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Mega Joker Jackpot

Would you like to try a game that has withstood the test of time? Mega Joker was released over a decade ago and remains one of NetEnt’s most popular releases. We talk about what players can expect and why the game remains such a hot pick below!

Min Bet €1.00 per spin with bets on all win lines with the lowest coin value.
Max Bet €10.00 per spin with bets on all win lines with the highest coin value.
Average Payout Percentage 99.0%
Winning Jackpot Combination The joker symbols entitle you to the jackpot. Only bets made in the main game count for the progressive jackpot. The jackpot cannot be won in the Super Meter version.
Jackpot Type The Mega Joker slot is always a local jackpot.

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Alongside being able to play Mega Joker for free at NetEnt Casino, we’ve also rounded up our top three choices for casinos that host Mega Joker.


While Mega Joker remains one of NetEnt’s most popular slot releases to date, the game itself is quite simple. In fact, it goes all the way back to the dawn of the classic fruit machine. The game is designed with traditional slot machines in mind, and the mechanics as well as the graphic design reflect this inspiration.


The first thing that players will notice with Mega Joker is the game’s colourful and animated graphics. The game is designed to mimic a classic fruit slot, complete with a layout that emulates a physical slot machine in a land-based casino somewhere. The potted palm tree and vintage wallpaper are charming additions to the scene that make the aesthetics campy and fun.


NetEnt reviews would not be complete without a closer look at the game’s many symbols and coin values.




Mega Joker is a classic fruit machine slot at heart. Its symbols are not likely to surprise fans of the genre. They feature a variety of juicy fruit-themed icons:


  • Cherries
  • Lemons
  • Watermelons
  • Bells
  • Treasure troves
  • Jesters
  • Sevens
  • Grapes


The exact value of these symbols depends upon the game mode. Three of a kind wins the game, with three cherries and three lemons being the lowest paid of them at a maximum of 20 coins in basic mode. Three treasure troves, on the other hand, are worth up to 2,000 coins in basic mode! Even the low end of the treasure troves combinations is worth 200 coins in basic mode, which is still almost the best winning outcome in that mode.


All bets are off when it comes to super meter mode, of course. We will describe this mode in more detail below, but for now, suffice to say that the game mode significantly boosts symbol values. Three cherries are worth up to 200 coins in super meter mode, for example, as are three sevens.


Are you interested in playing Mega Joker on your favourite mobile device? You are in luck! NetEnt has optimised the slot to run well on mobile technology. All you need to do is find a casino offering mobile play, be it via an app or a website, and give it a try!

Mega Joker might be a classic fruit slot, but it is anything but boring! The game’s Return to Player (RTP) rate is an electrifying 99%. Pair that with the title’s infamous volatility, and the slot’s 3×3 (x2) grid is always full of exciting combinations and breathless anticipation. The bet range is perhaps the only thing about the game that is less than ideal, however, with a minimum bet of €0.01 and a maximum of €2. This is adequate, to be fair, but it is not going to please the high rollers or the players who like to see just how much they can make out of how little.


In addition to the basics above, Mega Joker has a few additional features that keep players coming back for more. The game is a progressive jackpot with two different gameplay modes: basic and super meter mode! We will take a closer look at the latter of these below along with the game’s progressive jackpot.


Super meter mode


Super meter mode is easily the highlight of this slot. The feature is a common one on traditional fruit machines – think of it as a kind of bonus round, but for classic slots rather than newer video slot titles. Instead of free spins, in other words, there is a super meter mode. In this mode, you can bet 20x, 40x, 100x or 200x your coin value per spin. It results in a maximum prize of 2,000 coins if you land the mystery symbol.


While it would be difficult to pick one specific aspect of Mega Joker that made it such an immediate hit, super meter mode is undeniably an important one to consider. The slight learning curve gives players something to bite into even while the rest of the game is just as simple as any other slot. The fact that players have the choice to activate the bonus mode rather than automatically triggering it is another facet that has kept many players coming back for more.


Progressive jackpot


Mega Joker is a progressive jackpot. This means that the money that players pay into the game is collected in a jackpot pool that grows steadily until someone wins. You can see the current level of Mega Joker’s jackpot by looking at the green display located at the bottom of the screen. In order to win the jackpot, players must play basic mode on the bottom reels using the maximum coin value. Spinning three jokers in the same winning combination lands the jackpot.


Mega Joker verdict


There is a reason why Mega Joker has been one of NetEnt’s most popular titles for over a decade. The game’s charming visuals are perhaps the first draw, but the solid gameplay has kept players coming back for years. The incredibly high volatility and RTP, when paired with the allure of a progressive jackpot and the exciting super meter mode, make for unforgettable spins.


Are you interesting in giving NetEnt’s Mega Joker a try? The game is available at casinos offering NetEnt titles.

Mega Joker is a typical fruit machine style of jackpot slot and will be familiar with all gamers, either novices or pro. Most of the reel symbols are fruits such as lemons, plums and cherries, but you can also find the Mega Joker symbol included too. The design of the game is set to make you believe you are playing a physical machine in a lobby, and the graphics even extend to the background where you find plants and curtains. Although not the most glamorous of jackpot slots, the fun features and sound effects make Mega Joker a really fun slot to try your luck on.

Mega Joker Progressive Jackpot

When a progressive jackpot is waiting to be won, the amount can climb to huge amounts and this is a big reason why many players choose to play on jackpot slots. Mega Joker jackpot is no exception to this and with an average win of around 30,000 euros on roughly a bi-weekly basis, it is no surprise that Mega Joker attracts many fans.

What is truly amazing about the Mega Joker slot is its return to player percentage (RTP) of 99%!

With most slot games anything above the 90% mark is considered to be a high return rate, and rightly so, yet Mega Joker jackpots’ theoretical RTP percentage blows these out of the water. This means that you stand a huge chance of winning some cash and a very real chance at winning the jackpot.

Mega Joker Average Win

Despite having the term “Mega” in its name, the average wins of Mega Joker don’t come close to the ‘millionaire maker’ Mega Fortune. With Mega Joker, the average win is €15,497 and it’s usually hit around every 76 days.

Mega Joker Big Wins


  • Tuesday, 27th June: €12,365
  • Friday, 28th July: €8,694
  • Friday, 29th September: €15,420
  • Thursday, 28th December: €19,589


  • Wednesday, 28th February: €10,670
  • Thursday, 19th July: €28,808
  • Thursday, 22nd November: €19,237


  • Friday, 18th January: €9,038
  • Friday, 31st May: €15,743
  • Tuesday, 2nd July: €21,187
  • Wednesday, 31st July: €9,715


Mega Joker Gameplay

As described, Mega Joker video slot takes on the role of a standard fruit machine found in many pubs and land-based casinos. All win combinations are shown up and down the side of the game screen and there are nice flashing lights and typical sound effects to go along with this.

Mega Joker is, on its standard game, a 5-line 3-reel win slot, which is the same basis for many. You are able to increase the value of your coin at the bottom of each game and this ranges from 1.00 euro to a maximum bet of 10.00 euros per spin. You are not able to change the win line combination as this will always be set at 5.

In keeping with the traditional theme of a fruit machine, you are able to activate a second set of reels and play in ‘super-meter’ mode.

This is played on the top set of reels and is very much a bonus style of game. Furthermore, it is completely up to you if you would like to play! All winnings from the regular game on the bottom reels can either be banked or further gambled upon in the top reels. In the super-meter mode, you can win mystery prizes which can be as high as 2,000 coins which, like the regular mode, can be banked at any time.

How to Win the Mega Joker Jackpot?

To win the jackpot, you must be playing at the maximum coin value and only be playing in regular mode, i.e. on the bottom reels.

As this is a very traditional style of slot, simply spin 3 joker symbols in a win combination and watch the joker move the progressive jackpot into your account.

You won’t need to enter a bonus game, and it is important to remember that only the bottom reels qualify for the jackpot.

During ‘super-meter’ play it is not possible to win this, even if the reels stop on 3 jokers. If this occurs, you are then awarded 2,000 coins which is the maximum win besides the jackpot.

Mega Joker Game Tutorial

Mega Joker starts with the main game where specific symbol combinations may start the super meter game. There also is a wonderful progressive jackpot.

Main Game

The main game, or lower game, is the game you start with when playing this slot machine. You can choose from 3 different coin values, 10 cents, 20 cents, or 1 euro, and you can pick choose a bet from between 1 to 10 coins. A bet of 1 will activate only 1 win line. Everything you win will be cashed out automatically. When you choose to play for a bet of 10, all win lines will automatically be selected. In that case you play with 5 win lines. When you make a profit here, you can choose to cash it out or to play the super meter game.

Super Meter Game

You can only play the super meter game when you play the main game with a bet of 10. This game automatically uses all 5 win lines. In the super meter game you can place bets of 20, 40, 100, or 200 times the set coin value. All credits in the super meter game will be added to the super meter.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows every time a player plays this slot. This continues until someone gets the right combination of symbols and thus wins the jackpot. When a player has won the jackpot, the jackpot will restart at a base amount; it will never start at 0, so you will always have a chance to win a nice amount.
You can find the current amount of the jackpot at the bottom of your screen. Keep in mind however that the jackpot that is displayed on your screen has a 30 second delay. This means that in very rare cases the jackpot may be won by another player during those 30 seconds. But in general it means that the jackpot you win will be larger than the amount displayed on screen.

Mega Joker Bet Limits

Mega Joker has three coin values to choose from, 10 cents, 20 cents, and 1 euro. You can also choose from 2 different bets, 1 or 10. Mega Joker thus gives various betting options. The minimum bet at level 1 and a coin value of 10 cents thus is 10 cents. The maximum bet at level 10 and a coin value of 1 euro is 10 euros per spin.

Pay Table / Win Plan

Winning combinations and payouts will be carried out according to the pay table or win plan. You can find this pay table directly on the slot. Here you see which combination gives you a profit and what the payout will be. At the bottom you find the payouts for the main game, and next to the reels of the super meter game you can find the combinations for the super meter game. When making a bet of 100 during the super making game you hit a joker on the middle reel, you will get a mystery award of 100-2000 coins per joker. When betting 200, a joker on one or more reels also nets a mystery award of 100-2000 coins per joker. The biggest profit you can make during the super meter game is 2000 coins. This however does not include the progressive jackpot, which will be won when the winning combination appears on the reals, and the jackpot can get really high.
When you get multiple wins on various win lines, these will be added together, this is true for both the main game and the super meter game.

Possible Settings

Mega Joker has a number of different settings that may be adjusted while playing. However, not all casinos offer this option. You find the game stings by clicking the wrench icon on the bottom left of the screen. Below you will find an overview of the functions that may be adjusted by the player:

  • Sound effects
  • Fast play
  • Game history (not available during practice games)

Mega Joker Manual

After you have opened Mega Joker, you pick the coin value you want to play with by clicking the 10 cents, 20 cents, or 1 euro coins at the bottom right of the screen. Then you can adjust the betting level by clicking BET, level 1 is 1 win line and at level 10 you play all 5 win lines. Then you click SPIN to start the game.
You also have the option to opt for bet level 10 in one click by clicking MAX BET, the rolls will start spinning immediately in that case. You play MAX BET with the coin value you previously selected. By clicking BET in the super meter game you can choose if you want to play for 20, 40, 100, or 200 coins.
The COLLECT button allows you to move the credits form the super meter game to the main game.