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Casino Games

Popular NetEnt Casino Games & Slots

As the ‘Leading NetEnt Fansite’, we have the complete collection of free NetEnt casino games on offer. Here you’ll not only find all NetEnt casino games in their free ‘Fun Play’ version, but all the titles will also come with a comprehensive game tutorial, complete with an explanation of their specific special game features. Learn more about the different categories of NetEnt casino gaming options and play all NetEnt games for free!

Featured NETENT Games

All NETENT Games (243)

A Few NetEnt Slot Classics to Get You Started

About NetEntTake your pick from the latest NetEnt casino games above, with this list being continually updated as new slots and titles are released to the iGaming world. If you’re a beginner within the iGaming world and are interested in learning about some of the classics, NetEnt’s Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Bloodsuckers and networked jackpot Mega Fortune are a few fan-favourites. The latter is world famous for paying out several multi-million prizes! Once you’ve gotten your head around how to play, you’ll be able to start wagering real money on your favourite NetEnt content at a tried and tested online casino.

NetEnt Games by Category

However, as NetEnt’s history dates back to 1996, it’s safe to say that they’ve created A LOT of titles over the years. Sure, a very large percentage of their releases focus on on slot machines – but they also delve into other areas too. As there are hundreds of different titles, we don’t want you to go endlessly searching to find your desired category, so take a shortcut by following the links below, or keep reading to find out all about the different types of games that NetEnt create.

Video Slots

Video slots are the digital age equivalent of the traditional slot machine, the machines that can be found in all on-land casinos and which work mechanically. They often incorporate modern game mechanics because they’re not constrained like their on-land equivalents, and many use themes or concepts that would have been unheard of in classic one-armed bandits. Video slots are, without a doubt, the unrivaled favourite for gamblers online, with many of the top casinos focusing their efforts, sights, and promotions on these games. Only the best casinos feature the full roster of NetEnt’s video slots, and these casinos are certainly the ones that shine. Video slots come in different types. You can get jackpots (which we’ll look at in more detail below), classic slots (which we’ll also look at below), high-concept games, simple games, and even branded games. Branded video slots are a NetEnt specialty. They make the best-branded slots in the industry and partner up with the biggest ‘brands’, for example: Guns ‘n’ Roses, Narcos, Jumanji and many more. The high-concept slots are unlike anything you would have ever seen on an on-land slot machine. They often have complex narratives, side games, multiple slot reels, and beautiful 3D graphics. Here we’re thinking about games like Scudamore’s Super Stakes, Zombies, or Gonzo’s Quest. Simple games are like classic slots, insofar as they’re not particularly complex, but they do not try to emulate old-school mechanical slots. They still embrace the modern stylings, but they don’t have all the bells and whistles. You can read more about all of these types of video slots, along with the slots themselves on our Video Slots page.

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Live Casino

When NetEnt started making games back in 1996 video slots were their raison d’etre. However, as their popularity grew, they soon started to expand their operations to include other forms of online gaming. Seventeen years later, in 2013, NetEnt launched their first ever live casino game – a notable year for the industry, and notable year for many of our readers. Live casino games are the perfect mix between the on-land and online casino experiences. You can play all of your favourite casino games from the comfort of your home, but you get to play them as if you were right there at the table in the casino. You get a live stream video feed of a top-notch croupier commanding the table, whilst player from around the world place bets. One of the great things about live casino games is that you can socialize with the other players at the table, along with chatting to the croupier. NetEnt’s live games all operate 24/7, unlike some of the other providers within the industry, and they have every single type of on-land casino game that you could expect. They have baccarat, Texas hold ‘em, stud poker, roulette, blackjack and much more. NetEnt live casino is also available on your mobiles, because a year after launching their first live dealer game, NetEnt launched their mobile live casino. This means you can get this perfect synthesis of on-land and online casino wherever you are, even at sea! Have a look at our live casinos page for more details on these games, you’re bound to like them (everyone does).

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Jackpots are one of NetEnt’s specialty slots that they’ve been making since their first one launched in 2005. Informally jackpots are known as millionaire makers because they’re the slots that give out the biggest life-changing wins The way a jackpot game works is simple. When you play the slot a tiny portion of the wager that you make is added to a total pot, the same goes for, basically, everyone else who is playing that slot. These tiny amounts soon add up to make very large pots of cash, and eventually, one lucky player will make a spin and the rest is history. Their pockets will be lined with gold forever. These collective totals usually come in different sizes and also differ upon whether they’re local or networked. There can be games that offer total pots in the millions, like Mega Fortune, or games that offer smaller pots in the tens of thousands (that is still lots of money, we realise that). NetEnt are a Guinness World Record holder for the largest payout ever on a jackpot. Moreover, since the 2005 inception of Arabian Nights, NetEnt’s jackpots have given away more than €500m in wins. The big difference other than pot size is whether or not the jackpot is local or networked (often also called pooled). The difference between the local vs networked is pretty simple. It is a difference in how far and wide the pot contributions come from, i.e. who are the people contributing to the pot with their wager portions. Networked jackpots generate their pots from all of the casinos which host the NetEnt game, meaning the prize is effectively pooled from across the network. Local jackpots usually only raise their pots from single casinos. Head to our Jackpots page to find out more!

Play at Progressive Jackpots

Table Games

Table games are any game that would be played on a table in a real-life on-land casino. They’re like the live dealer games we mentioned above but without the high-tech video stream and player-to-player interactions. They’re just automated and digitized versions of the classic casino games. Aside from their slots, NetEnt’s table games may well be their second most popular form of games. They have also been around as long as video slots have and were the natural precursor to the live dealer games that NetEnt are now famous for making. NetEnt’s table games come in as many forms as you’d expect to find in your on-land casino and probably more. You will get blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and more. The beauty of the NetEnt table games, however, is that they’re not limited to single versions of each. So, you’re going to be able to play all your favourite variants on these games too. If you want to see exactly what NetEnt table games are available and what variants of the classics NetEnt offer, then we suggest checking out the Table Games page in more detail. There you’ll also find in-depth reviews of all the table games that NetEnt have to offer.

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Video Poker

Video poker is by far one of the most popular forms of online game after the NetEnt video slots. The premise of online video poker is simple: your favourite poker games online. You have hands, tables, cards, and sometimes even other players or croupiers, all rendered into a virtual format by the creative folks over at NetEnt. Video poker games come in all the instantly recognisable formats like hold ‘em, stud, and more. Not only this, but NetEnt have many of their own proprietary versions of poker, incorporating many new game mechanics and rules. In fact, even the classic version of the games often incorporates extra bonus rounds, because the NetEnt designers couldn’t help themselves injecting some extra fun into these classics. Players will also appreciate the fact that NetEnt’s video poker games have some of the highest RTP percentages in the industry. If you want to find out more about these video slots, along with their high RTPs, then you can check out our video poker page.

Play Video Poker

Classic Slots

As we said above, slots are NetEnt’s main focus, their reason for operating. However, not all of the slots they make are video slots, they also make another category of games called ‘classic slots’ or just ‘slots’. Classic slots are an interesting breed because they’re a modern remake of the old classic one-armed bandit games. So, unlike the video slots that we mentioned above, classic slots maintain their stylings and themes of the classic on-land games. They also typically only use simple game mechanics and will usually still have only a 3 x 3 slot reel. However, classic slots have been made as computer games, many of them actually taking a 3rd person perspective where you can see the whole slot machine. Here we’re thinking games like Mega Joker, Super Nudge 6000, and Jackpot 6000. Like the video slots, classic slots can also come as jackpots, meaning that if you want to win those big, big wins, you don’t have to automatically go to the flashy new games. Instead, you can pick something more subdued, something more old-school. NetEnt make fewer of these types of slots, because they’re less popular with fans. However, NetEnt’s classic slots are certainly the best of the industry and you’ll be able to find them over on our classic slots page.

Play Classic Slots Online

Scratch Cards

Last on the list are scratch card games. Scratch card games are digital remakes of the original card-based, real-life scratch cards. These were cards that you could buy, often with a 3 x 3 grid upon them, where all the positions on the grid were covered with foil. Players would scratch away the foil to reveal the symbols underneath them. If the player managed to reveal a match of (typically) three symbols, then they’d have made an instant win (this is why scratch card games are often called ‘instant win’ games). The NetEnt scratch card games are quite limited, mainly because scratch cards games are not what the fans demand. However, NetEnt’s scratch cards are certainly the industry leaders, using innovation like no other company. For instance, NetEnt have made scratch card jackpot games. These give you the opportunity to win a jackpot as well as the normal cash prizes. A tremendous jackpot win awaits all scratch card fans if they’re going to choose NetEnt. Here we’re thinking of games like 2014’s Triple Wins High Roller, which was the first NetEnt game of its kind. To see our full list of games, head to our Scratch Card reviews page.

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You can trace the origin of online bingo games all the way back to 1996 and the concept has gone from strength to strength in the ensuing years. Indeed, players are spoiled for choice these days as a huge number of bingo sites have popped up all over the internet. Online bingo offers participants big prizes and a virtual community spirit that is the perfect homage to the popular land-based game that inspired it and people of all ages and backgrounds are increasingly catching on to the buzz.

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