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German Online Casinos

The Top German Language Casino Bonuses

Gambling is a hugely popular pastime in Europe and that trend is no different in countries that speak the German language. Indeed, people based in countries such as Switzerland and Austria have access to some of the biggest names in the industry as well as generous casino bonuses. On this page, we will outline some of the strongest offers that can be claimed by new and returning players and give some tips on what to look out for.

Find the top casinos for German language players

Best Online Casino Germany Based Players can Enjoy

The number of casinos available to players that speak German is already massive, but it is also growing day by day. This means all the lucky players have a tonne of sites to choose from, but it also means that they might be fatigued by choice. If there are so many to choose, where should they start?

Well, here at NetEnt Casino we’re dedicated to making sure that the process of choosing the best German-language casino is as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve rounded up all the best online casinos and presented them to you in an easy, understandable and accessible way.

We’re going to highlight exactly what is so great about them, what the shortfalls are, what bonuses and promotions are on offer and which ones you can play all the awesome NetEnt games on.

NetEnt casinos for German-speaking players are one of our specialities, you don’t need to go anywhere else for the best information on these sites.

German Online Casinos of the Month

As we said, if you speak German then there’s a tonne of casinos out there for you to use, but they are hard to choose between. One really easy way is for our German readers to pick out their favourite from our casinos of the month list – this is regularly updated.

To decide on which casinos are knocking it out of the park in any given month, we’ll be making our judgement based on all of the classic criteria, but we’ll also add in some extra criteria especially for our German fans.

The German casinos of the month will be a rolling feature, so every month we’ll reassess the status of all the contenders and decide again. This should mean that every month there’ll be brand-new casinos – or the same great ones if they’re consistently great.

Top German Online Casinos with Paypal

Best Paypal Casinos in GermanyNot only are we going to bring you the best overall German language casinos, or the best casino of the month, but we’re also going to bring you the best PayPal casinos for players that speak German – these are the leading casino sites that let you deposit and withdraw with PayPal.

PayPal is fast becoming one of the most popular payment methods in the casino industry, and players based in a German-speaking nation have plenty of options.

The reason that PayPal is so popular is that it is by far the world’s largest e-wallet. Nearly all websites online will now accept PayPal as a payment method, so it is no longer restricted to just eBay and the like.

Not only is it the biggest, but it is also the easiest to use – transferring and depositing money with PayPal is completely effortless.

All you have to do is press ‘deposit’ using PayPal, enter your PayPal username and password, and voila you’ve paid.

You can find out more about PayPal as a payment method over on our payment methods pages. Here we break down all of the aspects PayPal in much more detail, outlining all of the other great features it has.

Also, you can check below for our list of German language casinos offering Paypal to players:


German Speaking Online Casinos 2023

Every year new casinos get released for players that speak German. These cater to all sorts of different needs for players. The best of the German language online casinos in 2023 are released with all sorts of different features like:

Each year the features keep getting better, and 2023 is no exception to this rule.

How Reliable are German Online Casinos?

Playing at online casinos used to be a much trickier business, there were many more illegitimate casinos as there are now, and the internet as a whole was a lot less safe.

Luckily, firewalls, encryption software and malware protection are much better now, so there is little to no chance of something bad happening to your details… or the servers of the world’s largest Germaan language casinos getting attacked. Nevertheless, this is not something that we should all start to forget about; we should, in fact, continue to take these things seriously.

With that in mind, we here at NetEntCasino ensure that we only present you with the most straight-edge German language casinos out there. We will do our utmost to look into the security and safety of each of the casinos that we review and give you an honest assessment of what we think of them.

To assess the reliability of German casinos we’ll look at:

  • The licences that the German-speaking casinos have, which allow them to operate in certain countries, and which ensure proper legal protections for their players.
  • The customer services that are available on a site, and how promptly and effectively they deal with customer issues.
  • What types of encryption that a casino uses, and whether or not it hosts secure software.

Mobile Casino Games for German Players

German mobile casinos onlineMost of the best casinos these days will have mobile versions of their casinos, meaning you’re going to be able to enjoy the best NetEnt games wherever you based in Switzerland, Austria or another German-speaking country.  Whether you are on the bus to work, whether you are waiting for your friends at the park, or whether you’re walking your dog around town, as long as you have an internet connection, then you’ll be able to play at these German language mobile casinos.

Mobile casinos that are open to German-speaking players generally come with two types: mobile optimised sites or dedicated apps.

Mobile optimised sites are exactly what they sound like – recreations of your favourite German language casinos reprogrammed for mobile devices.

These are not new sites in addition to the original sites. Instead, they’re just modifications of the original ones made with new code and hosted at the same web addresses.

Mobile apps for German-speaking casinos are just like you’re the other mobile apps on your phone or tablet. You download them from the casino sites themselves and then you’re off, playing as usual.

The benefit of the German language mobile optimised sites is that they don’t take up space on your mobile devices, whereas the apps do. However, apps usually promise a few more games, along with better payment methods and functionality.

Play at Online German Speaking Casinos

Okay, mobile casinos – check. The best casino each month – check. The reliability of German casinos – check. What about the basics? What about playing at online casinos that feature the German language?

Well, to start with, you need to pick your casino. To do this you should follow the method we suggest above, comparing your needs against our German casino reviews, and that’ll help you decide. Or, alternatively, as we also suggest above, you can just choose from one of our German language casinos of the month.

After you’ve done this, you need to choose what payment method that you want to use when you deposit/withdraw. As we said above, many online German-speaking casinos will allow you to pay and bank with PayPal. This is the easiest and most secure way to pay online, so if you chose this you’ll be safe.

You also need to do two more things before you play at German language online casinos. Check out the promotions on offer and check out the available games too. You can read below about what types of promotions are available at these casinos, along with all of the different NetEnt games.

What is the Best German Online Casino for You?

So far, we have looked at a lot of different factors of casinos that are open to players in countries that speak German, but you may still want to know what casinos you should play at. You may be asking what is the right casino for you?

To answer this question, we’d have to do two things. First, we’d have to find out what things you look for generally in a casino, along with anything specific that you’re looking for this time around. Second, we’d have to find out what types of features are offered by German-speaking casinos. Once we’ve done this, we can see which casinos have the features that you want, and we can thereby match you with the casino that is right for you.

We can’t do the first part of this equation; this is going to have to be something that you do for yourself. Think about what types of games you enjoy playing, do you require specific payment methods like PayPal, or do you want plenty of weekly promotions or a VIP scheme?

For the second part of this equation, once you have the list of things you like and/or need, then check out our German language casino reviews. Here you’ll find the breakdown of all of their features, and then you’ll be able to check them off against your desired casino attributes.

Alternatively, if you want a quick fix, then you can avoid this method and just go with one of our top German language casinos of the month.

We’re constantly adding new casinos to our lists, so make sure to keep checking back.

New Online German Casinos in 2023

New Casinos in GermanyEvery other week it feels like a new casino lands on our desk to be reviewed, and every week other than that it seems like it’s a casino site in the German language. The rate that the European iGaming market has expanded and diversified over the last few years is impressive!

We’re seeing more and more what creative casino makers have to offer. 2023 is in no way going to buck this trend for German language casinos, and we’re set to see even more homerun casinos on our laptop screens.

There are also going to be a tonne of new online casino games in 2023, expect to find top branded NetEnt games in German-speaking online casinos, along with top NetEnt jackpots too.

Other big trends to expect in German language new online casinos in 2023 are gamification. This is a concept that is taking the gaming industry by storm, and the German casino market is certainly caught up in it.

Gamification is a simple idea: treat non-game features of a casino like a game, maximising the overall perceived gameplay, and thereby fun, of a casino site. You can already see these sorts of things in the adventure style casinos that are already operating within the German language market.

Online Casino German Welcome Bonuses

Players based in a German-speaking country certainly have plenty of options when it comes to casino promotions. One of the most prevalent offers in the market, and within the industry as a whole, are welcome bonuses.

Welcome bonuses are bonuses given out to new players when they sign up to play at casinos. They are used by the casinos to get in as many new players as possible because they know that new players are valuable, and once they have signed up to play at a casino, they could stay with them for a long time.

If you play the game well, and scrutinise the options available to you, then you’ll be able to find a whole host of very good welcome bonuses in the German-speaking market.

The size of the market is so big and there are so many German language casinos fighting for your custom and attention, that you can pick and choose from lots of offers. There’s no need to rush; plus, taking your time will give you that extra advantage.

You should check out our welcome bonuses page so that you’re as informed as possible when it comes to choosing your new German language online casino.

What are Reputable Online Casinos?

All of the casinos which we have shown on this page are reputable. There’s been a huge decrease in the number of illegal or illegitimate casinos online over the last few years so, on the whole, German-speaking players have nothing to worry about.

If you’re still concerned about the reputation about the casino that you’re going to try play at, then you should make sure to read all of our reviews. Here we’ll give you an honest assessment of all the German language casinos’ reputations, perks, weaknesses and more.

What to Expect at the Best German Online Casinos

Best German online casinosBefore moving on to look at some of the awesome bonuses available at German language casinos, let’s take a look at what it is that our readers should expect at the best online casinos.

Okay, the first thing that we should say is that you do not need to lower your expectations. Basically, everything that is available in all of the other markets is also available to players that are looking for a site in German. German language NetEnt casinos are up there with the best, so you should expect the best and we’ll only bring you the best.

Aside from this, things that you should expect at a German-speaking online casino are things like the following:

  • Fully mobile optimised sites, or a dedicated mobile app – both totally compatible with iOS or Android.
  • Welcome bonuses that are highly competitive, and do not burden you with unachievable wagering requirements.
  • A full suite of NetEnt technology and services, including NetEnt live casino games, video slots, jackpots, and NetEnt touch for mobile.
  • Free spins and weekly promotions, along with VIP schemes that offer you perks for long-term dedicated play.
  • Expect to be treated well as all the best online German casinos should have top-quality customers service departments.

The great thing about online casinos for players that speak German is that, if your expectations are not met, then you’re able to pick another casino and try that instead. That’s why we regularly offer you new casinos of the month.

Online Casino German Bonus Types

We’ve looked at quite a few different things so far, so you might have a lot of questions coming to mind. And, one of the most pressing of those questions may be what types of casino bonuses are there for players that are fluent in the German language?

The short answer is that there are all the same types of casino bonuses that you will find in all other markets – the German language is not an exception here. The long answer is that many of these casinos have no deposit bonuses, first-deposit bonuses, second-deposit bonuses, wager-free bonuses, match bonuses, and plenty of bonus codes to go with them.

  • No deposit bonuses are just that: bonuses that don’t require you to make a deposit.
  • First and second deposit bonuses are precisely how they sound: bonuses given to you by German-speaking casinos after you make certain deposits.
  • Wager-free bonuses are bonuses that you allow you to take your winnings without clearing wagering requirements.
  • Lastly, German language matched bonuses are bonuses in which you do not get the stake returned to you after you have made your wager, you only get given your winnings back.

All of these bonuses types will be given to players when they first sign up to a new German language casino. All you have to do is sign up, unless, that is, you also need a bonus code. However, you can find out all about German casino bonus codes over on our bonus codes page.

Reputable vs Dodgy Online German Casinos

Before we take a summary of everything we’ve so far looked at, you might want to know how the reputable casinos in the German language differ from the dodgy ones.

In short, there are no differences because there are not really any dodgy casinos. Moreover, none of the casinos that we’ll be reviewing or telling you about are dodgy as they are licensed in a reputable jurisdiction.

The casinos are regulated by the laws of the territories in which they are registered. So, if you’re playing at a casino registered and licenced in Malta, you’re not playing at a dodgy casino. You’ll be fully protected by all of the laws governing the practices of casinos in Malta.

Summary of the Best German Online Casinos

Let us take stock of where we are before we go on to look at live games and jackpots at German language casino sites. The best way to do this is to summarise what we’ve looked at.

What do the best online casinos for German speakers have? Here’s a handy summary:

  • They feature all of the common promotions that we’ve come to expect like welcome bonuses, free spins, matched bets, and VIP perks.
  • They have all of the NetEnt games like video slots, jackpots, scratch cards, live casino and much more.
  • They have top customer service features live a dedicated email, live chat, and telephone line, along with hosting these services in a number of different languages.
  • They host tournaments for poker, slots, jackpots, and more.
  • They are fully legit and legal.

Top Bonuses and Free Spin Offers at German NetEnt Casinos

Casino Bonuses in GermanyIf you took a look at the German language NetEnt casinos’ accounts, then you’d see that these sites have some of the biggest profit margins and budgets set aside for promotions.

In fact, your head would probably spin once you realise the true amount of money that these casinos have available to give away to new players.

All of the best German language NetEnt casinos offer free spins, which you’ll be able to find out much more about over on our free spins page.

Free spins can come in basically two types: normal free spins or zero-wager free spins.

Both types aren’t bought, but are awarded by casinos, however, there are certainly differences.

Free Spins: These come with wagering requirements at somewhere around the x35 mark.

Zero wagering Free Spins: These have no wagering requirements, meaning you can take your winnings straight away.

German-speaking casinos also have lots of no deposit bonuses for their first-time players. These forms of no deposit bonuses give players a great advantage because you get free bonus money without having to deposit. In other words, you don’t have to take any risk (in terms of your own money) in order to get a reward.

Many of these casinos for German speakers also have dedicated VIP schemes in which you’re going to be able to get many other rewards. For example, you might get VIP holidays, invitations to casino events, regular cashback rewards on your deposits.

We’ll keep you up to date on all of these things, so make sure you put NetEntCasino in your notifications so you’ll be on the cutting-edge when it comes to casino promotions.

The Best German NetEnt Jackpot Slots

In 2005, NetEnt launched their first video slot jackpot and, since then, they’ve gone from success to success. The German-speaking market is no exception here, and NetEnt casinos are filled with top-quality jackpots.

Some jackpots are smaller than others, and these are called local jackpots. The larger ones are called networked jackpots.

Both local and networked jackpots are available in the best German NetEnt casinos. Local jackpots are jackpots that only operate within one casino, whereas networked jackpots are ones that operate over a network of casinos.

Every player that players will contribute to a local or a networked jackpot’s pot and given the greater number of players contributing over a network, this is why they’re bigger.

NetEnt jackpots are games like Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune, Super Lucky Frog, and Cosmic Fortune.

You can find out much more about these games over on our jackpots page, and our readers can find which of the best German language casinos will host these games.


Live Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat at Online German Casinos

German Live CasinosLive casino games are without a doubt some of the most popular games online; the only other more popular type of games are probably video slots.

You can check out all of NetEnt’s live dealer games over on our live casino page. Here we outline how each game works, along with how its live stream and player-to-player interactions compare to others in the industry – they’re the best, but that should be obvious by now.

German Casino Jackpot Games

Many of the top German language casino sites host jackpot slots, which are the games that offer the biggest wins in the industry. Having a look at jackpots is the best way to end this potted tour of German-speaking online casinos.

Jackpots are simple video slots in which a portion of every single wager you make is deducted and placed in a pot, the jackpot. This jackpot is the sum of all of the portions deducted from everyone’s wagers. These small fractions quickly add up to become the largest single pots in the online casino world, and frequently set the world record-breaking standard for wins.

These massive pots reach the multi-millions because they are network jackpots, often also called pooled jackpots. This means that it isn’t just everyone from a specific casino that contributes to the pot, but everyone everywhere who plays the slot.

Therefore, players that speak the German language have a big selection of games to choose from and there will be something to suit every budget – have a look around to find the ideal fit for you.