Scratch Cards

Scratchcards, scratch tickets or lottery games are all denominations for ‘instant win’ games, mainly derived from the original cardboard scratchcards that first were issued in the 70’s of last century. Nowadays scratchcards can be played online by the internet too and also Net Entertainment has developed several of these popular games. On our site you can play all Netent scratchcards and instant win lottery games for free.

Netent Scratch Cards

Even though based on a very simple concept (a piece of cardboard with a certain amount of ‘boxes’ or ‘regions’, covered with a thin opaque layer of latex that needs to be scratched off to reveal winning combinations) of course Net Entertainment has put its innovative mark also on online scratchcard gaming.

The company has released 16 of these popular gambling options, varying from digital scratchcards that very much resemble the original real-life scratchcards to highly innovative instant win games, complete with ‘special game features’ you’d normally expect to find only in the Netent video slots.

Although some Netent lottery games or scratch cards can be considered ‘family’ (regarding their game-play), most Netent instant win games have their own specific theme and design, game rules and game play, cost per game round and RTP (= return to player) pay out percentage. Regarding the latter, Net Entertainment has produced lottery games that have the highest RTP percentage in the business, of no less than 92,0% (lottery game The Lost Pyramid) and even 93,3% (lottery game Treasure Hunt).

Until November 2014 the only Netent scratch card with a (local) jackpot, scratch card Triple Wins High Roller, could be found in many Netent Casinos. In that month Netent released (also locally generated) jackpot video slot Cosmic Fortune that replaced this and several other Netent jackpot games.

Scratch Card Games

The majority of Netent instant win games consist out of the digital depiction of real-life scratchcards, with 9 boxes to scratch open to either reveal symbols or amounts of money. If the card shows 3 similar symbols or amounts, a prize is won according to the game’s pay-table (in case of 3 similar amounts of course the amount shown is won).

The Netent scratch card games cost € 0,50, € 1,00 or € 2,00 and all come with various scratching ‘tools’ to choose from (usually a car key, a guitar pick, a hair pin, a coin or a casino chip). While scratching the boxes open the covering layer ‘really’ (= animated) comes off. Some of these games also offer a choice in design of the covering layer (scratch card Fortuna) or the symbols that have to be found (scratch card Zodiac). All scratch cards have the ‘auto pick’ function (to reveal all boxes all at once) and most have a multiplier that needs to be revealed too and which can multiply winnings up to 10 times.

Special mentioning deserve scratch card Zodiac (in which 2 matching zodiac signs need to be found out of 5 ‘boxes’), scratch card Shoot for Gold and Bubbles (in which there’s no scratching but respectively ‘shooting’ and ‘balloon popping’) and scratch card Lucky Double that doesn’t have a multiplier but consists out of 9 scratch boxes PLUS another 6 boxes (like a ‘bonus game’) in which equally 3 similar amounts need to be revealed to win that amount.

Lottery Games

A special breed of instant win games are the Netent lottery games of which the Swedish / Maltese casino software developing comp0any has released 3 titles: lottery game Treasure Hunt, lottery game The Lost Pyramid and Netent lottery game Marbles.

Just like the Netent scratch cards lottery game Marbles is based on a certain amount of sold tickets / games (normally 1 or 2 million) of which a certain amount gives a certain prize. In lottery games Treasure Hunt and The Lost Pyramid the fixed ‘return-to-player’ percentage of the game is guaranteed by a random number generator.

In Netent lottery game Marbles the player needs to reveal 3 golden marbles out of a total of 8 (blackened) marbles. Prizes from € 2 up to € 50.000 can be won.

As mentioned above lottery game Treasure Hunt has the highest pay out percentage of all Netent instant win games. Out of 28 regions on an island in 6 picks 2 or more treasure chests need to be found to win a prize. In this game you’ll have the choice between playing with a € 1 or € 2 bet, of course influencing the height of the prizes that can be won.

If in a game round all 6 picks show a skull a ‘bonus token’ (a bundle of dynamite) is granted and with 3 bundles a bonus game is activated. Here ten player needs to blow up one of the 12 regions shown, of course granting a certain bonus prize.

In Netent lottery game The Lost Pyramid out of 36 blocks in 7 times 7 golden blocks need to be found. Also this game can be played with different bets and a maximum of € 100,000 can be won when playing with € 2 bets.

Play Free Scratch Cards

Because of the ‘special game features’ even the most simple Netent scratch card has (which is probably scratch card Tribble Knock Out, that ‘only’ has a winnings multiplier of up to 10 times) it’s surely recommendable to practice with these specific Netent casino games in their free ‘fun play’ version. You can find all lottery games and Netent scratch cards for free on our website.