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Looking For The Most Incredible Indian Casino Bonuses?

Want to find out all about casinos from the home of spice and Bollywood cinema? Then enjoy a tour of the best Indian casinos and bonuses on this dedicated page. While India is a big grey area when it comes to the legality of gambling in general. It is perfectly legal for Indian residents to sign up and enjoy playing at Online Casinos that are based outside of the country. With that in mind, you can have your pick of special Welcome Bonuses in Indian Rupees and get the most out of your casino experience. Check below to find out more!

Find the top casinos for Indian players

Best Online Casinos in India

India is a quickly growing market for the casino industry and it’s clear that the biggest international casino companies are now looking at the South Asian country with growing interest. The savvier casinos have already started offering special deposit bonuses in Indian Rupees and even offering customized websites designed for Indian players.

Leo Vegas

There are few casinos that offer such wide-ranging services to countries across the world like Leo Vegas. The consummate professionals at this Malta-based company have a special Indian website and Welcome Offer in Indian Rupees. With your first deposit at Leo Vegas, you can claim a bonus of ₹10,000 by depositing ₹10,000 or more.

Lucky Days

Lucky Days is another casino that offers a specific website for Indian players. Featuring over 1000 games, top game providers and 4 welcome bonuses; this is certainly one of the best online casinos out there for those spinning the reels in India.

Deposit Bonus
First Deposit: 100% up to ₹10000
Second Deposit: 50% up to ₹25000
Third Deposit 50% up to ₹25000
Fourth Deposit 25% up to ₹40000

How We Rate Indian Casinos

When creating this page focused solely on casinos that Indian players can enjoy, we considered several points:

  • Do they have the proper licenses and protections for a safe and secure gaming experience?
  • Do they have competitive bonuses and reward programs that make them worth your time?
  • Do they have the latest and most popular NetEnt Games – we’re NetEnt Casino after all!

We believe these are key elements that are integral to the player’s experience.

Online Casino Games With Indian Themes

Bollywood and Indian drama became very popular in the West in the 00s and this popularity never really went away – it has even inspired the production of several slots from top game providers.

Never to be outdone, NetEnt, created their own homage to the musical, colourful and dramatic film style in its game: Bollywood Story.

This Romeo and Juliet style love drama pits two star-crossed lovers against angry in-laws – who would rather die than let their beautiful daughter marry a poor man. Try it out now and help our stone-broke suitor make his fortune and win his bride.

Other games that do India justice are ‘Pearls Of India’ from Play’n Go, which takes you on an epic adventure for gold and winnings with Indiana Jones rip-off Rich Wilde, and Novomatic’s stylish ‘Riches of India’.

We recommend trying these out before going to Google and searching for ‘Indian Slots’, because if you do you’re going to have to sift through bundles of games about Native Americans – facepalm.

Online Cash Games In India

 As it’s still not legal for businesses in India to create their own online casinos, most online cash games are played on websites based outside of the country.

This means that Indian players have access to the same types of gambling games as most countries. These include:

NetEnt boasts 100s of games and definitely has some classics in each category. Feel like finding out more? Then simply swing over to our games page to see what you can play next.

Casinos With Indian Rupees (INR)

 As we mentioned above, the option to bet in Indian Rupees is thankfully becoming more and more popular every day. Some of the smarter casinos are ahead of the curve as they’re already offering customized websites for their Indian players – or at least accept Indian Rupees.

But, out of these, which are trustworthy and which are good enough to have full game libraries full of NetEnt Games? Easy, just check our list below:

Legality Of Online Gambling In India

We touched on the legality of gambling in India above, but in case you were searching for a more detailed explanation, let’s take our magnifying glass out and take a deeper look at the strange case of Indian Gambling.

Currently, overall, it’s illegal to run a casino or ‘public gambling house’ in India, due to laws written into the ancient Public Gambling Act of 1867.

The penalty for breaking this law is a fine of ₹200 or imprisonment for up to 3 months – we’ll take the fine, please…

However, separate states are also allowed to make their own law to govern their territories, which has led to an erosion in this stone-age policy.

Currently, only three states allow casinos – Goa, Daman and Sikkim.

When it comes to Online Gambling, this is a totally different matter. Even though Indian companies can’t run casinos online, residents of the South Asian country can legally play at sites created by Non-Indian casinos – we love a good legal loophole!

The only requirement is that these companies need to offer Indian Rupees as a currency, which is why – as we’ve shown – lots of casinos now have this option.

Indian Live Casinos

Indian residents can enjoy every part of the online casino world on external sites, and that includes Live Casino.

If you love interacting with a live dealer and playing alongside others on a real virtual table with other players – then Live Casino is the game category for you.

Despite our obvious and unsubtle loyalty to NetEnt, we can still say 100% honestly that they have the best live casino out there. Other providers may have more games and tables, but what’s quantity without quality?

You can check out their full range of games on our Live Casino page.

Mobile Casinos In India

Bored On the Maitree Express on your way from Dharka to Bangladesh and in need of some fun? Well, if you love casino games, you’re in luck!

All the top Indian casinos offer full mobile casino services – if they didn’t at this point, they would have been left behind in the dirt as the majority of players now access sites from their phones.

The hottest new games from these providers, including NetEnt, have been created using HTML5 – meaning they are optimized for mobile.

NetEnt even releases special mobile-perfected versions of their games through a service called NetEnt Touch.

Are Indian Casinos Safe and Secure?

As we’ve touched on already, the online casinos that you can play at as an Indian resident are all based outside of India.

That means you have to be careful where you play, as the world of online casino is a huge jungle filled with casinos that respect their players and those that don’t.

We’re proud to say that all the casinos that you find on this site are 100% within the former category, boasting respected casino licenses and secure websites.

Each of our casinos have been reviewed from head to toe, so if you would like to double-check the security details or licenses of a certain casino – just search for it here and click!

Types of Online Casino Bonuses for Indian Players

India is a ‘Grey Market’ when it comes to casino legality, which basically means its an open market with little to no regulation.

Whilst regulation has its perks (Better protection for players) it also has its downsides.

The biggest downside, as we’ve seen in Sweden over 2020, is that regulation can lead to the elimination of the most popular and beneficial casino bonuses.

Well, in India, this isn’t a problem and there is a full swathe of bonus types for your playing pleasure.

These include: 

  • Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is awarded when new customers sign up to an online casino and make their first deposit. You’ll receive an extra percentage of your bonus, which is awarded by the casino.

  • No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the Holy Grail of casino bonuses. They’re rare and highly sought after before players don’t have to spend any money to potentially make money. You’ll receive these upon sign up and can withdraw any winnings you have once you’ve completed the wagering requirements.

  • Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus, as you’ve already guessed, is a bonus that is activated once you deposit a certain amount and is similar to a Welcome Bonus.

  • Free Spins

Free spin bonuses are highly sought after because they let you play games for free. Each casino has different Free Spins offers – some might have high wagering requirements, while others may not have wagering requirements at all. Remember to check the bonus terms and conditions to make sure you understand what the bonus entails.

Which casino payment options are popular in India?

The reason why we decided to create a whole page dedicated to Indian casino players, like you?, was because we have had a lot of inquiries from them about NetEnt Games and online casinos in general. One of the most popular questions was about payment providers, namely which ones they should use.

The answer to this is that it depends upon each individual casino – it really depends on what payment methods they offer.

The most popular payment methods should be included in this though – Paypal, Bank transfers, Skrill and Payment By Phone. To find out more, head on over to our dedicated Payments Page.