Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot

Caribbean Stud Poker is a green table game with all the usual poker features. The name comes from the traditional poker game and very much follows the same format. The slick design of the game means that you are clearly able to see you cards, and the cool graphics give you the impression that you are actually sitting at the table playing against a dealer. Although it would of course be advantageous to know all the rules of poker before playing, it is not hugely necessary as the game is displayed in such an obvious manner that it is plain to tell when you’ve won!

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot Video Slot

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot Information

€1.00 per hand
€40.00 per hand
To have a chance to win the jackpot of the Netent game Caribbean Stud Poker, every playing round you will have to place an additional bet, aside from a bet on the Ante, on the jackpot square exactly below the jackpot meter. The jackpot may be paid out entirely or partly. This depends on the poker hand you get dealt. See below for the distribution:
HandJackpot Bonus
Royal Flush100% of the jackpot
Straight Flush2500 to 1
Four of a Kind250 to 1
Full House100 to 1
Flush25 to 1
Straight10 to 1
Three of a Kind5 to 1
Two PairNo (part of the) jackpot
PairNo (part of the) jackpot
Ace + KingNo (part of the) jackpot
The card game Caribbean Stud Poker features a Local Jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive Jackpot

You are able to claim many prizes when playing Netents Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot slot, and non bigger that the awesome progressive jackpot. The fact that a progressive jackpot is offered means that poker just got even more exciting. As the jackpot is progressive, every time a player deals a hand and takes on the dealer, a percentage of the played amount is added to the jackpot. The jackpot is displayed seen on the table towards the top right so you can always know whats up for grabs.

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot

The jackpot amount will vary from casino to casino, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to search around for who currently has the biggest to see where you can get the most value from. The biggest jackpot win in Caribbean Stud Poker was at Netent casino Unibet and was for a whopping 475,00 EUROS! That’s got to leave you feeling flush. To add to this the fact that on average the jackpot is won every 14 weeks means living like a king so soon be a reality.

Caribbean Stud Poker as you can see, has a great win percentage and it’s theoretical pay-out rate sits above 97%. This is for al prizes and is guranteed.

Caribbean Stud Poker gameplay

As mentioned, knowing the rules of poker is not an absolute must in order to enjoy this jackpot game. It follows a very basic Stud Poker style where it is one player against the dealer. You will each be dealt 5 cards and whoever has the highest scoring poker hand wins. There is a handy pay-table found at the bottom left of the screen which will give you a general understanding. To bet, you will need to place an ‘Ante’ bet; this is your initial bet before the hand is dealt. You are then able to call or increase your bet on the second bet when you have seen both yours and the dealers first card selection. The only difference is the betting circle called ‘jackpot’. This must be bet in order to win the jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot Payouts

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot

How to win the Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot?

To win 100% of the progressive jackpot prize in Caribbean Stud Poker you must win with a ‘Royal Flush’ hand. This will be dealt in the first showing of the cards. You are able to win other percentages of the jackpot pool by winning with various other hands, depending on how good your hand I will determine the amount. You can see the win table for the jackpot from within the game itself.

In order to win the jackpot, you will need to place the maximum ‘ante'(initial) bet of 50 EUROS. You will also have to place a bet within the jackpot circle. This amount will never change and to activate this, you only need to place 1 EURO within. Simply be dealt the Royal Flush and the entire jackpot fund is yours.

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