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Online slots are by far the most played game genre at any modern online casino. Due to the range of special features that are included and their potential to deliver huge wins, millions of players enjoy spinning away on a regular basis. If you’re looking to join in the fun, but still have some questions regarding the exciting world of online slots, make sure to read on.

We’ll be taking a look at how you can play online casino slots for real money, along with how to better improve your chances of walking away with a sizeable cashout. So, join us as we discuss the ins and outs of the most widely-enjoyed type of online casino game and arm yourself with all of the information you’ll need to help you get the most out of video slots.

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Playing Slots For Real Money

Playing Slots For Real MoneyBefore starting your online spinning session you’re going to have to find an online casino that works for you. Whether your choice is determined by finding an inviting welcome bonus, an online casino with a huge selection of NetEnt games, or simply one that is available in your country, we’ve reviewed plenty of safe and secure websites that should suit your needs. After making your decision, your adventure can begin and you can experience the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere that only real money slots create.

One thing to consider if you’re new to the world of online gambling is that a number of online casinos allow you to test out slots in demo mode before risking your hard-earned cash. Whilst this is a fantastic opportunity to learn the mechanics of a game, it does preclude you from actually winning real money when doing so. It may sound obvious, but if you want to win real money, you’re going to have to wager real money (unless you get your hands on a nifty No Deposit Bonus of course). Therefore, make sure you haven’t loaded the game in demo play to avoid any potential disappointment.

Okay, so you’ve found a particular online slot game that you want to play – it looks good, the bonus features appear to be exciting and there’s a chance to win huge amounts of real money online, but do the betting limits suit your bankroll?

As with most genres of casino games, there are both low and high stakes video slots. Although nearly every release will allow you to alter your bet at any given time, certain ones have a different range of betting limits. These are what determine how little, or how much, you can wager on any given spin and it’s something that players often overlook when choosing a game. If you’re not paying close enough attention you could load up a game, start hitting spin and your bankroll could be gone in no time at all due to how much you’re wagering. Obviously, as a rule of thumb, the more you stake, the more you stand to win, but it’s always worth considering your available account balance before choosing at which stakes to play.

High Volatility vs Low Volatility Slots

If you’ve played video slots before, you may have noticed how certain games tend to deliver small wins on a regular basis, whilst others can go on long streaks of losing spins before landing a big win. Although the element of chance is involved when playing any online casino game, there’s a bit more to it when it comes to online slots.

Moving further towards the technical side of real money slot machines, a lot of this is due to the associated volatility of each game. Volatility is an element that has a direct impact on the overall gameplay, as it has a significant role in determining how often winning combinations are going to appear and how much they’re likely to be worth. As a rule of thumb, online slots with higher volatility tend to favour infrequent, large payouts, whereas low volatility slots deliver consistent, small wins.

So, how do you know which games are highly volatile? Well, specifically in terms of NetEnt slots, whenever we write up a review we mention the game’s volatility. You’ll also find this information on NetEnt’s website. As for the products of other providers, some may list this info within the game itself, but a good way to estimate the volatility of any game is by taking a look at how much you can potentially win.

Now it’s a question of deciding what type of volatility best suits your playstyle and expectations.

If you’re a conservative slot player or have a limited bankroll, then low volatility slots are the way to go. Playing this type of slot game will allow you to extend your spinning session, as they’re less likely to cause your account balance to disappear within minutes. However, the downside to low volatility slots is that the potential wins on offer are typically much lower than high variance games. Nevertheless, they can still be extremely fun to play and, if you’re looking for somewhere to start, allow us to point you in the direction of Wilderland, Fortune Rangers and Starburst.

Now, if you’re looking for real money slots with huge potential payouts then you’re going to want to take the high volatility route. More often than not, these are the games that yield the largest payouts, but they’re also the ones that can decimate your bankroll. You shouldn’t expect particularly frequent wins when spinning on these titles, but when one does land it’s likely to be highly rewarding. Ultimately, it’s a risk versus reward decision and if you’re happy to make it then the following slots are a good place to start: Dead or Alive II, Vikings and The Wish Master.

Slots That Pay Out The Most

Slots That Pay Out The MostThere are a lot of people who play online slots for fun, but let’s not kid ourselves, most players are hunting for that big win. Whilst most games have good potential prizes, there are some that offer you the chance to win life-changing sums of money online – most obvious of which are those with some sort of progressive jackpot.

It probably goes without saying, but the likelihood of landing a progressive jackpot is extremely slim. However, that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. At the end of the day they’re there to be won and it’s theoretically possible that you’re the one who walks away with the top prize.

Aside from jackpots, a big factor in determining which slots pay the most is the respective maximum win of each game. This is typically set at a certain number of times your total bet, so your overall return will be calculated by how much you have wagered. Take NetEnt’s Happy Riches for example. The game comes with a 15,000x maximum win, meaning you can land payouts worth fifteen thousand times your stake if you’re extremely lucky.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the maximum win on certain games can only be won after triggering certain features. Dead or Alive II is a prime example of this, as the astronomical sum of over 100,000x your stake is available during the Free Spins bonus due to the potential multipliers that can come into play. Either way, when determining which slots pay the most, it’s always worth taking a look at the maximum win first.

Finally, another key factor that must be mentioned is the RTP (return to player). This is what is used to estimate each slot’s theoretical returns over a large number of spins, typically expressed as a percentage.

Most online slots have an RTP somewhere in the region of 94% – 97% and the higher the percentage, the greater your theoretical returns. However, you must take into account that this is based on the result of millions of spins. Just because you’ve wagered €100 on a slot with a 96% RTP, it doesn’t mean you’ll receive €96. If that were the case, it would not only mean slots would be predictable and unenjoyable, but you’d also be running at a loss every time you play.

So, RTP should be used as more of a guide when choosing a particular slot. Ideally, you do want to play games with a higher RTP, but always remember that anything can happen when spinning on slots – you could land a huge win with the first spin, but you could also play through hundreds without seeing much of a return.

In terms of playing slots with the highest RTP percentages, NetEnt have released many with favourable odds. At the top end of the scale, Mega Joker leads with a 99% RTP but many of their other titles have a high percentage, as outlined below.

How To Withdraw Winnings From Slots

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have had a successful spinning session you may be looking to withdraw your winnings. Thankfully, nearly all online casinos have a range of trusted deposit and withdrawal methods that you can use.

Provided you’ve previously made a deposit and have already registered a payment method, you shouldn’t have any problem withdrawing your winnings. Simply head to the cashier, select your payment solution and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

However, there are certain terms and conditions that could come into play if you’re either a new player, have made use of a casino welcome bonus or are requesting a particularly large withdrawal.

As a new player, you may first have to go through certain verification checks before you can request a withdrawal. Some online casinos put these in place to prevent fraudulent activity and to help verify a player’s identity. In most cases, you will be required to send in copies of a photo ID, passport or recent utility bill so that the site can verify you are who you say you are. These can usually be sent in via online support, so it isn’t a difficult process, simply one that may take some time. Ultimately, these checks are to ensure a safe gambling environment, not to hinder your enjoyment.

Now, if you’ve made use of a no deposit bonus, a free spins bonus or any type of online casino offer certain terms and conditions are likely to be applied. More often than not, a welcome bonus is likely to be awarded in the form of bonus funds, which can only be converted to real money online and then withdrawn by meeting certain wagering requirements. This means you’ll need to wager your total bonus a certain number of times before you’re able to request a withdrawal. You should also take the opportunity to see which payment methods are accepted at the website for deposit and withdrawal.

Finally, certain online casinos may limit how much you are able to withdraw over a specific period of time. Therefore, if you’ve been extremely lucky and have landed a huge win or a jackpot, you may only be able to withdraw a specific amount each day, week or month. Obviously, this could be rather frustrating if it were to happen. Therefore, we suggest that you always check a site’s terms and conditions before signing up in order to avoid any potential disappointment.

Slots With The Best Free Spins Modes

Exciting and rewarding bonus features are a key component of any real money online slot. Whilst pretty much any release has a number of these that you can trigger, there are some that are widely considered to be much more enjoyable than others.

Take a look at our list below to see which online slots have free spin modes that you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Dead or Alive II

This game has 3 different free spin modes to choose from, each with unique features and varying payout potential. Although all three modes can be great, the most volatile option, High Noon Saloon Free Spins, is often chosen by most players due to how much you can win – Sticky Wilds with Multipliers can deliver wins worth over 100,000x your stake!


Although the Free Spins feature can be difficult to activate, it’s usually worth the wait. The Raid Spins feature delivers the full potential of this slot by expanding the game to a 5×7 reel grid with 78,125 pay lines. 3 hotspots also appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 and whenever a fully stacked Viking symbols lands in any of them all similar icons will transform to deliver massive potential payouts.

Gorilla Kingdom 

This NetEnt release utilises a sort of progressive style free spins round, insofar that when triggered you collect additional symbols to improve the overall feature. The more of these tokens you accumulate, more of the symbols will transform into the highest paying symbol, leading to potentially huge full screen wins.

Obviously, there are many more online slots with Free Spins to trigger and NetEnt has always done a fine job of unleashing their potential. Therefore, if you’re playing a slot developed by this provider you can be sure that you’re in for a treat!


Asked Questions

  • Can You Really Win Money Playing Online Slots?

    As long as you’re wagering real money, or are utilising some sort of casino bonus, you can definitely win real money when playing online slots. Obviously, the element of chance always comes into play and you won’t always be successful, but you always have the chance to walk away with a sizeable cash out whether you play on mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

  • What Is The Best Time To Play Online Slots?

    There isn’t really a bad time to play online slots as long as it doesn’t interfere with any other commitments you may have. However, there are a number of games that come with jackpots that must be paid before a certain time, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for these titles.

  • How Do You Know When An Online Slot Will Hit?

    Part of the fun of playing slots is that you never know what’s going to happen from one spin to the next. Granted, certain games will give an indication of when a bonus may trigger, but other than that any spin could be the one to land a huge payout.

  • Is There A Trick To Slot Machines?

    Every online slot must be thoroughly tested before it can be launched. Therefore, there are no hidden tricks or cheats to improve your chances of winning on any given spin. The only thing you can do to give yourself a better chance of winning is to pick the right game.

  • How Do I Pick A Good Slot Machine?

    There are many elements that make up a good slot machine – rewarding features, big potential wins and increased RTP percentages. However, at the end of the day, it’s down to your personal preference as to whether you consider a slot to be ‘good’.

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