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Type of payment: Internet banking

What is EPS?

EPS, as many other money transfer services, offers a platform for about 2,5 million Austrian customers with an internet bank account at one of the 25 Austrian banks that are connected to the system, from which they can make online payments with their own internet banking account. The service is therefore only available for Austrian citizens.

An EPS payment is made by carrying out the following procedure:

  • Choose for EPS as the desired payment method on a website’s payment page;
  • On the appearing page choose the bank the payment has to be made from;
  • EPS will re-direct the payer to his or her own internet banking system;
  • After a successful login onto the internet bank account the payer carries out the known and trusted procedure to make a payment / money transfer via the own internet bank account (using account number, PIN and card reader for authentication and the TAN for confirmation).
  • After the transaction is completed the customer is re-directed back to the website of the recipient.
  • Both the payer as well as the payee will in real time receive a notification of the concluded transaction that serves as a payment receipt.

Payments made with EPS are completely free of service fees, irrevocable and the paid amount is immediately visible on the account of the recipient and instantly deducted from the bank account balance of the payer. As EPS acts as an intermediary service between the payer and the receiving party it shields personal and financial data about the payer from the recipient. At absolutely no point in the EPS payment procedure any confidential information is disclosed to third parties.

Resuming we can conclude EPS payments are free, safe, instant, anonymous and no registration for the service is required to be able to use it.

Paying with EPS in an online casino

To make a deposit on a casino account by using EPS the same steps are followed as described above. The depositor needs to opt for EPS, then choose his or her own bank, login on the account and carry out the specific money transfer procedure, check and confirm the payment and the transaction is instantly completed by EPS with the deposited amount immediately on your account.

Withdrawing with EPS in an online casino

Unfortunately it is not possible to use EPS to withdraw money from the casino account. To cash out funds an alternative banking option needs to be chosen.

Advantages of using EPS

The main advantages of using EPS as the preferred online casino payment method are:

  • The payments are free of additional costs (service fees);
  • A payment made with EPS is carried out instantly;
  • As no personal information whatsoever is exchanged between the payer and the recipient EPS payments are completely anonymous;
  • As the payment is made from the normal internet banking account of the payer also normal online banking security measures are applied which makes EPS payments very safe;
  • The EPS payments are made from the trusted own online banking environment;
  • No need to sign up for the service so no extra usernames and / or passwords need to be remembered.

Disadvantages of using EPS

The principal disadvantages of EPS as an online banking option are:

  • The system can only be used by Austrian internet banking account holders;
  • It’s not possible to withdraw funds from the casino account by using the system;
  • Making a payment by EPS can be somewhat of a ‘hassle’ as you need to login onto your internet banking account, use your internet banking access codes, the card reader, the Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) etc.

Where to pay with EPS?

Of course those online casinos that cater the Austrian iGaming market will offer EPS as an accepted deposit option on their cashier page. To see which Netent Casinos allow their players to deposit with EPS you can have a look on the side-bar of this page.

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