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Discover June 2023's Latest Casinos

Like any other industry, the iGaming sector continues to develop at a rapid pace and is booming. So much so, that brand new online casinos are being launched on a regular basis. It can often be hard to decide which new casino is worth your time checking out or not, or where the hottest new NetEnt launches can be found. Well, we're here to help - check out our list of the newest and best below!

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Here we have created the most extensive list of new casinos to keep you thrill seekers entertained! If you want to try a fresh casino and discover a new favourite, then this is the place to be. We update this page regularly with all the new sites and bonuses that are definitely worth your time!

Choosing New Online Casinos In 2023

Just because an online casino is new doesn’t mean it’s trustworthy. There’s no doubt that the influx of casino sites has greatly benefitted the industry – namely by increasing competition leading to innovation and improved services – but it has also brought a few pitfalls. One of the most obvious cases is a suspect platform which doesn’t play fair, and unfortunately, these are common. Therefore, you need to be absolutely sure that the casino you’re signing up to is reliable and genuine so that all your details are protected and you can claim your winnings.

How to do this exactly? Well, here at, we handpick all the casinos in our arsenal to bring you only top quality. We won’t consider anyone unless they pass our strict tests, all in the name of making online gambling safer for all!

Explore our list above and see the top new casinos offering games to players all over the world, including countries such as the UK, Canada, New Zealand and many others. Each has a great 1st deposit bonus on offer as well as fantastic games and, in some cases, reload bonuses to keep you entertained long after you register.

Casino Loyalty Programs In 2023

Another benefit of a competitive and ever-growing online gambling scene is the casino VIP program. Banishing the days where a few cursory offers may be thrown your way if you’re lucky, many of these schemes look to hand our regular rewards for continued play – with some allowing players to tailor each bonus to their preference.

Full-scale casino loyalty programs have since taken over, with several incentives such as holidays to exotic locations and tickets to sporting or musical events. If casinos want to be noticed in 2023, it’s essential for them to have a bulletproof plan for keeping you happy once you’re through the door.

New Casino Trends For 2023

New Casinos Trends for 2019 by NetEnt CasinoAlongside VIP plans, many casinos try to stand out from the crowd by being unique and different.

It’s a common tactic that’s has become trickier over time due to an intensifying number of rivals, but there’s no doubt been some incredible success stories over the years.

Casinos using the themes of party and fun have been a big trend as they aim to set themselves apart from posher sites that associate themselves with the style and glamour of Las Vegas.

There are also plenty of adventure casinos cropping up too. These types of websites aim to bridge the gap between online casino and video games by devising missions and other objectives for their players to complete. A pretty obvious trend that near-enough every casino follows is to try and make a huge splash on launch.

This generally revolves around a lucrative welcome bonus to get you started. This will usually include a deposit match as well as bonus spins – so look carefully at our list on this page to find the ideal fit.

Of course, any new casino must be aware that mobile games are an imperative feature. Any gambling website would pretty much be throwing in the towel before the bell sounds if they decided to launch without being mobile-ready.

Why Casinos Should Always Have NetEnt Games

As we’re sure you know, NetEnt have scooped numerous awards over the years and continue to churn out hit after hit. As iGamers quickly con on to the quality they bring, we believe that the best new casinos should always use NetEnt games as a driving force behind their products.

Their popularity is frankly unparalleled, they’ve made huge strides with Live Casino, and there are countless cases of people who have won life-changing amounts thanks to their jackpots. All the platforms you’ll ever find on NetEnt Casino will house at least some of these titles for your entertainment, including all the latest casinos above.

How Do We Compare Casinos In 2023

So, we’re going to let you in on a secret: how we compare all the casinos before adding them to our site. Our method is quite simple, but it is effective, and it works well. We’re always bringing you the best casino news, presenting you with the best bonuses available, and keeping you up to date with all of the new NetEnt casino games. The method has four distinct steps:

  1. Scrutinize the casino and make sure it’s legitimate and has a decent license.
  2. Check whether it has NetEnt games and worthwhile offers for new players.
  3. Sign up ourselves, claim a deposit match bonus and play it through.
  4. Attempt a knee slide (in a safe place) to mark each and every win.

We collate all of the data in the good ol’ fashioned way: trawling all of the sites, playing their games, reading the details of their bonuses, and reviewing them in full (which you can read here). Then, once we have all of this data, we compare all of these details against one another.

So, we check whether they have a welcome bonus without any wagering requirements, which are our favourite. We also make sure their welcome packages are big enough and worth your time. Also, our casinos need to have enough NetEnt titles as well as extra features such as tournaments and bonus codes, to keep players rewarded and entertained.

Once we’re happy that a casino passes our requirements, it will appear on this page for you to see. We’ll also put detailed casino reviews on our review pages, along with new monthly bonuses on our monthly bonuses page.

What To Expect From Casinos In 2023

Expectations for new casinos in 2019 by NetEnt CasinoWe all want to know what the future holds for us; this is part of our human condition. The world of iGaming is no different, we all want to know what the future holds for it. Here are the trends in 2023 that we’re keeping an eye on:

  • Gamification on the rise.
  • More dedicated mobile apps.
  • No wagering casinos.
  • More branded video slots.
  • Tournaments on the rise.
  • Twitch streaming for video slots.

Gamification is a hot trend in the casino world, many casinos are fighting for a share of the market (and your cash) and are turning to this tried and tested concept to make themselves stand out. Mobile apps are becoming much more popular as phone capabilities increase, so we can expect a boom of apps in the market.

There’s also a surge from players and casinos away from wagering requirements and we’ve seen this trend really get traction in 2023. Branded video slots are also on the rise. The popularity of hit TV shows like Narcos and Vikings has seen NetEnt create some of their most exciting games. Because NetEnt is an industry leader, and many other companies follow their lead, whatever NetEnt do others will emulate. So, expect to see more branded games in the near future.

Expect also to see more video slots tournaments. These create a sense of community and competitiveness within the iGaming world and have been on the rise over the last year. We predict that it will continue to grow, but also that live streaming will follow where it goes.

Why Play At New Casinos? What About Established Sites?

Why should you play at fresh casinos that are hot off the press? The answer to this is that these sites aren’t afraid to offer their players something special and OTT, because they’re trying their best to gain a foothold in the industry. Therefore, you can expect the newer casinos to have some pretty outrageous offers and interesting promotions that are well worth a go.

After a while, the older casinos are stuck in the form they started out with, so they’re not able to change without losing their brand and customers. New casinos have neither of these, so they have the freedom to really be exciting, innovative, and creative in what they do.

Does this tickle your fancy? Then keep an eye on this page over the next 12 months. There’s nothing that slips through our NetEnt net.

New Mobile Casino Sites And Apps

New Mobile Casinos for 2019 by NetEnt CasinoNearly all casinos now have, at minimum, a site with online slots which work on your mobile phone or your tablet. But, in 2023, what will the new mobile casino and app trends be?

Well, a few things will become industry standard (if they’re not already). Firstly, all casinos will soon have mobile optimised sites, meaning they’ve been designed specifically to be used on mobile devices.

Secondly, nearly all casinos that are worth paying attention to will feature NetEnt Touch for mobile.

Thirdly, and this is the most exciting development, many more casinos will have dedicated apps. These dedicated apps will mean a lot of new and interesting features will start to show up. For example, LeoVegas Casino has a dedicated mobile app which enables fingerprint identification. This, we think, will start to show up on many more casino apps, making payments even more secure.

Another example of mobile app development may be app diversification. Many of the larger gaming sites, for example, 888 Casino or Betway, have made specific apps for particular gaming types.

They have different apps for poker, casino games like roulette, sportsbooks and live casino. App diversification allows players to save memory space on their devices, whilst also getting exactly what they want game-wise. Finally, another development we predict is the increase in app-only promotions. Many casinos will want to take advantage of the increase in new mobile players, and app-only promotions are a smart way of establishing new and recurring customers.

What To Consider When Choosing A Casino

So far, we’ve looked at a few things that you should keep in mind when looking for a fresh casino to play at. We’ve also looked at what we take into account when ranking those casinos for 2023, but, overall, what should you consider? If you just want quality games and simple online casino websites then there are multiple examples of these on our site, where you will get bonus spins on selected games or other player-friendly extras just for signing up.

It’s worth noting that minimalist sites are on the rise: many people have become bored with the ‘fun’, ‘crazy’ styles and the Vegas-themed on land casino styles, instead, a third way is now being offered. Of course, there’s almost a vast amount of casinos with flashy offers and gimmicks if that’s more your thing!

Trending Casinos: The Future Of iGaming

The future of iGaming in new casinos by NetEnt CasinoWe’ve told you what to look out for when choosing a brand new casino, but (casinos aside) what new trends will be showing up in 2023 in the broader sphere that is iGaming? As we said above, gamification, apps, no wagering, and branded video slots are all on the rise. But there are other notable things which are increasing in iGaming more broadly:

  • Tournaments on the rise.
  • Twitch streaming for video slots.
  • VR gaming.
  • eSports

Casinos are increasingly offering tournaments to players on their slot games. These are like any real-world gaming tournament, but you are simply playing online slots or poker. This has proved to be incredibly popular over the last few years, and 2023 is only going to see more of them.

Twitch streaming is probably the latest phenomenon to take the gaming world by storm. The site has an average of about 2 million constant viewer and hundreds of thousands of live streamers.

This gaming revolution has not passed the iGaming world by, and in 2023 we’re going to see closer and closer ties between Twitch streaming and online gambling. Virtual reality gaming is not going to pass the casino world by either, as it has recently been estimated that the VR casino gaming market will have a value somewhere around $500 billion by the year 2023.

ESports is also on the rise, thanks to platforms like Twitch where fans can watch their favourite game and streamers in one place. We can expect to see much more integration between eSports and casino gambling over the next 12 months.

Which Are The Most Trustworthy Casinos? (Red Flags)

The most trustworthy casinos are those that ensure player safety and security are bound by strict regulation and offer quality customer support.

Also, if a new casino wants to operate in some of the best worldwide markets, then they’ll need gambling licences.

Licences are the currency of legitimacy. If you do not have the correct licences then you can’t operate, and you will not be trusted. You should look out for what licences any given casino has because these licences are what ensure you have legal protections.  If a new casino has poor or no licenses and offers that seem too good to be true – such as more bonus spins than you can shake a stick at and no wagering requirements – then you should generally give them a wide berth to save yourself hassle down the line. If you want to find out more about the different licences around the globe, then you can check out our casino licences page.

You should also be aware of what type of security casinos have on their site. Any casino and slots site worth its salt will use encryption technology on their (and your) data pages. This basically ensures that no bad guys can read your information or steal your bank details.

Customer support is also key to trustworthiness, because if you can’t get in touch with the company that you’re a customer of, then how can you trust them?

Latest Casino Bonuses 2023

Each month we make sure to check 2023’s newest casino bonuses. These bonuses will be reported on by our team straight away, and you can find out more about all of these bonuses over at our monthly bonuses page. It is worth checking back on a regular basis as you will see that we cover all sorts of offers, from a deposit match to spins no deposit – so we are sure you will find something to your liking.

In the meantime, you can be assured that all of our latest casinos will have impressive bonuses in order to hook you in. Many of these latest bonuses will be incorporated with some of the newest trends this year.

Comparing Casino Bonuses In 2023

Comparison for new casino bonuses by NetEnt CasinoYou need to make sure that when you’re looking at the casino bonuses, you study the details carefully. By looking carefully through the terms and conditions,  you are able to ensure that you’re not being dealt a bad hand and can take full advantage of these brand new casino bonuses. A few things that we recommend that you look out for are the following:

  • The percentage offered.
  • Maximum bonus amount.
  • The wagering requirements.
  • Is it in one instalment, or over a number of reloads?
  • The terms and conditions in detail.

Firstly, check out the percentages offered. Sometimes bonuses can come as 50% up to €100, or they can come as 100% up to €100. Obviously, the latter type of bonus is better because you have to deposit less in order to get the same amount (€100). Secondly, see what the maximum bonus amount is. The greater the amount, the better the bonus.

Also, take note of any wagering requirements. Whilst the points above are important, possibly the most important factor is whether or not wagering requirements apply. These will ultimately determine the quality of the deal, because whilst the other two figures may be high, if the turnover requirements are also high (above 35x wagering or more) you’ll have to wager tonnes of cash in order to get your winnings back. Ultimately, if you don’t get your winnings back, then taking the welcome bonus will have been in vain.

Finally, how many instalments is the welcome package divided over? Does it come with no deposit free spins? Make sure to check the terms and conditions in detail so you know the minimum deposit and what’s in store once you register.

How Does A Casino End Up On Our list?

We spend a lot of time compiling our listing of the newest online casinos, and we do this mainly by following the method outlined above. We trawl the net looking for all of the new sites, we go through the sites in meticulous detail, and then we package all of that up in a presentable and easily accessible way for you. But, knowing our method, how does a casino get through this gauntlet and end up on our list? Well, the short answer is by being one of the best.

We only bring you the best casinos, we don’t want to waste your time with distractions or pointless follies. So, casinos get through by being the best, not a waste of your time, or not being a pointless folly. We don’t feel bad about ranking all of these casinos, because at the end of the day they want to be the best and you want to know about the best.

New Casino Loyalty Rewards – What You Need To Know

Loyalty rewards for new casinos in 2019 by NetEnt CasinoAfter you’ve signed up at a casino, you’ll receive a lot of free spins and bonuses; these are all welcome but they’re only a short-term gain.

You’ll want some more long-term gains to go with this. With that in mind, you should keep in mind that they may have rewards schemes and loyalty programs.

These often go by different names (VIP programs, loyalty programs, rewards schemes, points systems) but they all amount to the same thing: being rewarded with offers by playing at a casino consistently.

So, are these loyalty programs worth it? Do they just offer free spins every now and again, or do they also offer things like free holidays, birthday bonuses, and dedicated account managers? Every casino is different, some don’t even reward you for loyalty – booooo!

Apart from super-secret VIP rewards, casinos usually show off what their loyalty rewards are – so head over to their offers pages to check them out.

This basically throws into question whether it’s more beneficial to skip from casino to casino, claiming multiple 1st deposit welcome bonuses, or to stick around at one or two, ranking up and getting progressively better loyalty rewards – whether that is bonus spins to use on a specific NetEnt slot or another personalised delight to reward your continued custom.

Both strategies are efficient ways of getting the most from your casino experience, but if you find a particular casino that you really enjoy playing at and would prefer to stick around – make sure you check their loyalty page or speak to their customer support team to see what your loyalty is worth!

New Mobile Casinos

There are bound to be plenty of new mobile casinos popping up throughout 2023, probably even more than we saw launch in 2019. This is obviously due to the increase in demand for mobile gaming, but also due to the increase in phone and tablet capability.

When choosing your new mobile casino, make sure to look out for a few things. Is the mobile casino mobile optimised? If it is, then that means it has been designed to work particularly well on mobile devices. Does the mobile casino use NetEnt Touch for mobile? If it does, then that means all of the best NetEnt online slots that are touch enhanced will be available on their site. This is the case whether you play from an Android or Apple device.

Finally, does the mobile site allow you to access the live casino? If it does, then you’re in for a treat because you’ll be able to play in real-time against other dedicated NetEnt Casino readers. To find out more about which casinos are mobile optimised, use NetEnt Touch and which allow you live casino access, head over to our casino reviews page. Here you’ll find details on all of these features and more.

How To Know If A Casino Has Good Customer Service

One of the most important things casinos should have is a good customer service department, and this is something you should all look out for when you’re deciding what your next casino will be.

Firstly, you want to check what the operating hours for your casino’s customer service department are. Many casinos will operate 24/7, but others may only have a team active for a few hours a day.

Also, make sure to check whether or not all customer services features are 24/7, rather than just their email address. Quite a few casinos claim to be 24/7, when in fact only their email is operated 24/7. That brings us onto the second most important thing to look out for: what features do they have?

The features which are now standard are email and live chat. Email is email, the whole world and their dogs have it. Live chat is like an instant messaging app built into the site itself, which is incredibly useful because it is in real-time, it can operate in the background (whilst you do something else), and it is in writing.

Thirdly, a telephone line. This is not an industry-standard yet, as telephones haven’t been around for that long…

Still, it’s getting more popular and obviously allows you to talk to a real person. Finally, something that is important to look out for is whether or not the licensing body who regulate the casino require them to have a mediated complaints procedure. If they don’t, then you should be a touch hesitant. If they do, then that’s great news. The Malta Gaming Authority (one of the most popular licences) does require a mediated complaints procedure, so if they’ve got a Malta licence, then you know it’s covered.

Tips & Tricks When Joining A New Online Casino Site

In addition to the insights that we’ve already given you guys, are there any further tips and tricks when joining a casino in 2023? There are some extra things you can do, some things that might give you the upper hand while playing or even earn you some extra offers:

  • Always check the promotions without failure.
  • Check which payment methods are available
  • Always come to NetEnt casino to see if we have casinos with an exclusive bonus.
  • Make sure to play the demo or free-to-play versions of NetEnt slots before you wager.
  • Loyalty points can be used to your advantage.

If you want more tips and tricks, then check out our game reviews so that you’re up to speed before you play anything.

Can I Really Win At A New Casino In 2023?

Yes. Yes you can. As long as the casino is legitimate and won’t screw you around if you actually win money – and none of the brand new casinos that we’ve listed will – then you can definitely win. There’s no real difference between new NetEnt casinos and more established ones, apart from the games that are on display.

With that being said, one of the things we should note is that winning at brand new casino sites in 2023 may, in fact, be easier. Why? Well, because of all the bonus bets and free spins that newly launched casinos give away. You should, though, always check the terms and conditions at the casino in order to avoid disappointment; this will outline any limitations, such as a max win on bonus funds.

These will potentially increase the chances of you coming out with an overall win. We hope you have fun and don’t forget to always gamble responsibly!

Safety And Security When Playing At New Casinos

New casinos are exciting, dynamic and usually boast a tremendous welcome offer that makes them irresistible to savvy bonus hunters like you and us.

That doesn’t mean you should sound the charge and rush in to sign up and claim the welcome bonus, however. The wiser thing to do is to hold your horses and take a closer look at the terms and conditions, no matter how dull that is to do.

The three main points to consider when judging the safety of a new casino is whether it has a proper casino license, such as from the UK Gambling Commission, Malta or Sweden, whether it provides a proper amount of payment methods and whether its customer support service is up to scratch.

So, when next you’re asking yourself whether this attractive-looking casino is for you, remember to check for:


  • Licenses
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Support


If you’re still not comfortable diving in and picking a casino, you can always choose one of our suggested casinos that we’re fully confident are safe and secure for players.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Best Online Casinos?

    The best online casinos are those with a large selection of games, payment methods and bonuses as well as licenses from well-respected gambling authorities such as from the United Kingdom, Malta or Sweden.

  • Which Is The Best Online Casino In UK?

    Casinos in the UK are highly regulated, so the truly great UK Casinos need to follow the standards of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to the letter. On top of that, they also need to have the best sterling welcome offers for players to enjoy.

  • Can I Win Money Playing At A New Online Casino?

    When it comes to winning money, properly licensed casinos do indeed offer you fair and transparent ways to win. All you have to do is claim a bonus or make a deposit and then play the on-site games. If luck is with you then you’ll win and your extra balance will be in your casino account ready for withdrawal.

  • Can You Trust New Online Casinos?

    Not all casinos are trustworthy, some are infamous for bad business practices and for failing to pay big winnings fairly won by players. The trustworthy sites are those that are licensed by respected exterior bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. There are also lots of casino forums on the world wide web that players use to share any horror stories they have about different brands. If you’re curious whether a casino is indeed trustworthy, we recommend you read our casino reviews, check their licenses and ask current players.

  • Which New Online Casinos Have Free Spins?

    There are lots of different casino bonuses out there. Some are more cash-focused, while others offer 100s of Free Spins. Casinos are constantly experimenting with their bonuses, trying to offer promotions that new players are interested in. To find casinos with Free Spin offers, we recommend reading through our New Casinos list as there are no shortages of Free Spin offers there. For our full list of Free Spin casino bonuses, you can head over to our dedicated Free Spins page.