Video Poker

Video poker is yet another form of casino gaming that, invented during the ‘70s of last century and based on the ‘5 card draw’ poker card game, has become hugely popular among both land-based casino visitors as well as (nowadays) online casino players. Read the comprehensive game tutorial of each Netent video poker game as displayed on this page and play Netent video poker for free to see which of their game(s) in this category suits you best.

Netent Video Poker

NetEnt has developed several online video poker games that can be found in almost all Netent Casinos. Although these follow the basic rules of any (variation of) video poker game, they all have an extra specific feature added (call it a ‘bonus game’ if you will) which makes the games quite special and unique (and highly appreciated).

Video poker games as developed by Net Entertainment can be played with adjustable bet levels and coin values and with different amount of poker hands (1, 5, 10 or 25 hands). The games are designed in a very user-friendly way which makes their gameplay easy to understand and guarantee a smooth and seamless video poker playing experience. The additional bonus games included (that can be played at will after each game round with winnings) makes it possible to further refine a certain poker gaming strategy.

All Netent video poker games have the same high ‘return-to-player’ pay out percentage like the vast majority of casino games powered by Net Entertainment software. In particular video poker All American can boast one of the highest RTP percentages of all Netent games, being a more than decent 98,11%.

Video Poker Games

How to play video poker

If you have ever played poker online or at any land-based establishment, Video Poker will be a breeze to understand. The goal is to form so-called ‘poker hands’ as used in a normal poker card game (like ‘Three of a Kind’, ‘Flush’ and Straight’, to name a few). A player is dealt 5 cards that can be held or swapped, hoping to make (after the swap) the highest valued poker hand possible.

However, these poker hands (and their value) differ from one video poker game to the next, as do other details. For example, in All American poker the poker hand ‘Kings or Better’ is added which means a pair of Kings (or better) already grants a prize. And in video poker Deuces Wild all the 2-s (deuces) are ‘Wild’ cards, substituting other cards to create winning poker hand combinations while in video poker Joker Wild a Joker ‘Wild’ card is added to the deck to fulfill the same function.

Originally the Netent video poker games were video poker Deuces Wild, All American, video poker Jacks or Better, Classic Deuces Wild, Classic Jacks or Better and video poker Joker Wild. As stated above all these games have their own specific rules, characteristics and game features. This makes them not only different from other video poker games produced by other online games developing companies, but also different one Netent video poker game from the other.

In 2014 Net Entertainment released 4 new editions of the already existing video poker games Deuces Wild, All American, Joker Wild and Jacks or Better. The games were totally redesigned and (re-)released under their original name but with the extension ‘Double Up’ (thus becoming video poker ‘All American Double Up’, ‘Deuces Wild Double Up’ et cetera). The ‘Double Up’ extension refers to the extra game feature with which the new Netent video poker games are equipped. It consists of an exciting ‘Double Up’ game by which after each game round with winnings these winnings can be doubled (up to 5 times).

All the currently available Netent video poker games can be played for free on our website.

Play Netent Video Poker for free

Especially for players who know little or nothing about the poker game in general and / or video poker, in particular, it’s absolutely recommendable to play the Netent video poker games for free on our website. It’s not only the perfect way to get acquainted with the rules, basic game play and special game features of the games but also to learn the differences (and similarities) between the various different Netent video poker variations.

Besides this it’s simply fun to play for free and who knows by risk-free doing so you might end up with the perfect (most profitable) video poker gaming strategy.