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HD Live Common Draw Black Jack

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Whereas HD Live Black Jack has 7 seats at the table (and therefore potentially 7 players have to be dealt) at HD Live Common Draw Black Jack the players are all playing with the same (common) hand of cards as dealt (drawn) by the dealer. This means Common Draw is a much faster paced Black Jack game as only one hand is played and the players don´t have to wait for their turn.

In Common Draw Black Jack the table is as it was divided in two parts: there´s the upper part which is the realm of the dealer´s cards and the (common drawn) players cards, and the lower part which is the area of the individual player. In the latter area the player cards are graphically depicted and it will display any decisions as made by the individual player regarding the game (such as the height of the bet, an extra card added after a “hit”, a stand or a split).

After dealing the first two player cards (and one dealer card) each player at the table makes his / her own decisions on how to play the hand. For example, if the first two cards are two 8´s (thus a total of 16) one player might choose to split, another player might choose to stand and yet another player might buy another card. The dealer keeps on drawing player cards, just as long as all players have played their hands. After this the dealer plays his or her own hand to complete the hands of players that had chosen to stand.

HD Live Common Draw Black Jack is played with 6 decks of cards that are shuffled by a professional card shuffling machine as used in normal casino´s. There are 3 versions of the game, being Low, Standard and High limit Black Jack (referring to the minimum and maximum height of the bets, of course) and the game has a Return To Player (RTP) percentage of 99.5%.

How to play HD Live Common Draw Black Jack

The video below gives an excellent explanation of the functionality of the interface of Netent HD Live Common Draw Black Jack and shows some of its game play.

Step by step a Live Common Draw Black Jack game round goes as follows:

  • The dealer asks the players to place their bets (within the given bet time);
  • The players place their bets;
  • After the bet time counter has stopped bets are closed;
  • The dealer draws 2 player cards and one dealer card;
  • The players decide how to proceed with their hands according to the rules of Black Jack;
  • The dealer keeps drawing player cards until all hands of the players are concluded;
  • The dealer deals cards to themselves to complete their hand;
  • Players with winning bets are paid according to the dealer´s hand outcome.

HD Live Common Draw Black Jack Features

Besides all the functions of the Netent Live Common Draw Black Jack gaming interface as shown in the video (such as the Statistics Panel, Live Chat Game Settings and Mini Lobby), the main feature of HD Live Common Draw Black Jack is of course the fact the player can follow the actions of the dealer, in real-time by a live-streaming video connection.

Furthermore, the possibility to (by Live Chat) interact with both the dealer as well as with fellow players at the same table, makes the game “the next best thing” compared to playing Black Jack in a conventional (land based, brick-and-mortar) casino.

Another distinctive feature of Live Common Draw Black Jack is the pace with which the game rounds follow each other. As only one hand per game round is played (by many players) instead of the separate hands of up to 7 players (like in standard Live Black Jack) game rounds are much faster concluded.

Play HD Live Common Draw Black Jack

Nowadays most Netent Casinos with a Netent Live Casino have included HD Live Common Draw Black Jack as a gaming possibility for their players too. Check out the list of Netent Casinos in the side-bar of this page to find out in which casinos a Netent Live Casino can be found.

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