Cash Bomb Jackpot

Cash Bomb Jackpot slot forms part of what is generally thought of throughout the gaming world as a ‘mini slot’. It is mini in the fact that it the slot itself is very small with very few features and there are no gimmicks or fancy graphics that come with playing this slot. In saying this, the slot still does have excitement and the classic symbols of the reels are synonymous with old school players who may prefer this basic format. The reel symbols are cherries, the 5 bar, the 7 bar and a golden bell. The whole jackpot slot is backed up with funky sounds that you would find when playing a physical slot machine.

Cash Bomb Jackpot Information

Cash Bomb
€1.00 per spin
€3.00 per spin
The jackpot can only be won when you are playing the maximum bet (3 coins). The winning jackpot combination is 3 “Cash Bomb” Symbols on the win line.
The mini game slot Cash Bomb features a progressive local jackpot.

Cash Bomb progressive jackpot

What makes Cash Bomb jackpot so exciting is that there is progressive jackpot that can be won. As this is a progressive jackpot, this means that the jackpot amount will keep growing until it is eventually won by one lucky player. The way in which it keeps growing is that with all players contribute to jackpot amount, each time they initiate a spin.

Cash Bomb jackpot Payouts

Cash Bomb Jackpot is always consistently high because it is popular with gamers due to its simplicity. It’s worth bearing in mind that the jackpot amount is dependant on the casino you are playing in and could be much higher in a different casino. You can be guaranteed of a minimum prize of 5,000 EUROS as this is the base amount that the jackpot resets at, and this applies in all Netent casinos.

Netent casino Betsson holds the record for the biggest win in Cash Bob Jackpot history, when one lucky player took home 312,000 EUROS. When you consider that the maximum bet amount for Cash Bomb Jackpot is 3 EUROS, a cash bomb truly did land on their lap.

As well as the great progressive jackpot, Cash Bomb also boasts a massive Return to Player rate (RTP) of approximately 94% giving you a very real chance to win some serious cash.

Cash Bomb Gameplay

It is not harsh to say that there is very little to mention with regards to specifics of the Cash Bomb jackpot game-play, in fact this would be a compliment as this is exactly how the game was designed. It is a very simple 3 reel video slot with one win line. There are 3 basic controls at the bottom, and 3 coin levels. The coin levels are 1,2 and 3 in which each level is represented by a EURO. You can choose ‘bet max’ from the bottom controls to automatically set 3 coin levels per spin. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that there are 8 winning combinations, depending on what symbols are in what order – a full pay table can be found at the top right of the game screen.

How to win the jackpot?

To win the jackpot in Cash Bomb jackpot slot, all you need to do is land 3 of the cash bomb symbols in the win line and boom – the jackpot is yours. You will need to be playing the maximum bet in order to win so we advise doing so as to not miss out.

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