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The Wilderland video slot is a casino game from NetEnt featuring 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 bet lines. This graphically impressive slot is set in an elven forest and features 4 types of Walking Wild symbols, the Magic Wild Feature, the Forest Treasure feature and potentially unlimited Free Spins.

Game Information 

Game Type: Video Slot
Release Date: 24th March
Wilderland RTP: 96.16%
Volatility: High
Slot Build: 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 bet lines (fixed)
Features: Forest Treasure, Expanding Walking Wild Symbols, X2 Walking Wild Symbols, Scatter Walking Wild Symbols, Magic Wild Feature, Free Spins
Jackpot: No
Available on Mobile: Yes
Max Win: 240 times your stake
Bet Ranges: €0.2 / €400

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Wilderland Slot Review

With beautiful graphics and animations that truly bring the fantasy setting to life, Wilderland brings some welcome additions to the traditional slot features, that will increase your odds of victory and keep you spinning its magical reels for hours.

Wilderland is made by NetEnt and is available across both desktop and mobile devices.

Join us as we endeavour to brave the elder forests and uncover the features and functions that make Wilderland stand out!

Forest Treasure

These forests are teeming with secret slot treasures to uncover and bountiful rewards to reap. Aiding your quest for an epic winning combination is the Activation Zone. This special area on the board will cover the middle row and any two or more Wild Symbols that appear horizontally adjacent on it will activate the Forest Treasure feature. Forest Treasure will transform your Wild Symbols into one of the 4 Walking Wild Symbols, showering you with bonuses to help you on your way to the ultimate win. Should you be lucky enough to make it to the Free Spins mode, the Activation Zone will cover all three rows.

Wild & Walking Wild Symbols

Wild Symbols in video slots always bring a level of excitement to your game and Wilderland builds upon this staple feature with its wide range of Wild Symbols. Here are the five symbols you’ll encounter in the dark forest and they’re all a very welcome surprise!

  • Regular Wild – These Wilds fulfil their general purpose of substituting any other symbols that you may require to get a winning combination. They can appear on any reel in both the Main Game and Free Spins mode.
  • Walking Wild – As the name implies, Walking Wild symbols have the ability to walk across your reels! At the start of each spin, these symbols will move one reel to the left until they make their way off the board. Some of these symbols even come with their own special bonus awards.
  • Expanding Walking Wild – These symbols will transform into a stack of Walking Wild symbols covering an entire reel!
  • X2 Walking Wild – Any bet lines won including this symbol will be multiplied by 2.
  • Scatter Walking Wild – These are the ultimate Wild symbols, capable of substituting all symbols including the Scatter symbols, increasing your chances to activate the Free Spins mode.

Magic Wild

Don’t you just hate it when your beautiful Wild symbols disappear from your reels, leaving you with nothing but regular, tame slot symbols to try to get a winning spin with? Magic Wild is a feature that will have those disappearing symbols reappear on reel 5 for another walk across your board.

In the main game, Magic Wild has a chance to be activated when a stack of 3 Walking Wild symbols disappear from reel 1, given that there are no other Wild symbols present on the board. In the Free Spins mode, this feature can be activated by any number of Walking Wild symbols that exit from reel 1.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter Symbols will elevate your game to the next level and take you into the Free Spins mode for your shot at a big win. Apart from the regular Scatter symbols that can pop up on your reels, Wild symbols can be transformed into Scatter Walking Wild symbols thanks to the Forest Treasure feature, adding significantly to your odds of entering the Free Spins mode.

Free Spins

Should you manage to get 3 or more Scatter symbols on your reels in the main game, you’ll be lifted away from the dark forest and its regular wins and into the celestial planes of the Free Spins mode. You will get a minimum of 6 Free Spins and the mode will last as long as you have at least one Walking Wild symbol on the reels.

Thanks to the Forest Treasure’s Activation Zone expanding to cover all the board in Free Spins mode, your chances of getting a Walking Wild symbol are quite high and should the stars align in your favour, you could potentially have unlimited Free Spins! 

Wilderland Verdict

Boasting a wealth of game features that bring a fresh take to traditional slot game functions, Wilderland will be giving you hours of thrills and surprises. Its introductory section is a welcome addition and helps make sure that you understand how these features work within this casino game, going that extra mile to make sure that you are fully aware of what is happening on your reels.

A sturdier multiplier bonus system would have been a welcome addition within the game, although the x2 Walking Wild symbol has a pretty high-frequency rate through the Forest Treasure feature.

With that being said, the Walking Wilds symbols, Forest Treasure and Magic Wild features all elevate the game to a whole new level and will make sure that you have a fantastic time playing in the elven forest of Wilderland.

Why not have a go at Wilderland through our free demo upon release or try your luck on the reels for real on one of NetEnt’s select casinos above.

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