Golden Derby Jackpot

Golden Derby brings to life all the fun of going to the races with its impressive visuals and stunning 3D graphics. You’ll even be treated to a full running commentary while the race takes place and can place up to 8 bets at a time. Golden Derby is ideal for fans of horse racing as all the usual features of horse betting can be found and many additional extras too. If you’re not an avid fan of the sport, remember it is a game and the rules of playing are very simple to follow. Netent have seamlessly brought together sport and online gaming to combine into an online gaming experience that is second to none.

Golden Derby Horse Racing

Golden Derby

Golden Derby Jackpot Information

€0.50 per bet per couple
€100.00 per bet per couple
At the beginning of the race you will receive a Jackpot List which will list all numbers of the partaking horses. You can view this jackpot list with numbers on the right side of the screen from top to bottom. When all 8 horses finish in the order of the Jackpot List, you will win the entire jackpot. When not the first 8, but the 6 horses finish in this order, you will win 10% of the Jackpot.
The Netent horse race game Golden Derby features a local progressive jackpot. The height of the jackpot will thus vary per Netent Casino.

Golden Derby Progressive Jackpot

Further to the above, you will be able to place all standard horse racing bets, but with the extra chance of winning a progressive jackpot. As Golden Derby offer a progressive jackpot, this means that any time a player from the Netent casino that you are playing in has a go at the tracks, as it were, a percentage of the amount they stake is allocated to the jackpot prize pool. This means this can grow to huge amounts in a very short period.

A great point to note about the Golden Derby jackpot prize is that it is won surprisingly often. On average, it is won around 5 times a year, which is excellent for any jackpot casino game. In fact the average Return to Player (RTP) percentage is a whopping 93.1% so you probably have a more realistic chance of winning than that of the real thing!

Golden Derby jackpot is won on a regular basis and its jackpot amounts are therefore not quite as high as some of the other Netent jackpot games. In saying this, the biggest amount was won in 2013 and was for a cool 50,000 EUROS, which bearing in mind is added on top of the regular winnings you win from your horses coming in is a very healthy sum to win.

Golden Derby Betting page

Golden Derby

Golden Derby Gameplay

Unlike many online casino games, Golden Derby offers gamers a very unique online experience. The reason for this is that it actually offers horse racing bets, these are Win, Place, Show, Exacta and Quinella. If you’re not familiar with this style of betting, a simple pay-table can be found at the bottom right of each screen.

To start the race, you will first need to place your bet. To do so, simply click on the type of bet you would like to place. Once you have decided, take a look at the form of each horse. This will give you an indication of how well the horse is likely to fair and therefore, know your chance of winning. Odds of the horse winning will also be displayed in the bet slip. When you are happy with your bet slip- add your bet by clicking ‘add bet’ and you can then click ‘start race’. The horses will

then run the full track and you can watch the whole event as if it were happening in real life.

How to win the jackpot?

To win the jackpot in Golden Derby, you will need to be playing with all 8 eight horses in the race, meaning you have a bet somewhere on each horse. You will need to match the order in which the horse come in race exactly to that of your jackpot numbers which are assigned at the start of the race – it’s a simple as that. If you match 6 of the horses in the correct order you are awarded 10% of the prize pool for coming so close.

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