Bingo Jackpot

If you can imagine sitting in an old school bingo hall with thousands of other players, waiting for the bingo caller to take his place – viewing your game book with eager anticipation, they you can imagine this whole scenario in the comfort of your home with thanks to Netent and their incredible Bingo Jackpot. Bingo jackpot keeps the traditions that make bingo such a firm favourite with gamers such as the spinning of the random numbered balls and the format of a long game card. The sound effects of rustling crisp packets and the noise of each bingo ball being released really add an authentic feel to this jackpot game.

Bingo Jackpot Game


Bingo Jackpot Information

€2.00 for 1 card
€6.00 for 3 cards
In order to win the jackpot, you will have to play 3 cards per draw (a bet of 6 euros per draw). The Bingo Jackpot will be paid out when you get Bingo on the fifth or sixth number that is drawn.
The Bingo progressive jackpot is a local jackpot.

Bingo progressive jackpot

As you are likely to know, bingo is very simple game in which you are to match the numbers drawn in a line or in a full grid to win. Fairly similar to a keno style game, which you may be more familiar with, chances of winning tend to be high. The reason that Netents Bongo jackpot is even more exciting is because a progressive jackpot is there for the winning.

To start the Bongo Jackpot game, you need to buy your tickets; a portion of the ticket sales are then added to the progressive jackpot pool, and so this therefore increases with the more tickets that each player buys, until it is won of course. In this way, players can help each other by playing more tickets each time and therefore increasing the jackpot higher.

Bingo Jackpot is casino specific meaning that the jackpot amount will be different in each Netent casino. We advise having a quick scan around to find the highest and if necessary, registering an account there for maximum value.

Bingo jackpot Payouts

As with any progressive jackpot – the most important information is how much can be won! Bingo Jackpot paid out its biggest win in the Netent casino Mr Green and was just short of an incredible 10,000 EUROS. This is more than your standard bingo hall on a Friday evening! The Return to Player rate here hovers around 90% meaning that you have a great chance to be in with calling a B.I.N.G.O.

Bingo jackpot Gameplay

Bingo Jackpot game play takes a very similar format to all bingo style games. You are required to buy your bingo cards to start, and can select 1, 2 or 3 cards per round. The ticket price is set at 2 EURO and therefore the maximum you can bet in one go is 6 EUROS. Once your cards are bought, you can go to the right hand side of the game screen and start the balls. You can also select stop to start the balls filling up your game cards. The aim is to have full line filled with the fewest amount of balls possible. The less balls used up, the bigger the prize.

How to win the jackpot?

To win the progressive jackpot in Bingo jackpot, you will need to be playing at the maximum bet, therefore having all 4 cards activated. The full jackpot amount is awarded to players who form a full line within the first 6 numbers being called. It’s a simple as that.

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