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Type of payment: Online banking

What is eNETS?

The internet payment solution eNETS provides basically consists of an online banking service by which clients of almost all major Singapore banks can use their internet banking account to make an online payment. On top of this the platform also allows customers to make a payment through the service with their credit- or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.). However, also the specific credit- or debit card needs to be connected to a Singapore bank account and thus has to be issued by a Singapore bank. eNETS payments can only be made in the Singapore Dollar currency.

Making an eNETS payment on the internet is done by the following procedure:

  1. Opt on the payment page of a website for the eNETS banking option;
  2. Choose on the eNets page that will appear for the (Singapore) bank from which the payment has to be made;
  3. eNETS will redirect the payer to his or her own bank account from which the normal internet bank transfer procedure needs to be carried out;
  4. After the necessary steps are concluded and the payment is confirmed the payer is redirected back to the website of the merchant and both the payer as well as the recipient receives a receipt of the transfer.

Nowadays it’s possible to make eNETS payments from a mobile device such as a tablet, smartphone or iPhone. However, the availability of mobile banking with eNETS depends on the bank the depositor is using to make the eNETS payment.
Transactions made with eNETS are carried out instantly, according to the highest standards regarding (online) banking security and, as eNETS shields the personal data of the payee from the recipient, completely anonymous. Furthermore, eNETS payments are free from any service fees charged, however, it depends on the policy of the specific bank if a fee is charged for the use of their internet banking system.

Paying with eNETS in an online casino

Paying with eNETS in an online casino basically follows the same procedure as explained above.

After opening the cashier page of the online casino the depositor needs to choose directly for the eNETS deposit option or find this option under “Instant banking”. The depositor enters the amount of money to be deposited, chooses the proper bank to use and subsequently transfers the funds by eNETS from the own bank account to the casino account.

The transferred funds will be immediately visible on the account and available to play with.

Withdrawing with eNETS in an online casino

It is not possible to withdraw funds from your casino account and transfer them to your normal bank account with eNETS. If a deposit was made by eNETS on the casino account another option needs to be chosen to withdraw funds from it.

Advantages of using eNETS

There are several advantages of using eNETS as the preferred banking option in online casinos:

  • The payments made with eNETS are safe and secure. As the service uses the own online banking account of the payer an eNETS payment is as safe as a normal bank transfer;
  • Funds deposited with eNETS are instantly available on the casino account as the transfers are carried out immediately;
  • An eNETS deposit is carried our anonymous. Sensitive personal data about the payer is never revealed to the recipient;
  • eNETS doesn’t charge any fees for the use of its payment service;
  • An eNETS payment is easy to make and is done from the own (known and trusted) internet banking environment;
  • eNETS payments can be made from a mobile device too, anytime you want, anywhere you are and anywhere you go.

Disadvantages of using eNETS

Some disadvantages of the use of eNETS as an online casino payment option are:

  • eNETS is only available for online casino players with a bankaccount at one of the Singapore banks connected to the service;
  • It’s not possible to also withdraw funds from the casino account by using eNETS.

Where to pay with eNETS?

As eNETS is an online casino payment method that’s only available for players that have a bank account at one of the connected Singapore banks the payment options can primarily be found at casinos that cater Singapore players too. Have a look at the side-bar of this page to find out which Netent Casinos allow eNETS deposits.

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