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7 Things You Must Buy if You Win the Arabian Nights Jackpot

Published on by Adam

10 Things to Buy if You Win the Arabian Nights JackpotEver since the Arabian Nights jackpot crossed the €1 million mark we’ve been watching avidly, waiting for it to fall. It’s now tipped over €1.5 million and still rising, and it’s got us thinking about what essentials the modern millionaire needs. What would you buy first if you won the Arabian Nights jackpot slot?

How Would You Spend €1.6 Million?

With €1.6million in your back pocket, it goes without saying that you could pick up the tab on almost any purchase- splurge on one big item? Travel the world on a shoestring for the rest of your days? Carefully invest for a rainy day? Choice abounds.

So, what are your options then? Here are our top 7 things to buy if you win the Arabian Nights jackpot!:

1. A Little Island to Call Your Own

Who needs a house when you have pockets deep enough for an island? Frankly, you can ‘pick up’ an island for a bargain price these days. Secure a little piece of paradise, like Pink Pearl Island in Nicaragua- a snip at $500,000 (they’ll even throw in a 25ft speedboat).


2. Keep Spinning on a Grand Scale

It’s unlikely you’ll want to give up playing slots just because you’ve hit the big time. In fact, now you’ll have bundles of cash to play with! You’d best upgrade your PC now you’re a millionaire though, of course! Widescreen wrap-around monitor? Essential (and a bargain at €1,300).


3. Get Around in Style

Perhaps you won’t want to spend the whole lot on a car but, if you do, the Bugatti Veyron might be the perfect set of wheels. Otherwise, we’re sure you can find a thousand other cars you could buy (and have some change leftover to boot).


4. Indulge Your Wanderlust

With the exception of property, most people suggest they’d spend a big chunk of any winnings on a big holiday, or a round-the-world trip. Whether you’d nip to Asia, trek through Africa or go for a luxury City-hopping tour of Europe, it’s likely travel would feature heavily in most people’s plans.


5. Dress the Part

When you’re a millionaire, we imagine that anything goes and, given that you have deep pockets these days, you can probably afford to deck yourself out in some luxury clobber. An essential, of course, is wristwear. Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot or Jaeger-Le-Coultre you should certainly have no issues picking up something stunning. This example of the latter brand will set you back a cool €1.4 million.


6. Invest Wisely

While your friends, neighbours, postman may be clamouring for a piece of the pie, you’re best to save some for a later date. Given the current interest rates at banks these days, sound investments are probably the way to go, and what better investment than a family home in an upcoming area? Live in it, enjoy, and reap the rewards when you come to sell.


7. Hide Away from the World

Let’s face it, once word gets out about your big win, chances are you’ll have scores of people hammering on your door asking for a loan. Avoid this problem entirely (and also be completely prepared for future apocalyptic events) by investing in one of these. Yep, a secret underground bunker. Price- unspecified.


How to Win the Arabian Nights Jackpot?

So now we’ve got the spending part out of the way, it’s probably about time you got around to trying to win the funds you’ll need to pay for it all. Check out our Arabian Nights Jackpot page for a list of all the casinos offering this jackpot slot- click to sign up (grabbing a welcome bonus in the process), and start spinning your way to a cool €1.6 million.


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