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Playing casino games is a favourite hobby for many, and it’s easy to see why - whether you are testing yourself on roulette, blackjack or poker, a lot of fun and excitement is guaranteed.
As a result, the casino industry, which is now worth multi-billion pounds, is thriving. That won’t be a shock to players, though, as it has never been easier to access games, whilst the quality of the product is growing significantly thanks to the latest technology. This means that even the newest brands on the market are of a decent standard, with multiple big-name game providers behind them and slick websites. We are constantly keeping on top of the industry’s latest news and on this page we are going to delve into what to look for in a brand new release and suggest some of the best around to try for yourself.

Here is what to look for in a newly-launched casino

Best new casinos in the UK

New casinos specifically launched with UK-based players in mind are constantly being released and we are here to rate them. Below is a list of some of the finest gambling sites that are fresh on the market and can be enjoyed by players from Blighty.

What’s more, they all offer a different welcome bonus, so why not read a review and give one a go?

New UK casinos

The days of having to visit a land-based casino to get your roulette fix is long gone. Instead, you can download an app or load up your laptop and everything is only ever a few clicks away, 24 hours a day, for seven days a week. Indeed, according to the Gambling Commission the British gambling industry was worth £10.2bn in total gross gambling yield (GGY) between April 2019 and March 2020 so it has become a massive industry.

In truth, most players take all that for granted now, and that has raised the standards across the board – particularly in the UK. The requirements to become a license holder in Great Britain are pretty stringent, which has resulted in tens of top-class casinos available to players. The Gambling Commission will assess each applicant individually, weighing up what the new business wants to achieve and whether they have the capabilities to do just that. Previously, some may have had doubts about some of those involved in the gambling industry but that is no longer the case – rightly, there are multiple hoops you have to jump through before you are granted a license.

Ultimately, that ends up benefiting the players. As mentioned, such is the competitive nature of the business, only casinos that can offer a lot should be getting through. Players would quickly realise if a casino wasn’t up to scratch and word would spread around. So, not only have you got to be good to become a new online casino UK, you have to maintain those standards moving forward.

Despite that, there’s no getting away from the fact that some casinos are better than others. But, how can a player know which one to try out? That’s challenging given the number of options available, so you should let us do that for you.

How we review new casinos UK

Generic image 1As you would expect, there is a lot that goes into determining just how good and useful a casino will be for a player. Here we will assess all of those factors, which should provide you with a chance to find the casino that suits you. After all, we all have our own individual preferences. For example, some will prefer a casino that has a wide range of games, whereas others may opt for one that has their preferred payment method.

So, here are the different areas that we consider when we review a new casino:

Safety & security

Whilst we’ve already explained how there is strict legislation in place when it comes to gambling in the UK, there’s no denying that players can be sceptical initially with new casinos. There will be a reluctance to switch and there will sometimes be a doubt as to whether the operator is legitimate.

And, of course, that hesitation is completely understandable. In today’s world, digital scams are unfortunately commonplace and you want to be completely positive that you are depositing money into a safe site. Naturally, casinos can develop that reputation over the years as more and more players use them, but for new casinos, they don’t have that luxury, so it can be tough.

Similarly, it can be challenging for new casinos to operate financially in such a demanding environment, and, like with most businesses, there are worries about casinos when they start up. However, following the legislations and licenses that are in place should prevent that from happening and we only recommend casinos that you can trust for the long-term.

Choice of games

This may surprise you but there are certain casinos that don’t offer the selection of games that you would really expect. As we have reiterated, this is such a competitive industry and to stand out from the crowd you need to have a quality product – and that includes games from various providers.

What players want has evolved over the years and there are different variations of classics like blackjack and poker. Plus the live element of gaming is growing increasingly popular.

With that in mind, casinos that we score highly generally have a great supply of slots, table games and live dealer titles, including plenty from NetEnt.

User experience

As briefly touched upon, the way players access games has changed dramatically. For some, playing on an app will be their main way of playing. It’s simple, effective and can be done on the move, so it’s extremely convenient.

But, does the casino you want have an app? Can you only play in a browser? Does the quality suffer when you play on your phone? These are just some of the many questions that players will consider before they want to join a new casino, and we will have the answers. However, everyone recognises that this is the way that casino gaming is going, so there is an increased demand to be mobile-first in development.

Of course, a lot of the user experience will be down to individual preferences and the only way you can find out if you like it is by playing on it yourself.


Who doesn’t like free stuff? There can’t be many of you out there! We certainly love a good offer and we’re sure you do, too. So, we also have a focus on identifying the best offers around, which will help you get the most complete casino experience possible.

There are a whole host of offers available and whilst it’s easy to be drawn into certain ones, you do need to find one that suits you. Each one will have different strings attached to it, which can be wagering requirements and rollover amounts, so you need to find one that you can properly benefit from. High spenders and those on a budget will have a different view entirely of what represents a good offer.

We break that down for you, which should give you a clearer picture of exactly how you can make the most of those offers.


Coins genericAnother critical issue that we assess is something that will be important to players – the payment options. In an ideal world, you would want a variety of different ways to deposit and withdraw your money, and you want it done swiftly.

In recent years there has been a sharp rise in the number of different methods that players want to use to play, particularly with e-wallets. And you can expect that to increase as more people turn to technology to manage their finances.

So, you would want to play at a casino that embraces that change and gives you quick access to your funds, which will help your overall gaming experience. We cover all the aspects that are available on these new casinos, helping you to make a more informed decision.

Customer service

Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan when you play at the casino and that’s where you want a professional, quick response from the operator to any issues that may arise.

However, the casinos can vary significantly in terms of how easy they are to get in touch with. In an ideal world, they will have a live chat that is monitored 24/7, which will help you get instant answers. But that’s not always the case; some rely totally on email, which can take days to sort a problem, and they may not have phone lines.

There’s no set answer for what each casino has but we will outline what’s available to you and analyse the strength of the customer service on offer.

Why you should consider a new casino

Bar mobile slots imageWe’d like to think we’ve given you enough assurances to prove that playing at the new casinos we recommend can be beneficial. However, there’s no doubt some are wondering whether it’s worth all the hassle. Why would you leave a proven, reputable casino to start your journey on a site that hasn’t got the same experience? That’s a very reasonable concern and it’s understandable that some will want to stick with the tried and trusted.

However, there are several reasons as to why you should be open to a potential change and here we outline a few:

Take advantage of the offer!

We’ve already explained how we factor bonuses into the casinos we assess, and it makes total sense for you to take advantage of an enticing offer.

The competition in the industry means that new welcome offers are a given and there is a growing trend with new casinos to make them increasingly generous. Simply put, they have to do something to stand out from the rest and this is one of the best ways to entice players.

Even if the casino isn’t for you, why wouldn’t you try it out if you were entitled to free spins or a matched deposit? You always have the choice to leave the casino and never return if you do not like what you find when checking it out.

They’re innovative

Another cool aspect of the new casinos is that they are embracing and working with technology and trying to provide fresh ideas, which is crucial to them.

If they try to muscle in on the market with the exact same service as the established casino names, they won’t have a chance. Instead, they have to be different. They have to explore new ways of playing and they have to try different things to stand out from the rest.

That should excite players as you will be the ones that benefit overall. Many aspects of gaming that you take for granted today, such as improved apps, different variations of games and live casino lobbies, will have been new once and it may have been a new casino that trialled them.

New games

Following on from that, you can experience new games at these casinos as well. They may have exclusive titles for you to play on, or they may boast the latest NetEnt releases.

Either way, they know that playing games is what it’s all about. That’s why you sign up and that’s why you’re guaranteed fun and excitement. So, the games are constantly evolving and new casinos are more inclined to introduce new titles quicker to see how they go down with players.

How to sign up at a new UK casino

If you feel you’re ready to join up with a new casino and you have decided which new online casino UK you want to play with, then it’s about signing up.

Thankfully, it’s a simple enough process and not one that should worry you, but we will still outline exactly what needs to be done.

  1. Firstly, you have to identify the casino you want to go with; follow the registration link and fill out all of the personal information that you will be asked about.
  2. Make up your account name and password that you intend to use moving forward and answer any security questions that may be put to you. That can be key should you ever need to change your password or recover your account in the future.
  3. Once this process is complete, which shouldn’t take long at all, you will be ready to take the final step which involves you verifying your account.
  4. This is done by sending in proof of who you are, which can be a passport or driving license. You will also have to prove your address, which can be done with a utility bill. Previously, you had to send this information off but it’s now predominantly done by scanning a photo and attaching it to an email or in a live chat.
  5. Those documents will then need to be checked by figures at the casino and once they have been verified, the fun can really start.
  6. You will then be ready to deposit and start playing. Although, don’t forget to claim your first deposit bonus before you start. That can sometimes involve entering a code to activate it, so make sure you understand the terms.

Overall, joining a new casino may seem like a hassle that you don’t really need, and that view is understandable. However, we have highlighted how there’s nothing to fear in terms of the safety and security of the casinos we recommend, whilst there are plenty of potential benefits to players.

The huge competition in the industry has seen standards rise across the board and players should welcome the emergence of new sites. We’ve explained why you should be interested, so check out the new casinos on this page and pick one that suits your playing needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to play at a new online casino?

    In a word, yes. Obviously, you will read some bad stories about casinos that open up, like you would in any other industry, and we know that can put you off. However, the casinos that we recommend will have all the necessary legislation and safety assurances to give you peace of mind when you play. They will be safe, and you will be able to see for yourself when you start.

  • Do new casinos offer good customer support?

    That can be judged on a case-by-case basis, but they should! As we’ve consistently pointed out, this is a very competitive industry and anything that doesn’t satisfy players will see a casino viewed negatively, and everyone wants good customer support. So, they will all strive to be the best in that department but your own experiences will ultimately decide whether they are or not. All the ways you can get in touch will be outlined before you start, with live chat widely seen as the most efficient option.

  • Do new casino sites have better bonuses?

    As a general rule, yes, they do. Of course, once again it varies on an individual basis, so there’s no definitive answer that covers the lot. However, new casinos need to force themselves into the market, and what better way to do that than by enticing players with a great offer? It’s the easiest way for them to appeal to players, which is why you can find plenty of generous bonuses from new casinos.

  • Do all brand new UK casinos have a UK licence?

    The ones that we cover will do, yes. It would be hugely irresponsible to recommend UK players to play on platforms that aren’t accessible in Britain, so we ensure that any casino we check is legitimately available to players. That should give you much-needed reassurances when you play.

    You can even check the casino has been authorised by the UK Gambling Commission before you start. If you don’t ever find the information you want on here, a quick search online should explain what you need to be looking for and whether the casino has what you need.

  • Which casino is easiest to win?

    Unfortunately, we can’t help you on this front! The beauty of playing at the casino is that you just don’t know what will happen. You don’t know where the ball will land on the roulette wheel and you don’t know which card will come up in blackjack – and you never will. That’s why it’s fun and no casino will offer games that give you more chance of winning than another.

  • What’s the most money ever won at a casino?

    We all dream of landing the life-changing win, and there are some lucky people out there who have done just that. One particularly fortunate slots player in the US took home a win in excess of $4.5m and followed it up with a $21m win on the same jackpot years later! Elsewhere, a $39m payout has been recorded in Vegas.

    Plenty of other players have picked up seven-figure sums, with many slots known to have jackpots that run into the millions.

  • Do banks check if you gamble?

    They can do, if you were applying for a mortgage or they need to check your finances for whatever reason. However, there’s nothing illegal about it, so there’s nothing to fear on that front. It won’t directly affect your credit score unless you are borrowing money to gamble and getting into debt.

    It’s important to know your limits and set your budgets when you are playing, all whilst ensuring you have fun – which is the main thing.