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Mobile Casinos

Play at the Best Mobile Casinos on Smartphones and Tablets

The rise of the mobile casino has ushered in the next era of online casino gaming. More and more people are choosing to play the best and classic slots from the convenience of their tablets and smart phones, and the casinos have reacted accordingly to ensure that supply meets demand. This means a growing number of mobile sites are now available to players who like to carry their favourite games with them wherever they go.

Game on the go with our top mobile casinos

The Mobile Casino

Roulette Touch on MobileA mobile casino is an online site that can be accessed from your mobile phone or tablet and that has mobile casino games. The games are optimised for your handheld devices and you will be able to play them for real cash or for free. Every casino that has a functioning mobile website that allows you to sign up and play is known as a mobile casino.

That’s right, they’re not just casinos on wheels, but rather online casinos optimized for smartphones and tablets instead of laptops or desktops!

It’s actually tempting to consider the casinos you see on your portable devices as condensed replicas of those you view from your computer screen, but in reality, they have to be coded differently and exist as separate entities.

Design teams work hard to ‘optimise’ their casinos for your handhold devices so that you get an enjoyable, reactive experience when playing on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

The good news is that playing at a mobile casino is no different from playing on your desktop computer. If anything, it gives you the freedom to do more of the things you want.

You can make payments including deposits and withdrawals effortlessly. You can also play on the go without being confined to your desk.

Two Types Of Mobile Casino

Mobile Casino GamesThere are two different types of mobile casino. The first is known as Responsive Mobile-Optimised Casinos, which have an intelligent design that’s capable of automatically recognising the platform your phone or tablet uses and displaying a version of the website that is adapted (or ‘optimised’) for your device.

Alternatively, some casinos operate phone apps. This means that you will need to download an application before you can start to play.

The application will sit on your homepage and allow you to stay logged in if you wish so you can access the casino with one quick tap of your finger whenever you fancy a quick spin on some slots.

In reality, a mobile casino now offers both an optimized, browser-based service and an app option as well.

There are advantages to both, so which you choose to use depends entirely on personal preference.

Apps allow you to access the casino at the click of a button and save your details so you don’t have to spend the time to input your log-in details every time.

On the flip side, they take up room on your device and some people view them as being less secure than browser-based casino play (particularly in the event of your phone or tablet being stolen).

Mobile Casino Games

A  casino wouldn’t be much fun without some great slots.

The best games providers like NetEnt have worked hard to create a sizeable collection of phone-friendly titles. All new releases from the Swedish studio now feature a portable version along with the desktop version. That means you can play the mobile version of all the up and coming slots and table games from your favourite devices.

Games providers are charged with the task of ensuring that the games you open from your iPad, iPhone, Android phone/tablet or other device are just as much fun as their desktop equivalents, so you’ll get all the same features, wilds, bonus rounds and, most importantly, opportunities to win big money. Indeed, as the mobile market continues to grow, more and more stories of huge wins at mobile casinos are becoming public knowledge.

Top Mobile Slot Games

Every year we get thousands of visits to our game reviews and, thanks to Google Analytics, we can see who are browsing from their phones and their desktops – yeah, the amount of information Google has on us is scary… it also says here what you had for dinner last night, and good job, it sounds tasty!

Here are the top 5 games as determined by what our mobile visitors are visiting the most:


1) Hotline
2) Starburst
3) Turn Your Fortune
4) Gonzos Quest
5) Steam Tower


iPhone & iPad Casinos

Given the huge market that Apple users offer, it comes as little surprise that companies have worked hard to create some really great, fully-optimised iPad & iPhone Casinos. This means that you can simply open your browser, punch in the name or URL of the casino you want to visit and you’ll be taken to a site that is entirely adapted to suit your Apple device. You’ll get a fantastic choice of games without compromising any of the usability you would expect on a computer too, and many of the casinos will even allow you to deposit or withdraw from your iPad or iPhone whether you play via browser or app.

Android Casinos for Tablets and Smart Phones

The vast majority of online casinos are fully compatible with other operating services, so if you are looking for mobile casinos for Android then you will find plenty of options.

A mobile casino usually offers Android users the option of playing in-browser or via an app that can be downloaded and saved to the home screen, so you’ll be able to play all the best slots from your phone or tablet.

The Perks of Going Mobile

NetEnt Casino Mobile Casinos - A custom animation with white & grey background with mountains with lotus flower in front - Created by NetEnt CasinoThere are many good reasons why so many players are choosing to play their favourite games at a mobile casino. They offer a level of convenience that can’t be replicated on a computer or laptop, and in doing so they have attracted a whole new audience of casual players who are looking for a quick entertainment fix. They also allow you to play a few extra spins of your favourite slot machine whether you are on your lunch break at work, on a long commute to work, waiting in a bar for that friend who’s always late, or even taking a quick toilet break. Indeed, casinos are a perfect fit for an age where so many of us look to our smartphones and tablets for entertainment.

Of course, casino games on mobile don’t just provide a great option for people on the move. Many of us choose to use them when we are at home too and favour them over a laptop or desktop. It’s just so convenient to access games from a nice light phone or tablet while relaxing on the sofa, and the games look great on a smaller device too – often filling the screen from corner to corner.

One of the biggest concerns in the past was that mobile casinos didn’t offer as many deposit options as desktop. Things have changed substantially over time, with many casinos offering the same comprehensive list of payment methods for your smartphones and tablets. In fact, portable gaming has grown so much that there are now specific payments options to help you game on the go.

If any of you are (correctly) wondering about cybersecurity, the same policies and tools that you find on desktop are in place. When playing at a credible platform, it’s never been safer to enjoy casino entertainment – and doing so on mobile is no exception. Casinos for iPhones, iPads and tablets have bought a new dimension to online gaming and most importantly they are fun. After all, we all play casino games to be entertained!

Which Casinos Are Mobile Optimized?

‘Mobile optimisation’, what a light and fun coupling of words. Getting past how dull and dreary these words are, the meaning is really well worth a read.

We’ve all had the familiar experience of navigating to a webpage, maybe the BBC news or Twitter, and your phone’s browser give you a little pop-up saying: ‘This page has been optimised for your mobile device. Do you want to continue browsing or go back to the original?’.

Usually, what will happen is you’ll press ‘go back to the original’, you’ll be taken there only to realise that the site is just rubbish. All the buttons are too small, all the text is bunched up to one side, you can’t really click anything, and the whole thing just feels like it wasn’t made right. Well, that’s because it wasn’t. Or, at least, the non-mobile optimised site was not made for that device. You purchased the wrong device reader, it’s your mistake! Yeah, right…

This is essentially the same for mobile casinos. These optimised sites are recreations of the normal casino sites, but fully reprogrammed and recoded specifically for handhold devices. Not for just some devices though, but for every single different device: the site recognises which product you’re using (e.g. a Samsung s10, or iPhone 8) and will reformat the site to fit that product.

This means phone/tablet sites aren’t merely ‘little’ versions of the normal sites, rather, they’re totally different sites made specifically for the device in your hand.

Explore our list above to find a full range of casinos that offer mobile bonuses to players in countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia New Zealand and many others.

What Makes A Good Mobile Casino?

When you’re looking at which online mobile casinos to play at, it’s a good idea to know beforehand what you’re in to and what you want.

Doing this can be a bit of a task, so we’re always compiling lists of which sites we think are best for you to play at (assuming you want certain things from your sites). This way you can see which have lots of games, which have certain payment methods, and which ones have good welcome bonuses.

The same goes for mobile casinos. It can be hard to go through them all and find the features that you’re looking for, and you don’t really want to waste time doing that when you can be enjoying yourself instead.

So, as with the normal casino sites, we go through the mobile casino sites and bring you the best.

When looking for the best casinos, we look for similar traits at a decent desktop site, but also some standalone mobile options that we also keep in mind:

  • Does the site have lots of games?
  • Does the site have a good array of payment methods available?
  • Does this site have NetEnt Touch for mobile optimisation?
  • Can you play live casino games on this site?
  • Will you be able to get mobile-specific bonuses on this site?
  • Does the site feel user-friendly on a smaller device?

These are all things we look out for (amongst others) that ensure we find the best sites.

If a site ticks all these boxes, we’ll know it’s a quality casino. so when you’re looking at our reviews or at a new site itself, make sure to ask yourself these questions too.

Do Mobile Casinos Offer Any Sort Of Bonus?


First of all, mobile casino sites are extensions of their parent sites, so they’re just the same site really. This means that if the main site offers a specific bonus amount, then the mobile site will almost certainly offer that bonus too. Either way, if you sign up to play on the desktop site, get your bonus and start playing, you’ll definitely be able to access that bonus on all your gadgets.

Second, many casinos want to encourage players to use their mobile sites. This is for a number of reasons, but primarily because our devices have become our main source of entertainment these days.

This means it makes more business sense for casinos to get you on to them, so they’re totally willing to give out bonuses ensuring you sign up and play on their mobile site.

The same goes for apps. Many casinos want their customers to also use their native app to gamble on, so they’ll offer bonuses which are for app customers only.

Mobile-Tailored Casino Bonuses

Casino promotions budgets are absolutely massive, they’re so big that they’d leave your head spinning if we told you what they were.

Casinos have money to spend on getting you to play because once you start playing at their site, you’ll probably stick with them for a while.

The exact same goes for mobile casino sites. They have massive budgets set aside to get you to start playing, and once you’ve chosen your site, you’ll probably stick with it.

This ultimately means there are a lot of mobile-specific or mobile-only casino bonuses out there. In turn, this ultimately means there’s a lot of bonuses for us here at NetEnt Casino to breakdown for you, our keen readers.


How We Choose The Best Mobile Casinos

It goes without saying that there are a lot of choice points when it comes to casinos, and our job is to tell you which casinos are best for you (not just best tout court).

The way we choose is by looking out for these specific things and seeing whether or not they live up to the competition. For example, we’ll always be looking out for:

  • Whether or not the casino has NetEnt Touch
  • Whether or not the casino has NetEnt Live
  • Whether or not the casino has plenty of optimised games
  • Whether or not there are mobile-specific bonuses available for players
  • Whether or not the casino has a mobile site or a downloadable app too

All these things will make a casino site one of our top choices.

Can I Take Advantage Of Mobile Casino Bonuses?

Can I Take Advantage Of Mobile Casino Bonuses

Put simply, almost anyone can take advantage of mobile casinos bonuses. As long as you answer the right yes and nos to the following questions, then you’ll be fine:

  • Are you of legal age?
  • Are you on an exclusion list?
  • Do you live in the regions in which this casino can operate?
  • Are there any other terms that may exclude you?

The only thing that would stop you taking advantage of a mobile casino bonus is whether or not you have a phone or tablet good enough.

We’ve all got a friend who’s still proudly using an old Nokia 3310, and while it may survive a nuclear bomb blast, it’s not going to work with online casinos.

Can I Get A Welcome Bonus?

You can get a welcome bonus from a mobile casino site if they offer one.

Most online mobile casino sites offer welcome bonuses to their customers, and most have mobile sites, so will offer their normal welcome bonuses on there too. Likewise, you’ll be able to get the normal welcome bonuses on any apps they have.

In addition to this though, as we suggested above, casinos sites will offer welcome bonuses that are specific to customers who sign up to their mobile site. Again, this is also particularly prevalent for app-specific welcome bonuses.

How Mobile Casino Gaming is Changing the Way We Gamble

The world is at a time of much change. Whether that’s in terms of politics, social interaction, or something wholly less serious, things are changing, and they’re starting to change even faster. Not everyone likes change; some would appreciate it if it didn’t happen at all, and some would just like to see it slow down. But, unfortunately for these people, it doesn’t look like either will happen any time soon.

One of these areas of change, one which is starting to gather pace, is obviously gambling. Mobile gambling, amongst other factors, is pushing through a lot of change within the iGaming world, and ultimately, we think will mean great things for the customers (i.e. you, our dedicated NetEnt readers).

First of all, mobile gambling is having indirect effects on innovation within the gambling industry. People have seen the progress that has been made here and that is pushing and inspiring them to make progress in other domains.

Second, it has led to an increase in an emphasis on social gaming. Phones are the devices through which we consume and contribute most to social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others. The co-location on the same device means it has become increasingly easy for the applications to be integrated. This has led to a swell in social gaming.

Third, mobile gaming has led to an increase in the number of adventure casinos and gamification features. If players are playing for a short amount of time, then you need to make sure that they keep coming back (and that they can get the experience of progress spread across short bursts). Gamification is one way to do this.

A fourth change is simply the expansion from mobile-specific casino sites to fully blown apps.

The popularity of casino games on mobile ultimately forced the Google Play store to allow gambling apps onto its platform in 2017.

Playing Casino Games On-The-Go

The greatest virtue of casinos for mobile phones is that you can play them on-the-go. This is an unprecedented change within the casino industry, and it is one that there is no coming back from. Soon, nearly every single casino will have its own mobile optimised site, and when the cost becomes less, nearly all casinos will have their own apps.

Playing on the move allows you to do things that you could never have done before. One great example of this is in-game betting whilst playing the game. Many casinos with sportsbooks offer in-game betting, which really took off after the rise in mobile betting because people at sports matches wanted to change their bets first hand.

Another great example of a big change brought about by playing on the go is the rise in adventure casinos and gamification. If you’re playing on your desktop every so often, then you’re probably going to spend longer periods playing. If you’re playing frequently on your mobile, you’re more likely to spend shorter periods playing. In order to keep gamers interested and excited for shorter periods, gamification has been used (along with adventure casinos) in order to give rewards where there may have been none before.

Live Mobile Casinos – The Ultimate Casino Gaming Experience!

Live Mobile Casinos – The Ultimate Casino Gaming Experience!The live casino experience is heralded as one of the great modern iGaming inventions.

It strikes the perfect balance between being at the casino playing with other real people and playing in the comfort of your own home. Lots of online casinos have live casino games, like live roulette, live blackjack, live poker, live baccarat and more. And, the best of the live on casinos use NetEnt Live.

One of the greatest benefits of NetEnt Live and mobile casinos is that they’re fully compatible. This means that if you go to your favourite mobile casino site, then (if they have NetEnt games, and what casino would be foolish enough not to?) you’ll be able to play live casino games on your tablet or phone.

This, you could say, is one of the ultimate gaming experiences. You’re getting the live, on land casino experience, but totally on the move. You can literally take the blackjack dealer with you wherever you go.

The only downside to live casinos is the large data usage. Live casino games are both the game and a live video stream (often in HD).

Live video streaming is a pretty data-intense task, so if you play using your data, you’ll quickly see large chunks of your allowance disappear – just think about that time you tried to watch Netflix on the train and how much data that used.

With that being said, if you’re connected to a WiFi network, then you’ve got nothing at all to worry about.

On-The-Go Secure Payment Options For Mobile Casinos

We’ve encountered many features of mobile casinos so far, and below we’re going to look at even more of them – for example, what are the best casino games for them, what does the future of mobile gaming look like, and are downloadable casino apps necessary? But, before we look at these things, it would be prudent of us to look at one of the most important aspects of a casino: payment and withdrawal.

When it comes to mobile casinos, payment and withdrawal is pretty similar to normal casinos. There were traditionally fewer methods available, but now mobile and non-mobile payment methods are basically the same in number.

How To Deposit In Mobile Casinos?

How To Deposit In Mobile Casinos?When you deposit at a mobile casino it is basically the same as when you deposit at a regular one. You will be able to navigate to a cashier page, where your details will be saved (typically), and there you’ll be able to deposit money via your preferred method into your account and, if you so desire, claim a 1st deposit bonus.

You don’t necessarily need to do this, however. You may prefer to deposit using your desktop/laptop and only play using mobile. This might be a little time consuming, but if your preferred payment method is not mobile-friendly, then you may have to do something like this.

You can check out which of the main payment methods are mobile-friendly over on our payments page, here we go into detail about all of the most common payment methods, assessing their pros and cons. The top choices for mobile users currently are:



Pros And Cons Of Mobile Casinos

There are many good things about mobile casino sites, there are also a few things that mean you might think twice about them too. This is not necessarily to say that they’re bad, but it is to say that you should weigh up the pros and cons in the list below:

The pros of mobile casinos….

  • They allow you to play your favourite games wherever you are
  • They often come with mobile-specific promotions
  • Casinos help you keep up to date with your sportsbook bets while you’re on the move.
  • They can be used on your data, with no WiFi or an internet connection required.

The cons of mobile casinos

  • They require you to have a device that is capable of actually running the site or app
  • They use up data from your mobile device
  • Casino apps take up valuable space on your phone or tablet
  • They offer fewer games than their desktop counterparts

These are all things to keep in mind. But ultimately, the mobility and ease are pros that can’t be outweighed.

How To Find The Best Mobile Casino For Your Needs

Which is the right site for you? Well depends entirely on YOU!

First of all, you need to know what your needs are. You need to know what you want out of a casino, what you want out of your gambling experience overall, and what you want a mobile site to do for you.

To start yourself off, consider these questions:

  • Do you want a site that has lots of games because you’re heavily into gaming and variety is one of the most important things for you?
  • Do you want a site that has a live casino, for example, NetEnt Live for mobile, because you most like to play table games but with that extra real-life feel?
  • Do you want a site that has an app, or one that just has a mobile optimised site?
  • Do you want the casino to also have a sportsbook?
  • Do you want to use up memory space on your device, or just have the added mobility that comes with a mobile optimised site?

Have a rough idea what you’re looking for now? Excellent, then check out all our optimised casinos above to see which ones match your needs.

Mobile operating systems and casinos

The operating you use will ultimately heavily determine the way that you use mobile casinos, along with your geographical location within the world.

If you’re using an Apple device, then you’re basically A-Okay. You don’t need to worry about what apps are allowed, you only need to worry about the casinos’ legality in your region. The same goes for mobile optimised sites on Apple devices, iOS: your browser doesn’t care what site you gamble at, as long as the casino has a licence to operate within your region.

If you’re using an Android device, then you’re not on the same level – which is a shame, given that Android devices have the largest share of the mobile devices market worldwide. Ultimately, you’re most likely going to have to use the optimised site for your favourite casino (unless you’re in certain regions, which we’ll look at below).

Mobile Casinos Available On iPhone & iPad

Mobile casinos Available On iPhone & iPadApple has always basically allowed gambling apps on their devices and their app store.

Mobile casinos for iOS – Apple’s operating system – work in an identical way to Android, with the same layout and features.

However, in 2018 Apple reviewed their app development policy and culled lots of apps from their platform.

In short, Apple’s policy is that apps that offer real money gambling must:

‘Have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the App is used must be geo-restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store’

When this new policy was implemented in 2018 it led to many games being removed from their platform, including many apps from individual developers.

However, ultimately this was simply due to the apps not respecting the new regulations, and with minimal modification, many things were restored to normal.

This means that all of the casino apps that you want to download will be available to you on your iOS devices, as long as they are legally allowed to operate within your region.

Android mobile casinos

The picture is a little more complicated when it comes to Android devices, this is because they’ve historically had a no gambling policy on their platform. This means that if players who use Android wanted to install mobile casino apps, they’d have to do so in less legitimate ways.

However, in 2017, things changed within some of the largest gambling markets. The Google play store allowed gambling apps on their platform, and the largest providers immediately filled that gap.

Obviously, as with the Apple app store, the Google play store has restrictions upon which apps they host, and these are, in essence, the same as Apples. As long as the provider is licensed to operate in a region, the app is not for under-age users, the app must be free, the app must display responsible gambling, etc., then the app will be allowed on their platform.

The only notable difference is that gambling apps on the Google play store are only currently permitted in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and France.

Players from other regions, who use Android, are still best using casinos’ mobile optimised sites instead. These avoid all the issues facing the apps.


What Are The Best Games To Play On Mobile?

The answer to this question depends upon two things: what games you like, and whether or not a game is mobile-optimised.

The best games to play on mobile casinos will, in simple terms, be the games you like to play on desktop casino sites. If you like to play Gonzo’s Quest, then Gonzo’s Quest should still be the best for you. If you like to play Starburst, then Starburst should still be the best for you.

Of course, not all games are properly optimised, so it might be that your favourite game is actually unplayable on your handheld device.

Luckily, all of NetEnt’s titles are compatible, and all of the newer titles are designed to be optimised. Also, many NetEnt Games use NetEnt Touch, which means they’re as optimised for mobile play as it’s possible to be.

Do Mobile Casinos Use A Lot Of Data?

Do Mobile Casinos Use A Lot Of Data?There’s nothing more annoying than shelling out tons of cash by surfing online because you’ve wasted on your data by mistake.

First things first, if you have a secure WiFi connection, then you should play using that. The connection will probably be better and you won’t haemorrhage data.

However, if you’re not using a private or public WiFi, how much data can a session at your favourite casino use? Well, realistically, this is a hard figure to calculate, but some estimates suggest that on a graphically simple game (subject to your providers’ interpretation), one spin on a video slot will equate to 1KB of data. Which is about the same amount as a long WhatsApp message.

Obviously, this depends on a number of things, but primarily on the game being low-end and simple. When it comes to more complex games though, the strain will be higher.

If you’re playing NetEnt Live Casino on your mobile, then the amount of data used will be lots higher. You’re not only playing the game, but also streaming live video at the same time. Streaming live video is a data-heavy process.

Note also that if you intend on playing on a casino app, then the initial install of that app will use you a significant portion of your data. If you’re going to do this, then we suggest you install the app when you’re connected to WiFi. Other than that, mobile site and app data levels are roughly the same.

How To Get Started And Play At A Mobile Casino

Getting started at a mobile casino is basically just as simple as getting started at a normal casino.

You can do this in one of three ways:

  • Through a dedicated app
  • Through the mobile-optimised site
  • Through the normal desktop site

If you sign up using the normal desktop site, then all you have to do when you go to the mobile site or app is log in. This is good news for players who are already signed up to a casino with a mobile site, you don’t have to do anything except login.

If you sign up using the other two methods, then the process won’t be dissimilar to signing up via a desktop site. If you’re signing up on your iPad or Android phone, then you’ll still have to give over all the same data (as part of the Know Your Customer process), and you’ll still have to go through the same verification procedures.

You will have to install an app if you want to play the app versions of the casinos, which these days in incredibly simple. Since 2017 the google play store has allowed gambling apps on their platform, which now means installing casino apps on iOS or Android devices are both as simple as the press of a button. Just find the app in the app store or play store, press install, and away you go. If you’re lucky your casino will offer an exclusive app promotion too.

Do I Need To Download Mobile Casino Apps?

As we’ve mentioned, the data usage for casino games on mobile and apps is roughly the same. There may be slightly less data used when you first open the app as compared to when you navigate to the site in your browser, but all in all, they’re the same.

What you should mostly bear in mind when thinking this through is whether or not your device has the memory capacity for the app, and whether or not there are any particular app promotions available.

If your device is already at breaking point, you’ve used up nearly all your memory and you’re already starting to delete photos, then you should not install the app. You don’t have room for it and you should play at the mobile optimised casino site. If you’ve got plenty of space on your device (for example, maybe it is a brand-new device), then you can go ahead and install the app.

If the casino offers app-only promotions, and you have space for the app, then you should go ahead and install the app. In these circumstances you could consider the app as a golden ticket, allowing you access to free spins/bonus spins/ deposit spins and promotions that aren’t available to everyone else.

Is It Safe To Gamble In Mobile Casinos?

Gambling at mobile casinos is just as safe as it is to gamble at normal desktop casinos. All casinos use encryption technology to protect your data online, and as long as you have good virus software on your device, you’re still just as safe.

What is encryption? Well, the idea is quite simple. You provide some piece of information to the site like your card details or date of birth, and the site then takes the information and scrambles it into a seemingly incoherent encoded message. The message is then received by the site who are then capable of unscrambling it. The reason they are able to unscramble is that they have the encryption key, which is simply the special algorithm which specifies how to unscramble. So, casinos all have their own algorithms for your data, so once they’ve scrambled it, only they can read it again. All mobile casinos (like their parent sites) use encryption.

If you’re playing on your phone or tablet, we also recommend you use antivirus software. You would do this when playing on your computer, so it would be naïve not to do it on your phone. Safety first is what we suggest.

Aside from this, the only thing you need to look out for is your phone or tablet being stolen. This is certainly more likely than your desktop being stolen, so you also need a safety measure in place here. This is one risk you may have as compared to desktop casinos, but this is just the same as the risk of listening to Spotify on your phone compared to the CD player in your house.

Is It Legal To Play In Mobile Casinos?

Is It Legal To Play In Mobile Casinos?The legality of mobile casinos is on the same level as the legality of non-mobile casinos. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether or not a casino is actually criminal, and whether or not a casino has a license to operate in specific markets.

On the first point, not many casinos in the market are full-blown criminals – they prefer to take your money legally!

We’re no longer operating in the wild west, and although some casinos do break certain laws every so often (and when they do they’re punished with massive fines), so no casinos are criminal in an old-school sort of way. Likewise, no mobile casinos are criminal in this way.

This brings us to the second point, whether or not a mobile casino has the correct licenses.

Licenses allow casinos to operate in specific countries and regions. If a casino does not have a certain license, then it will not be able to operate in those countries or regions.

If a casino operates in those regions without a license, then it would be an illegal casino. In truth, if casinos can’t operate within a region and you’re in that region, then you won’t really be able to wager (they’ll block you). But if they were to, then that would be illegal.

So, mobile casinos are completely legal if they have licenses to operate, and they do not break the rules of those licenses.

Do I Need To Create A Separate Account To Access A Casino On My Mobile?

If you already have an account with a casino and you want to play on their mobile site, then you do not have to create another separate account. Mobile casinos sites are merely recreations of their parent sites, and because you’re already a member of their parent site, you’ll be able to log in just fine. After all, the mobile site just is the normal casino but written in different code so that it works on your mobile device.

If you’re playing on a mobile app, you may be required to verify that it is you installing the app and using your account. This is not an uncommon thing for apps to require, especially those which handle delicate and banking information.

So, if you’re playing on a mobile casino site, you don’t need to create a separate account.

Which Is Best: A Mobile Casino Site Or A Mobile App?

This all depends upon you and your mobile device.

As we outlined above, if your phone doesn’t have much space, then you should not really install the app. You’ll use up precious memory capacity, and then you won’t be able to take photos on your next night out with friends, or when you’re visiting your nephew. If your phone does have space, then it is worthwhile installing it.

Why should you install an app? Here are a few reasons:

  • There may be more payment options available through the casino apps
  • Casino apps have features like fingerprint scan compatibility
  • Casino apps can keep you logged in
  • Casino apps can save all of your data
  • Generally speaking, apps have more functionality, and the same is true for casino apps
  • Some apps may allow for certain games to be played, whilst the mobile optimised site does not

With that being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean apps are better. If you don’t care about these things, if you’re more casual, then these features won’t be better for you. If your device is full of more important apps, then a casino app isn’t going to be better for you.

Future Of Mobile Gaming

Before tying things up, it’s worth us thinking about the future of mobile gaming. What sorts of things do we expect to see over the coming years? What sorts of changes do we predict will happen? Where will progress be made in the mobile iGaming world? What can avid mobile gamers expect to see any time soon?

Well, here are six interesting developments we expect to see in in the near future:

  • Virtual reality may become more prominent as mobile VR headsets grow cheaper and increasingly popular.
  • Augmented reality may also become much more prominent. Games like Pokémon Go have shown the popularity of this form of gaming, and with the increase in higher-concept battling games (we’re thinking of games like Wild Worlds) we could well see AR implementation on games like this and more.
  • Greater social media integration is almost an inevitability when incredibly popular applications exist on the same devices, it’s almost certain that they’ll begin to integrate.
  • Multi-device applications and synching will probably become much more popular given it already happens with many applications on our phones. You may soon be able to come home and switch casino app from your phone to your tv, seamlessly picking up where you left off.
  • Esports are absolutely massive now and mobile gambling will soon be taken into its fold. We’ve already seen hugely popular tournaments like Slotsfighter and we can expect more of the same – after all, video poker tournaments are already a staple of the gambling world.
  • More advanced phone technology will usher in more advanced security, which in turn will usher in more advanced security for your casino accounts on your phone.

These are all pretty exciting developments, and we hope to see these and more come to fruition sometime within the next few years.

Differences Between Mobile Casinos & Online Casinos

Difference Between Mobile Casinos & Online CasinosWe’ve looked at this topic in length so far and hopefully, you feel much more knowledgeable about mobile casinos.

We have a few more things that we’ll look at below (the development of mobile casinos, normal casinos on mobile, and loyalty schemes at mobile casinos), but let’s have a final look at the differences between mobile casinos and online casinos.

  • Mobile casinos allow you to play on the move, you can take your gaming experience wherever you go (as long as you have access to mobile data).
  • Mobile casinos give you quick and easy access to your favourite games, no longer do you have to load up a desktop, log in, etc.; just a swipe of your passkey and a touch of the app and you’re there.
  • Mobile casinos are seeing more and more innovation as devices quickly catch up with the computing power of traditional ones.
  • Mobile casinos will see more social media integration like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media applications are now all primarily phone devices.

There are obviously other differences, other things for you to keep thinking about whilst you play, but you can read more about those above. In the meantime, make sure to check out some of the casino site’s you’re considering comparing, you can find our in-depth reviews over on our casinos page.

Mobile Casino Development

We’ve already seen a number of developments for mobile casinos, so it’s only worth us recapping them in brief. We’ve seen that future development may go in a number of ways:

  • Inevitably there will be more social media integration.
  • Integration across devices will be highly likely.
  • More Esports integration and tournaments are already happening and will continue to happen.
  • Gamification will become more sophisticated and potentially also integrated into social gaming.
  • The number of payment methods will steadily increase.
  • There may be more location tailoring of functions, based upon phone GPS.
  • Security will increase, more fingerprint enabled sites, and sites with face detection required.
  • Games will become more mobile-oriented, incorporating mobile-specific features/mechanics.

When we get wind of any other exciting developments, we’ll be sure to let you know straight away. A great place to keep checking for these is our casino news page, where we report daily upon developments within the iGaming industry.

Can I Play A Normal Online Casino On My Mobile?

To address our penultimate question, let us recall an example given above.

You’re on your phone, you navigate to your favourite website and see this message: ‘This page has been optimised for your mobile device. Do you want to continue browsing or go back to the original?’. If you press ‘go back to the original’, then you’ll be taken to the non-optimised site. If you stay, then you’ll be on the mobile optimised site: a recreated and recoded version of the parent site, specifically designed for smaller, touch screen mobile and tablet devices.

As explained above, just as you can do this for websites like Twitter or BBC news, you can also do this for casino sites. So, to answer our question of whether or not you can play a normal casino on your mobile, we can say yes, yes you can. All you have to do is to choose not to use the mobile optimised site.

The only downside to playing a normal casino site on your device, rather than using their optimised site, is that the page will be incredibly unattractive and unresponsive. Normal websites were made for large monitors, not small phone screens. Normal websites were also made for cursors, not fingers on touch screens and were designed to cram in lots of extra stuff on their screen, not to be cleaner and more direct (think of the need for most sites to have sufficient ad space, etc.) So, whilst it is perfectly possible to play normal casinos on your mobile device, there’s no real advantage that comes with using the normal site.

Do Mobile Casinos Have Loyalty Schemes and Promotions?

Last, but by far not least, are the promotions available on mobile sites. Normal casino sites offer all sorts of different types of offers to their customers; these include:

Do Mobile Casinos Have Loyalty Schemes and Promotions?All of these things are available on mobile sites, because, at the end of the day, they’re no different from their parent sites. So yes, mobile casino sites do have loyalty schemes and promotions. In fact, they have loads of them!

One interesting thing to note about mobile sites and loyalty schemes is their prevalence and integration with adventure casinos.

As we’ve mentioned above, lots of new casinos want to capture a mobile audience and have used adventure-styles and gamification to do this, and often the easiest way to do this is to merge these features with the loyalty scheme.

So, if mobile casinos are increasing gamification, and gamification comes with an increase in loyalty schemes disguised as adventures, then mobile casinos will come with an increase in loyalty schemes.

If you want to find out more information about any of the casinos which have mobile sites, then we suggest you check out our casino reviews page. Here we go into all of the details about the casinos, along with their mobile sites.

Moreover, if you want to keep up to date with bonuses, especially mobile-specific bonuses, then you should check out our monthly bonuses round-up page too.

There’s nothing we leave out when it comes to keeping you in the know about all the new NetEnt casino and mobile casino developments.

So, Mr or Mrs mobile user, why not dive in now and start playing? – but do remember to play responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is A Mobile Casino?

    A mobile casino is an online gambling site that is optimised for mobile devices. In the last 20 years, mobile casinos have evolved from being rare to being extremely commonplace. Most popular casinos are now designed with mobile in mind and many even have separate phone apps that can be downloaded.

  • Do Slot Apps Pay Real Money?

    Slot apps or casino apps are operated just like mobile casino sites or ordinary online casinos. If the casinos behind them are properly licensed and operate legitimately then you can claim real money simply by signing up, depositing and winning.  There may be some restrictions on withdrawals that should be clear in the apps/casino’s terms and conditions, so make sure you check them out before depositing to be safe.

  • Can I Gamble On My Phone?

    Gambling with your phone is just as simple as gambling on desktop. All casinos worth their salt are now optimised for mobile and offer mobile-friendly games that you can gamble on. Depositing is also not an issue, there are even mobile-specific methods that you can use to add cash to your casino accounts.

  • How To Withdraw From Mobile Casinos?

    It’s well known that most casinos have a list of payment methods that is longer than their withdrawal methods, and this is still true when playing on your tablet or phone. With that being said, the mobile payment methods listed above will also allow you to withdraw your money on-the-go.

    Alternatively, you may withdraw when you access your account via the desktop site. However, this certainly is not necessary given the prevalence of mobile withdrawal methods now available.

    The easiest way to make payments from your devices is to start using an e-wallet (or similar) that was designed for mobile payments. Or, to use a well-established payment method (Visa or Mastercard), which has had many years leading the way of accommodating mobile payments.

  • How Do I Know If My Mobile Device Is Compatible?

    Almost all mobile devices these days are compatible with casinos and casino games online. This doesn’t include old school phones of course, but any smart-phone released in the last 10 years should be capable enough.

  • Can I Play Mobile Casinos For Real Money?

    When you’re playing at a casino site you’re absolutely playing for real money, whether you’re playing on your phone in the bath (please don’t electrocute yourself!) or on your desktop computer. When you play, you’re wagering real cash, and you win/lose real cash. There is absolutely no difference between normal casinos sites and mobile casinos, apart from what you’re using to play them on.

    If you think about it, why would casinos operate mobile sites in which you didn’t play for real money? What does anyone have to gain from that? At the end of the day, casinos are companies that are out to make a profit, and you can’t make a profit by playing with pretend money. You need real money. You need real money wins, real money offers, and real money losses.