tiger game. We thought it would be an attractive game with polished graphics, and we were not wrong. However, the art design is not particularly inspired, and some might find the overall aesthetic somewhat lacking. From the simple build to the straightforward gameplay, there is little unexpected here.

Wild Hot Chilli Reels features a 5×3 grid that is simply designed. The background of the board is a dark green checker print that calls to mind pool table felt. The grid is framed by a polished frame that shines in the light. The words “Wild Hot Chilli Reels” adorn the game’s top in bright colours and bold fonts, giving the title some stylistic flair. There are no over-the-top quirks with Wild Hot Chilli Reels, and you will not find surprise animations on the board itself save that of the wild, which we discuss further below.

The slot offers cheery symbols that are familiar but not boring. The purple stars and blue diamonds seem to have flames dancing behind them, which is a nice touch, and the bells and lemons are easily identifiable. The cherries are also suitably red and plump and add a nice bit of colour to the spins. The most interesting symbol is the wild Super Spicy wild. The gold, shimmering chilli pepper is 1×3 in size and takes up the entire reel when it lands.

Sometimes slots pair an intricate background with a simple slot, but Wild Hot Chilli Reels opts for something a bit more on the theme. This is our favourite part of the design! Flickering flames climb behind the grid until a wild lands, at which point they swell enough to encompass the board’s frame. Speaking of the wilds, they are suitably attractive, and they flicker with their own internal fire.

In terms of sound design, there is not much to discuss here until a wild appears. At that point, a guitar riff bursts in and maintains a suitably twangy beat to recall visages of cowboys and the open plains. As soon as the wild is involved in a winning combination, the music ceases, and it rolls out of view.

Wild Hot Chilli Reels is available to play on mobile. Fans can play on desktop, on tablets, on their smartphones, via iOS and Android apps, and even via certain TV models!

Where To Play Wild Hot Chilli Reels Right Now

Wild Hot Chilli Reels Symbol Wins

Wild Hot Chilli Reels Symbol Wins

Wild Hot Chilli Reels Winlines

Wild Hot Chilli Reels Win Lines

Wild Hot Chilli Reels Slot Features

No game is complete without solid gameplay! For slots, this often translates to bonus features and interesting gameplay mechanics. Wild Hot Chilli Reels does not have much to offer here, but what it does do – namely, both way wins and sticky wilds – is done well.

Sticky Wilds

Wild Hot Chilli Reels Super Spicy Wilds

Wild Hot Chilli Reels only offers one true bonus feature – its sticky wilds. Much like an overenthusiastic bite of pepper might leave you with some residual heat, the slot’s Super Spicy wilds will stay on the board for one additional spin every time a new wild arrives on the reels. If you land a wild on turn one but none after that, for example, the wild remains in place for turn two only. If you land a wild on turn one and then another on turn two, the wilds will stay in place for turn three.

Red Tiger’s recent release also features a “nudge” mechanism tied to its sticky wilds. The peppers will “nudge” their way to occupying an entire reel even if it is only partially on the grid at the end of a spin. This gives players more chances to make winning combinations.

Finally, if all five reels become locked with wilds at any one time, players will receive the game’s maximum win of 500x.

Both Ways Wins

The “both ways” pays mechanic is an interesting feature that allows players to make matches left to right or right to left. To do so, they must land at least three of a single symbol adjacently from either the reel furthest left or the reel furthest right.

Wild Hot Chilli Reels Verdict

Wild Hot Chilli Reels is challenging to judge. If you are looking for a barebones title, this one is well-designed and features enjoyable graphics – it is a good pick. If you are interested in a game with a bit more heft, you might want to look elsewhere. The sticky wilds are not exciting enough to make up for the lack of other features, and even the hit rate is a bit disappointing at 95.75%.

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