Triple Wins High Roller Jackpot

Triple Wins High Roller (sometimes simply called “Triple Wins HR” or “Triple Wins Jackpot”) is a scratchcard developed by Net Entertainment that has a progressive jackpot to be won. The game makes part of the “Triple Wins” scratchcard “family”, besides High Roller consisting of scratchcard Triple Wins and scratchcard Triple Wins Star Ticket.

All three games have more or less the same game-play, with the distinction Triple Wins High Roller is the only one that has a jackpot as a special game feature.

Triple Wins High Roller progressive jackpot

The progressive jackpot of scratchcard Triple Wins High Roller is locally generated, so accumulated by a percentage out of every wager made on the game by players in only one specific online casino. This of course also means its jackpot can only be won by one of those players in the same online casino and that the height of the jackpot therefore varies from casino to casino.

Out of every wager placed on the game 8.5% will contribute to the Triple Wins High Roller jackpot. The average time it takes before the jackpot is hit as well as the height of the average jackpot payout depends on the online casino the game is played in.

With the Return To Player percentage of the game set on 91.7 (for “normal” prizes), the expected jackpot payout value is 200.000 EUROS while the jackpot “seeds” (= starts to accumulate again after a jackpot is paid out) at 30.000 EUROS.

Triple Wins High Roller jackpot payouts

As Triple Wins High Roller has a locally generated jackpot not much can be stated with certainty about the frequency of the jackpot wins and the heights of the jackpot amounts paid. The highest jackpot the game ever has accumulated, up until this time of writing, is 132.000 EUROS.

Triple Wins High Roller game play

As a scratchcard the game play of Triple Wins High Roller doesn´t hold many secrets.

  • After opening the game the player is presented with a card that has 10 scratchcards to choose from on the right-hand side and 10 boxes to scratch open (on the left-hand side).
  • After buying a ticket the player needs to choose a scratching device and scratch open the 9 boxes.
  • If 3 of those 9 boxes show the same amount (ranging from 2 EURO up to 30.000 EUROS) this amount is won, multiplied by the factor shown when the 10-th box (under the 9 boxes on the left-hand side of the card) is scratched open.

A player can choose between 4 different scratching tools (a hairpin, a coin, a car key and a ring) and the tickets to choose from can be exchanged at any moment for 10 new tickets. It´s also possible to use the “Scratch All” button that will, after clicking it, instantly open all 10 boxes at the same time.

What can make the game play of scratchcard Triple Wins High Roller more exciting “at wish” is to either scratch open the multiplier box first (so you know exactly with what factor your wins will be multiplied after actually winning) or to only scratch it open after your winnings are revealed (thus having the surprise of your winnings being multiplied by either x 1, x 2 or x 10).

The cost of one Triple Wins High Roller scratchcard is 2 EURO and the multiplier (x 1, x 2 or x 10) doesn´t apply on any jackpot win.

How to win the jackpot?

The height of the jackpot to be won with scratchcard Triple Wins High Roller is indicated in the upper right-hand corner of the scratchcard. As soon as after scratching 3 boxes appear , while showing an amount with on the background Golden Bars, the jackpot is yours. Don’t forget to read the game rules of Triple Wins High Roller Jackpot before you start playing for real money! Beside this Jackpot Scratchcard Netent also developed other scratch cards and lottery games. Take a look at them here where you also can play them all for free.

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