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Willy’s Hot Chillies

Willy’s Hot Chillies is an online casino video slot by NetEnt, with a hot and spicy Mexican setting. The slot’s build is made up of 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines, complemented by a number of engaging features including Multiplier Wilds, Willy’s Hot Wheel and Chilli Multipliers.

Game Information 

Game Type: Video Slot
Release Date: 30th July
Willys Hot Chillis’ RTP: 96.00%
Volatility: High
Slot Build: 5 reels, 3 rows, 20 bet lines (fixed)
Features: Willy’s Hot Wheel

Multiplier Wilds

Chillie Multiplier

Fire Pointers

Extra symbol

+3 Spins symbol

Jackpot: No
Available on Mobile: Yes
Max Win:  2,000x / Spin
Bet Ranges: €0.20 – €400

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Willy’s Hot Chillies Slot Review

Jump into the blissful summer heat with a dose of Willy’s Hot Chillies! No, it’s not a new taco bar by the beach or a tasty new sauce that you can buy in a nifty squeezable bottle; it’s a fantastic video slot from NetEnt with some exciting features that will give you a new reason to spin those hot reels.

This video slot has a refreshing Mexican setting, complete with burritos, pinatas, cacti and sombreros. The beautifully designed presentation is brought to life through some gorgeous animations that come together to create an immersive and visually stimulating experience. The audio and soundscape are not anything to write home about though. We can’t help but feel that, had other choices been made in this department, the overall presentation would have been taken to another level. Unfortunately, while the audio doesn’t necessarily take anything away from the experience, it does make the video slot feel a bit hollow and incomplete. Luckily, there’s a whole frontier of brilliant features to get excited about!

Willy’s Hot Chillies is available on selected NetEnt-licensed casinos and is compatible across all desktop and mobile devices.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into this spicy pot of video slot goodness and tell you all about the functions and features that await you in this tasty adventure!

Multiplier Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are a common sight on most video slots, providing players with that second chance at gaining a winning combination. The Wild symbols can transform into any symbol on your reels, which could help you get a winning combo. In Willy’s Hot Chillies, they serve that very same purpose and more!

The Wild Symbols carry a multiplier with them that can range from x1 to x5. Wilds can even land in stacks, covering your reels and giving you a hefty multiplier, when they’re all put together. Additionally, wild symbols are required to access Willy’s Hot Wheel, the game’s coveted bonus mode, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Bonus Symbol

Should you be lucky enough to land a bonus symbol, you’ll meet the video slot’s namesake Willy and begin your bid to enter the game’s bonus mode. Willy will land on the leftmost reel, accompanied by his trusty sombrero and heart-shaped goatee.

Once the bonus symbol is revealed, the remaining reels to the right will be engulfed in flames, searching for the possibility of a Wild Symbol to take the game into Willy’s Hot Wheel. You’ll need at least 1 wild symbol to do so, but additional symbols will increase the number of spins you get on the wheel, prolonging the bonus mode further.

Willy’s Hot Wheel

This bonus mode is where Willy’s spicy adventure really gets interesting. With a combination of both a bonus symbol and at least 1 wild symbol, you’ll finally be able to enter Willy’s Hot Wheel.

The bonus mode takes place on a separate reel that moves horizontally. The wheels that contained the winning wilds will emit a fire pointer that will determine which rewards you may claim off the bonus reel. These rewards can vary quite a bit and include the following:


  • Coin Win: The most common reward to be awarded on the wheel, the Coin Win will show a number which will be multiplied by your bet rate and additionally multiplied by the Chili Multiplier to give you a bonus win.
  • +3 Spins: This symbol will add an additional 3 spins on the fire pointer that claims the reward, giving you more chances of increasing your final bonus win.
  • Extra Fire Pointer: An extra fire pointer will add another one of these reward-claiming bad boys to your reels. It increases the odds of bagging a reward by lighting up another reel. Each fire-pointer has its very own spin count which can be increased with a +3 Spins symbol.
  • Chillie Multiplier: The Chillie Multiplier symbol will increase your overall multiplier in the bonus game. Even if this doesn’t land on a fire pointer, you’ll still be able to claim its reward and increase the bonus you’ll get for a coin win.


Once all of your fire pointers have run out of spins, your final bonus tally will be awarded and you’ll return back to the main game for more spins and the promise of returning to the Willy’s Hot Wheel for another chance at some bonus glory! It’s a great bonus mode and a refreshing change from some of the duller free spins modes that other video slots have.

Willy’s Hot Chillies Slot Verdict

That’s all we’ve got on Willy’s Hot Chillies. NetEnt’s spicy Mexican adventure is a joy to behold, with beautifully realised visuals that put it up there with the best that the provider has to offer. The audio on the slot is a bit disappointing and feels like a missed opportunity to firmly complete this wonderful aesthetic choice.

The real showstopper here is Willy’s Hot Wheel, the fantastic bonus mode manages to break away from more obvious Free Spin modes and provides players with the opportunity to enjoy an experience that feels both fresh and exciting. It’s a creative endeavour that really feels like a worthy reward for players who manage to enter its red-hot reels. With that being said, the main game itself is quite lacking, with considerably basic features. It would have been nice to have more excitement within the main section of the game as well, rather than focusing solely on the bonus feature alone. That’s not to say that the implemented features aren’t done well, but a little bit more bang for the buck in the main game mode would have made the slot a more complete experience.

All in all, Willy’s Hot Chillies is a fantastic video slot that will excite both new and veteran slot players. The bonus feature is definitely worth the drag of the main game and will keep you coming back for more!

If you’re ready to face the heat and take on Willy’s fiery adventure, try out our free demo or, if you want to up the stakes, head over to one of NetEnt’s licensed casinos and spice up those reels for real!