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Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot

NetEnt video slot Mega Fortune Dreams was released in July 2014 and is, as the name of the video slot indicates, the sequel to the world-famous NetEnt jackpot Mega Fortune. As a matter of fact, jackpot video slot Mega Fortune Dreams can be considered to be the updated and upgraded version of the “old” Mega Fortune video slot, in both designs as well as gameplay.

Min Bet €0.20 per spin with bets on all win lines
Max Bet €80 per spin
Average Payout Percentage 96.40%
Winning Jackpot Combination 3 or more symbols on a win line start the bonus game. In the bonus game you get the chance to win the jackpot.
Jackpot Type The Mega Fortune Jackpot is a network jackpot.

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Find out everything there is to know about jackpot video slot Mega Fortune Dreams on this page. However, to give you a taste of what this jackpot is capable of here’s a €4m Mega Fortune Dreams win that went down at Casino Euro

Mega Fortune Dreams Casinos

Mega Fortune Dreams Progressive Jackpots

This newer Mega Fortune game, with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines, transports you into the world of the extremely wealthy and is set on an extravagant yacht that has anchored close to some tropical islands.

The symbols on the reels show all the luxury that refers to life after a big Mega Jackpot win, such as extraordinary expensive rings, watches and purses and of course the “bubbly” to celebrate the life-changing jackpot hit. The Scatter symbol is depicted as a huge diamond while the Wild symbols show the two gently swaying tropical palm trees.

Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams Differences

Like video slot Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams has three progressive jackpots to win: the Rapid Jackpot, the Major Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot.

However, differing from its predecessor (that has only its Mega Jackpot as a “pooled” jackpot), both the Major, as well as the Mega Jackpot of video slot Mega Fortune Dreams, are “fed” by wagers of players in multiple online casinos connected to the NetEnt Network. The Mega Fortune Dreams Rapid Jackpot is funded by an accumulated percentage of the wagers placed on the game in only one casino.

Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Average Win

The average payout of the top Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot is just under a whopping 4,000,000 euros! The jackpot is also won on average every 58 days, so it’s best to have a look and see how recently the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot was won to maximise your chances of scooping a huge prize.

Mega Fortune Dreams Gameplay

The special game features of jackpot video slot Mega Fortune Dreams consist of many angles.

This includes symbol substituting Wilds (that substitute for any other symbol to create winning bet lines, except for scatter and Bonus Game symbols), Re-spins (activated by 3 or more Wild symbols simultaneously appearing on the reels, both during the main game as well as during Free Spins and spun with the Wilds symbols sticking to their positions), Scatters (that will activate 10 – 20 Free Spins with a possible Free Spin multiplier up to x 10) and the Bonus Game (with which both coin wins as well as one of the 3 video slot Mega Fortune Dreams jackpots can be won).

How to Win the Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot?

Mega Fortune DreamsThe jackpot of NetEnt video slot Mega Fortune Dreams can be won by playing the video slot’s Bonus Game. The Bonus Game of the video slot is activated when 3 Bonus Game symbols appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 and on a winning bet line, both during the main game, a Re-spin or during a Free Spin.

Mega Fortune Dreams Wheel

As soon as this happens, the Bonus Game will show a layered Wheel of Fortune consisting of 3 spinning rings. The player has to stop the outer ring from spinning after which the arrow will point to either a won coin win or an arrow.

In case of the latter, the second ring of the wheel needs to be stopped from spinning, rewarding either a coin win, the Rapid Jackpot or it leads to the third ring (if the wheel is stopped and the pointer points to an arrow on the ring).

Stopping the third ring from spinning can result in winning a coin win, in winning the Major Jackpot or, if lucky and the pointer indicates an arrow, the Mega Jackpot of video slot Mega Fortune Dreams.

Note: both the height of the coin wins as displayed on the rings of the Wheel of Fortune in the Bonus Game as well as the chance to win one of the 3 jackpots of video slot Mega Fortune Dreams depends on the bet level with which was played in the round that activated the Bonus Game.

Mega Fortune Dreams Video Slot Game Tutorial

Mega Fortune Dreams is a video slot that is built out of 5 separate reels with 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines. Both the bet level and coin value are adjustable and winning bet lines are formed by identical symbols on a bet line and on adjacent reels from utmost left to the right. The special game features of video slot Mega Fortune Dreams are symbol substituting wilds, re-spins, Scatters that activate the Free Spin mode, multipliers and a Bonus Game with 3 progressive jackpots.

Symbol substituting Wilds, multiplier and re-spins

The Wild symbols in video slot Mega Fortune Dreams are depicted as (waving) palm trees and will substitute for any other symbol (except for Scatter symbols and Bonus Game symbols) to create the highest possible winning bet line. Wild symbols can appear on any reel, both during the main game as well as during the Free Spin mode and during re-spins. The winnings of a winning bet line created with one or more Wild symbols will be multiplied x 10.

When 3 or more Wild symbols appear during the main game 1 re-spin is granted. During this re-spin, the substituting Wilds will stay on their position. Re-spins can activate both the Free Spin mode as wells as the Bonus Game of video slot Mega Fortune Dreams but it´s not possible both features are triggered during the same re-spin.

Scatters, Free Spins, and multipliers

In case 3 or more Scatter symbols, depicted as a spinning diamond, appear anywhere on the reels (both during the main game as well as during re-spins) the Free Spin mode is activated. With 3 Scatters on the reels 10 Free Spins are granted, 4 Scatter symbols will give 15 Free Spins and 5 Scatter symbols will activate 20 Free Spins. By default, the wins of winning combinations that occur during Free Spin mode are multiplied x 3.

Each Scatter symbol that appears on the reels during Free Spin mode will either increase the standard x 3 multiplier of winning combinations with a x 1 or x 2 multiplier (with an added up maximum of a x 10 multiplier) or will grant up to 3 extra Free Spins (that will be added up to the already won Free Spins). Extra Free Spins by again 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will only be granted when the maximum multiplier of x 10 is reached. The multipliers won´t be applied on extra won Free Spins.

In Free Spin mode, re-spins are activated when 3 or more Wild symbols appear on the reels. On the winnings out of these re-spins, the same Free Spin multiplier will be applied and the Wild symbols will remain on their position during the re-spin.

During the Free Spins, the Bonus Game can also be activated but possible winnings out of the Bonus Game are not multiplied by the Free Spin multiplier.

The Bonus Game and jackpots

When 3 (or more) Bonus Game symbols (depicted as a “Wheel of Fortune”) appear on a bet line the Bonus Game will be activated. With the Bonus Game either a fixed amount of coins can be won or one of the 3 progressive jackpots: the Rapid Jackpot, the Major Jackpot or the Mega Jackpot.

The Bonus Game of video slot Mega Fortune Dreams consists of a spinning “Wheel of Fortune” built out of 3 separate rings. The player needs to stop the wheel from spinning after which the pointer will determine the prize won. If however the pointer points at an arrow or a Jackpot symbol the player enters either the next ring (with bigger prizes and to be won) or wins the jackpot of that ring (if after the subsequent spin of the wheel the pointer points at a Jackpot symbol).

The first, outer ring of the wheel has only arrows or prizes of 20, 40 and 60 coin wins. If the wheel has stopped and an arrow is pointed at the player enters the next Bonus Game spinning round of the Wheel of Fortune.

The second ring of the wheel, holding the Rapid Jackpot, has prizes to win of 60, 100 and 140 coins, 2 Rapid Jackpot symbols (which will win the player the Rapid Jackpot if the pointer is pointing at one of these symbols) and 4 arrows that will lead to the next Bonus Game round.

The third ring holds the Major Jackpot and has 10 prizes of 500, 1.000 and 1.500 coins, one Major Jackpot symbol that will grant the Major Jackpot if the pointer stops on it and one arrow that will lead to the center of the Wheel of Fortune and will win the Mega Jackpot of video slot Mega Fortune Dreams.

The Rapid Jackpot is locally generated by only the players in one specific online casino (and can only be won by players of that casino) and in average is set to pay out € 800 (expected value). The Major Jackpot and the Mega Jackpot are both “pooled” jackpots, thus generated by the bets of players in various different online casinos connected to the Netent Network (and consequently also can be won by players in those various different casinos). The Major and Mega Jackpots have (expected) pay out averages of respectively € 75.000 and € 3.750.000.

Mega Fortune Dreams Video Slot Bet Limits

The bet level on the Mega Fortune Dreams video slot can be adjusted between 1 and 4, and wins can be created on any of the 20 bet lines. Likewise, coin values can be adjusted as players see fit; from € 0,01 up to € 1,00.

As regular players will know, the bet level refers to the number of coins a player chooses to place on each bet line. The coin value, on the other hand, is the amount of money each one of those coins is worth. To calculate the amount each spin will deduct from your balance, players need only multiply the bet level by the bet lines and the chosen coin value.

The specific coin values players can select from on Mega Fortune Dreams are: € 0.01, € 0.02, € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.20, € 0.50 and € 1.00. The minimum and maximum bets on Mega Fortune Dreams are as follows:

Minimum bet: bet level 1 x 20 bet lines x coin value € 0,01 = € 0,20
Maximum bet: bet level 4 x 20 bet lines x coin value € 1,00 = € 80

Pay Table / Win Plan

While playing slots is, of course, fun, most players really want to win. To find out how you might go about doing this on Mega Fortune Dreams, players are advised to refer to the pay table. Here, you will see a complete breakdown of what each symbol might be worth to you if several of the same line up along a win line. Mega Fortune Dreams adopts the popular format of win lines being created when matching symbols line up left to right. On Mega Fortune Dreams, you can access the pay table by selecting the gold “i” information button in the bottom left corner of the game. When winnings occur on more than one bet line, these winnings will be totted up before being awarded.

Video slot Mega Fortune Dreams Game Settings

As with all NetEnt games, the settings on Mega Fortune Dreams can be adjusted for a more personalised game experience. By selecting from the four icons in the left corner of the playing screen, players can open up the game rules for easy reference, set the auto-play function in motion and mute or activate the sound. The wrench icon expands; offering players a broader menu of choices to select from and allowing for a number of further adjustments. The additional settings are as follows:

  • Quick Spin; to switch the quick play mode on or off
  • Animations: to switch the animations on or off
  • Keyboard shortcut; if you prefer to use the spacebar to spin the reels
  • Ambiance sound; to turn the ambiance sound effects off or on
  • Sound effects; to mute the game sound effects
  • Intro screen; to display the introduction screen
  • Game history (only available when playing with real money)
  • Graphics quality; to set the quality of the game graphics to low, medium or high

Mega Fortune Dreams Video Slot Manual

As with all of NetEnt’s slots, Mega Fortune Dreams video slot features a number of game controls which players will need to get to grips with. These are the only buttons you need to concern yourself with:

BET LEVEL: The bet level decides the number of coins you’ll wager on each spin.
AUTOPLAY: The auto play button starts the automatic play function, for a less interactive game experience.
MIDDLE BUTTON: The middle button starts a spin with the players chosen coin value and bet level.
COINS: shows the amount of coins available for players to wager.
COIN VALUE: This button allows players to set the value of each coin.
MAX BET: This button will automatically set a spin in motion with the highest level of your chosen coin value.