Video Slots

Video slots are of course the modern and online versions of the traditional slot machines that still can be found in most land-based casinos all around the world. Also in online casinos video slots are by far the most played casino games and video slot games as developed by NetEnt are considered to be the best around. Play the complete collection of exciting NetEnt video slots absolutely for free on our website.

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Netent Video Slots

Because of the popularity of video slots in online casinos, NetEnt have developed an extended collection of these games. As a matter of fact, video slots are the company’s ‘flagship’ products for which it’s primarily known under players and online casino operators. As NetEnt average a new title almost every month, they have racked up quite the portfolio over the years! The best part? You can sample the very best NetEnt video slots on our website –

Best Online Video Slots

As stated above, the video slots developed and produced by NetEnt are by both players as iGaming professionals (award-winning) regarded as ‘top of the bill’ and ‘state of the art’. This is not only due to the high quality in the design of the games (of which many with 3D graphics and animations) and the entertaining themes of the slots (of which many are ‘branded’).

NetEnt video slots are also highly appreciated for their innovative new ‘special game features’ (like bonus games, Free Spins Rounds, special Wild symbols and more) with which the game developer every time again manages to equip its new video slots. NetEnt’s video slot Starburst is also widely considered the most popular online video slot ever produced.

Special video slots are those that are ‘branded’ and/or ‘exclusive’ NetEnt video slots.‘Branded’ video slots are those that are based on an existing ‘brand’ and developed in cooperation with the owner of that brand. Examples of these are the Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Invisible Man video slots that were all developed in cooperation with Universal Studios. Due to their popularity, NetEnt aim to release a decent selection of new branded slots every year.

‘Exclusive’ NetEnt video slots are developed especially for one specific online casino operator – either for a specific period of time or indefinitely. These slots can therefore only and exclusively be played at the specific casino or casinos owned by the operator. Example of such exclusive slots are The Marvelous Mr Green, that can (logically) only be found at Mr Green Casino and Fantasini: Master of Mystery that was developed exclusively for Sportingbet.

New Video Slots

As mentioned above, NetEnt aim to release at least one completely new video slot every month – occasionally exceeding that quota. These new NetEnt video slots are announced on our website in our news section and all possible information about the upcoming game (such as exact release date, preview footage, possible game play and special game features) is subsequently published too. On the day of the NetEnt video slot release, we provide our readers with all further relevant (and potentially profitable) info about accompanying bonuses and promotions that NetEnt Casinos run.

What’s more, on the same day the game tutorial of the new video slot will immediately be published on our website, including the NetEnt video slot free to play demo version. You can play all of the new slots as soon as they are available in our new casinos‘ section.

Jackpot Video Slots

Probably contributing the most to the popularity of NetEnt video slots in general are their jackpot video slots. With these specific slots either a ‘local’ or ‘pooled’ jackpot can be won with sometimes an enormous amount of money in it. ‘Local’ jackpots are generated by the wagers of players in only one casino while ‘pooled’ jackpots are accumulated by the wagers of players on the game in various casinos that are connected to the NetEnt Network.

The video slots with a pooled jackpot (video slot Hall of Gods, video slot Arabian Nights, video slot Mega Fortune and video slot Mega Fortune Dreams) can hold millions in their jackpots before they’re won by a lucky player. Video slot Mega Fortune even holds the world record as the online casino game that has rewarded a lucky player with the highest online jackpot win ever, a staggering €17.8 million (in January 2013). As such this famous NetEnt video slot has an entry in the reputed Guinness Book of World Records.

The Best Selection Of Online Video Slots!

Here at NetEnt Casino, we’re committed to two things: NetEnt and our readers – that’s you! Every single day we try to combine these two commitments in our work, making it the best it can possibly be. And, one way we do this, is by bringing you the best selection of video slots around.

We go through all of the NetEnt slots in detail, checking out their game mechanics, betting mechanics, features, and RTPs (see below for more) and presenting them to you in an easy, readable format. These game reviews allow you to pick and choose between the best and leave the rest.

In addition to this, we’ll also keep you up to date on every new game release from NetEnt. Whether it is a branded slot, a jackpot, or a new adventure slot, we’ll have all the latest information for you.

New & Old Slot Games

Video slot machines have been around for a long time, and during their long career, they’ve seen plenty of developments and undergone a lot of subtle changes. Many players still love the old video slots, which have aged rather well as they still boast top-quality mechanics and features. Due to this, we always feature them in our review section alongside the new ones.

Many players also like new slots, which is fortunate because NetEnt release at least one new slot machine every month. Each month, on the day of the release, we’ll have detailed guides on how to play it and which casinos are offering Bonus Spins for it.

Players who want to know more about the history of old slots, and how they’ve influenced the new slots that NetEnt have released, can check out our NetEnt Nostalgia articles. Here we breakdown the games and their influence and legacies.

What Is RTP For Slot Games?

Getting to grips with the key concepts is one of the most important things to do when you start playing online. If you’re reading slot machine and casino reviews, then that’s a good start. But, if some of the terminologies still escapes you, then we’ve got just the page for you – our Terminology page

A key concept to know when it comes to slot machines is RTP. You’ll see this mentioned in every single slot machine review, so here it is.

First of all, the abbreviation RTP stands for ‘return to player’, and it is a measure of how much a given slot machine will return to a player as winnings over a specific period of time. It is there to help you learn how much you’re likely to win and/or lose over time.

Second, an RTP is usually stated as a specific percentage. This percentage is a representation of the fraction of any given unit of play that you’ll receive if you continually spin on the game. For example, an RTP will usually look like this: 95.66% or 98.17%. In these examples, the percentage is the amount you’re statistically projected to get back, and the remainder is the house edge.

Let’s consider an example. If you are playing on a slot machine with an RTP of 93%, then over the course of millions and millions of spins, the casino will accrue 7% of every spin wagered.

Games with a high RTP often get called loose, because the house edge is looser, and those with lower RTPs are called ‘tight’ because the house edge is tighter.

Different Types Of Slot Builds

Aside from the features of a slot machine (which we’ll look at below), the next biggest difference might be their overall build. Or, what is often called their ‘skin’.

The build or skin of a slot machine is the appearance or design that is placed over the mechanics of the underlying game.  It is the game’s shell that players/customers see, and it hides the boring code behind the game. If you think of it in comparison to classic on-land slot machines, then it is the casing on the outside of the machine, whereas the game is the specific set of cogs, wheels, and levers inside the casing. The difference is that in modern games, the underlying game is just code.

The different builds will ultimately overall determine the type of game you’re playing. For instance, the skin of the build will determine whether or not you’re playing on a classic 3×3 slot reel, a 4×5 reel, or whether you’re playing on a cluster-based reel.

The same goes for the game features. The build will determine whether or not free spins are built into the same slot reel, or whether you have to play them on a different reel and setting,

The build and skin of the game will also determine whether or not you’ll be playing a high-concept adventure slot, with characters, plot, missions and experience points. Or, whether you’re playing a revamped classic-style slot.
Different Slot Game Features
Video slots can come in lots of different forms (as we’ve just seen), with very different story or plotlines, and they can also come with plenty of different features.

The features that are common in video slots are:

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are symbols that, when they land on the slot reel, substitute themselves for any other symbols in the game which would be required to make a winning bet line. In this way, they’re brilliantly versatile.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds are the same as wilds, but they don’t leave the board. They usually stay in place for a specific number of spins after they’ve landed.

Bonus Spins

Bonus Spins are exactly that: spins which are given as casino bonuses. Usually they’re activated by certain symbols falling on the slot reel, and usually, you redeem them in a specific Bonus Spins round. These rounds often return some of the biggest wins.


Re-spins are activated after a normal spin, and they’ve very similar to Bonus Spins. In essence, they make the reels continue to spin until you get a winning line.

Side Betting

Side bets are bets that you can make alongside the main game. With side bets, you bet on some feature of the main game which is not the main betting feature of the game itself. So, for example, you wouldn’t bet on bet lines, but you could bet on how many of a specific. Type of symbol shows up on the slot reels across 10 different spins.

Maximum Wins

It almost goes without saying that the wins are the most important aspects of video slots. And, it may also go without saying that the maximum win is the most important of all the different win types. So, let’s have a look at maximum wins.

A maximum win is exactly what it sounds like it is. It is the largest possible win that you’re able to get within a slot game. These are often very, very large, and can also often not simply be determined by the betting mechanics. Rather, the maximum win is often also determined by the special features that are within the game.

So, for example, you may have a game with a maximum wager of £10. This game may also have a number of different fixed bet lines, which, if you’re successful in securing, will get you a win of x125 of your wager. This would give you a win of £1,250, and that would be the game’s maximum win.

If, however, the game has a Bonus Spins round, a re-spins round, or a side betting feature, then your maximum win is going to be even bigger. So, for example, if the maximum bet you can make on the game is £50, and, if you’re lucky enough to get the best possible win in the main game and the feature, giving you an overall multiplication of x500, then your win is going to be much bigger – and, hence, the maximum win of the game is much bigger.

In all of our slot machine reviews, we will outline the maximum wins, so you don’t need to stop and do the maths yourself.

Bet Limits

The bet limits on a game will determine how much you’re able to wager in each hand and will determine how much you’ll be able to win in any given round too.

These bet limits are themselves a consequence of three factors: the number of beltlines in a game, the coin values available in the game, and the bet levels in the game.

The bet lines are the actual lines across the slot reel that you can place wagers on, in the hope that you’ll fill those lines with matching symbols. On average, games will typically have something like 10, 20, or 40 different bet lines. However, there are some outliers that have very few, or astronomical amounts of bet lines.

The bet level on a slot machine typically fixes the number of coins that you place on each of the bet lines, where you place the same number on all of them. Usually, most slot machines have ten different bet levels, where level one corresponds to placing 1 coin, level two is 2 coins, three is 3 coins and so on.

The coin values in a video slot determine the value of each of the coins that you place on a bet line. These can vary massively and can be between £0.01 to £10.

Together, you can see how these determine the bet limits: the coin value, multiplied by the bet level, multiplied by the number of bet lines (typically).

Bonus Spins

Now that you have a better idea of all these features, and before we move on to our final header, let’s take a look at Bonus Spins.

There are two ways to get Bonus Spins in a video slot. You can either get them as a promotion when you sign up to a casino, or you can get them as a built-in feature of the game.

Many casinos will give away bonuses and bonus spins to new players when they first sign up and make a deposit. This is because casinos value customers, and (now we know about RTPs), the more customers they have the better. So, if you want Bonus Spins on your slot make sure to take advantage of all the promotions on offer.

Most video slots also have Bonus Spins built into them. They’ll have a dedicated round of the game that is activated at a specific stage. Once this happens, you’ll get a number of spins (usually around 10) to use in this round only, but you also get the chance of accumulating more.
Mobile Slots
The rise of mobile gaming is here, we’re almost at its peak and it’s not going anywhere. You can almost play any sort of game you want on your mobile phone; slots are no exception.

Mobile gaming works in one of two broad ways: either via a mobile optimised website, or via a dedicated mobile application. Both have their pros and cons, but both mean you’re able to play your favourite games wherever you are.

The mobile apps allow you to store your personal data better, along with remaining logged in and having the customer service options built right into the app (e.g. live chat). However, the mobile app takes up room on your device, and if you don’t have lots of space on your phone or tablet, then the optimised websites will be best for you. Aside from this, playing on both are going to be pretty similar, and any other major difference will come down to how the specific apps/sites have themselves been built.

If you want to find out more about specific video slots, then we recommend that you check out our video slots reviews page.