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Super Lucky Frog Jackpot

Super Lucky Frog is a charming jackpot slot from NetEnt. It offers the chance to win one of 3 progressive jackpots as well as some other huge monetary prizes. Since its launch all the way back in 2010, Super Lucky Frog has become a firm favourite with NetEnt fans and features at some of our best casinos (see below).


Min Bet €0.25 per spin with bets on all win lines with the lowest coin value.
Max Bet €50.00 per spin with bets on all win lines with the highest coin value.
Average Payout Percentage 93.0%
Winning Jackpot Combination You need 3 Super Lucky Frog Bonus symbols to enter the bonus game. In this bonus game you enter a wheel of fortune where you can win either the Froggy, Lucky or Super Jackpot. In worst case scenario your spin will result in a “prize” of 25 coins
Jackpot Type The Super Lucky Frog jackpot is always a local jackpot contributed by the casino itself

Play at a Super Lucky Frog Casino for a Ribbeting Experience!

Okay, apologies for the pun, but you really can have a fun and potentially lucrative iGaming session by joining a casino with the Super Lucky Frog jackpot by NetEnt.

As Super Lucky Frog has been in operation for many years, there have been plenty of winners during this time – but perhaps no more shockingly than this incredible story from Casino Euro


The theme of Super Lucky Frog is that of a mystical garden or enchanted land. Soothing backing musics accommodates the more typical sound effects of the spinning reels and truly beautiful graphics that make you feel at ease.

The reel characters themselves range from unicorns to toadstools and include other legendary myths such as the griffin and trolls. The game all takes place over a pond with the Super Lucky Frog himself firmly planted on his lilly pad with crown and all.

Super Lucky Frog Progressive Jackpot

When playing the Super Lucky Frog video slot you can win one of 3 incredible progressive jackpots – the Froggy, the Lucky and the Super. All of the jackpots are progressive meaning that they constantly increase as players add to the jackpot amount with every spin played. All 3 of the progressive jackpots are localised to the particular casino you are playing in – therefore players in other casinos playing Super Lucky Frog jackpot add to that casino and cannot be added to a different casino.

The jackpots are listed in order with the Super jackpot having the highest possible win amount. Netent casino Unibet holds the record for the highest win when one super lucky fan won in the region of 135,000 EUROS! This of course is only the current high win, and with more and more players turning their attention to Super Lucky Frog jackpot slot, this looks likely to be overtaken in the very near future.

An average win for the Super jackpot can vary from casino to casino as they are individually responsible for the jackpot and this depends on how many players add the jackpot and win. Across the board, a win is recorded on the Super Lucky Frog jackpot slot around once a week, which is an incredible statistic and certainly enticing for all game fans.

Super Lucky Frog Average Win

While. do to how Super Lucky Frog works, you’ll never win millions – players consistently pull the jackpot to win tens of thousands on this fun game.

The biggest win ever recorded was €134,665 and there have been 126 big jackpot wins in total, with winners getting an average of €38,108.

Super Lucky Frog Biggest Wins In 2019

The Super Lucky Frog is hit fairly regularly, with big wins being found every few months. Here’s a list of the biggest wins this year:


  • Tuesday, 30 April:€14,469
  • Friday, 10th May: €44,920
  • Thursday, 25 July: €36,016

Super Lucky Frog Gameplay

Super Lucky Frog WheelThe video slot itself is designed beautifully, not only in terms of the reel characters, but also with the fun add ons that come with playing Super Lucky Frog.

The game has scatter symbols, which when landed on produce a multiplier effect and multiply your win by 2.

The scatter symbol also offers another win feature in that when 3 of these are displayed, you will receive free spins up to a very generous 30.

During the free spin play, you are still able to win more free spins and any wins during free spins will also be multiplied by 3.

There is also the opportunity of landing a wild symbol which can change into any symbol to create a win line combination. This adds to your chances of winning.

Super Lucky Frog Jackpot Wheel

The Lucky jackpot and the Froggy jackpots are also won on a regular basis and although the amounts of these may be less than the Super jackpot, the Lucky jackpot has been seen to rise over 10,000 EUROS and the Froggy over 5,000 EUROS so still great jackpots to take home.

How to Win the Super Lucky Frog Jackpot?

To scoop any of the 3 progressive jackpots, you must first activate the bonus game by landing 3 Super Frog symbols in a win combination. It is important to note that you must be playing the maximum coin value with the maximum win lines to achieve this. When you enter the bonus game a wheel with 10 sectors will appear. They include the 3 jackpots and also coin values. Simply spin the wheel and wait to see where it lands to claim your prize. You can see the jackpot amounts for all 3 of the progressive jackpots at the top of the game screen at all times.

Super Lucky Frog Video Slot Game Tutorial

The Super Lucky Frog video slot is designed by NetEnt, which ensures a beautiful appearance and smooth gameplay. Super Lucky Frog certainly is a video slot that can bring you a lot of luck because of the three progressive jackpots it has.

Bonus Game and Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that rises as more people play the video slot; because the jackpot grows with a percentage of every bet that is made. This way the jackpot can rise to enormous heights. Until someone wins the jackpot of course. When the jackpot is won, it will restart on a base amount, so never on zero.

Super Lucky Frog has no less than three progressive jackpots, which are called Super, Lucky, and Frog. You can win one of these progressive jackpots when you get 3 or more bonus game symbols on an active win line. In the bonus game, you will see a wheel of fortune which gives you the chance to win one of the progressive jackpots. You can also win other nice prizes here. The higher your bet in the main game, the higher the prizes in the bonus game will be. If you want to see an example of the bonus game, click FEATURE PREVIEW at the bottom right of the screen.

Scatter and Free Spins

You can get a nice win from up to two scatter symbols. Wins made by use of a scatter will be multiplied; this multiplier can be found in the pay table. When you get 3 or more scatters on the reels, the Free Spins will also be activated. You can get up to 30 Free Spins. When you get 3 or more scatters during the Free Spins, extra Free Spins will be added to the current Free Spins. Winnings from the Free Spins round will be multiplied by three.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbols can also provide nice wins. They can replace other symbols. By doing so you can complete winning combinations and thus get a higher chance at a win. The only symbols that cannot be replaced by a wild are scatters and bonus symbols.

Super Lucky Frog Video Slot Bet Limits

You can choose from 6 different coin values in the Super Lucky Frog video slot, these are: 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, and 50 cents. You can bet the coin value up to 4 times per win line per spin. This is called the bet level and thus varies from 1 to 4. Then there is the number of win lines, which is 25. You can bet every coin 4 times per win line times 25 win lines. This thus gives a great number of bet possibilities. Below examples of the minimum and maximum bets.

Minimum bet at 25 win lines (bet level 1 + coin value 1 cent) = 0.25 euros.
Maximum bet at 25 win lines (bet level 4 + coin value 50 cents) = 50 euros.

Pay Table / Win Plan

Payouts of the Super Lucky Frog video slot are done according to winning symbol combinations on active win lines. Only the highest win per active win line will be calculated. But, simultaneous wins on multiple win lines will be added together. An overview of all winning symbol combinations and their payouts can be found in the pay table. The pay table is opened by clicking the PAYTABLE button. This button is found on the left of the screen. There you can also find an overview and explanation of all the win lines.

Possible settings for the Super Lucky Frog Video Slot

Just like all other Netent video slots, the Super Lucky Frog video slot has a number of game settings that may be adjusted to your liking. You can do this by clicking the four icons at the bottom left of the screen.

The speaker icon turns the sound on or off.

The question mark opens the help menu.

The AUTO button opens a menu where you can set the number of rounds you want to play the Super Lucky Frog video slot automatically. You can also determine when the auto play should stop. You can always push the stop button during autoplay.

The wrench icon allows you to adjust the following settings:

  • Ambiance Sound
  • Sound effects
  • Game history (not available in practice games)

Super Lucky Frog Video Slot Manual

The BET LEVEL button allows you to set the number of coins you want to bet per win line per spin. You can set the number of win lines you want to play with by clicking the BET LINES button. This can also be done by clicking one of the numbers on either side of the reels. The COIN VALUE button is used to set the coin value you want to bet per win line. In the bar at the bottom of the screen, you can see your settings and thus the total bet amount per spin.

There also is a MAX BET button that allows you to play at the highest level and all 25 win lines in one click. When you choose to do this, be sure to first set the coin value because the reels will start spinning as soon as you click max bet.

When you are done making your settings, click the middle round button to make the reels spin. When you click this button during spinning, the reels will stop spinning sooner.