Mega Joker Jackpot

Mega Joker is a typical fruit machine style of jackpot slot and will be familiar with all gamers, either novices or pro. Most of the reel symbols are fruits such as lemons, plums and cherries, but you can also find the Mega Joker symbol included too. The design of the game is set to make you believe you are playing a physical machine in a lobby, and the graphics even extend to the background where you find plants and curtains. Although not the most glamorous of jackpot slots, the fun features and sound effects make Mega Joker a really fun slot to try your luck on.

Mega Joker Jackpot Video Slot

Mega Joker Jackpot

Mega Joker Jackpot Information

€1.00 per spin with bets on all win lines with the lowest coin value.
€10.00 per spin with bets on all win lines with the highest coin value.
The joker symbols entitle you to the jackpot. Only bets made in the main game count for the progressive jackpot. The jackpot cannot be won in the Super Meter version.
The Mega Joker slot is always a local jackpot.

Mega Joker Progressive Jackpot

When a progressive jackpot is waiting to be won, the amount can climb to huge amounts and this is a big reason why many players choose to play on jackpot slots. Mega Joker jackpot is no exception to this and with an average win of around 30,000 euros on roughly a bi-weekly basis, it is no surprise that Mega Joker attracts many fans.

What is truly amazing about the Mega Joker slot is its return to player percentage (RTP). With most slot games anything above the 90% mark is considered to be a high return rate, and rightly so, yet Mega Joker jackpots’ theoretical RTP percentage is an unbelievable 99%. This means that you stand a huge chance of winning some cash and a very real chance at winning the jackpot.

Mega Joker game play

As described, Mega Joker video slot takes on the role of a standard fruit machine found in many pubs and land-based casinos. All win combinations are shown up and down the side of the game screen and there are nice flashing lights and typical sound effects to go along with this.

Mega Joker is, on its standard game, a 5-line 3-reel win slot, which is the same basis for many. You are able to increase the value of your coin at the bottom of each game and this ranges from 1.00 euro to a maximum bet of 10.00 euros per spin. You are not able to change the win line combination as this will always be set at 5.

In keeping with the traditional theme of a fruit machine, you are able to activate a second set of reels and play in ‘super-meter’ mode. This is played on the top set of reels and is very much a bonus style of game. Furthermore, it is completely up to you if you would like to play! All winnings from the regular game on the bottom reels can either be banked or further gambled upon in the top reels. In the super-meter mode, you can win mystery prizes which can be as high as 2,000 coins which, like the regular mode, can be banked at any time.

How to win the jackpot?

To win the jackpot, you must be playing at the maximum coin value and only be playing in regular mode, i.e. on the bottom reels. As this is a very traditional style of slot, simply spin 3 joker symbols in a win combination and watch the joker move the progressive jackpot into your account. You won’t need to enter a bonus game, and it is important to remember that only the bottom reels qualify for the jackpot. During ‘super-meter’ play it is not possible to win this, even if the reels stop on 3 jokers. If this occurs, you are then awarded 2,000 coins which is the maximum win besides the jackpot.

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