888 & Casino Merger Deal

Published on 24 July 2015 by Casino Admin

888 & Casino Merger Deal

The deal has been closed and finally we get the scoop on what has been occurring in regards to the 888 casino company merger. Merging two casino companies of this size will obviously result in a conglomerate giant, the likes of which could rival with the biggest competitors. A combination that will shine light on the two companies’ significant strengths and ideally combine the two, resulting in increased profit and a strengthened brand name. Considering 888 Casino’s distinguished marketing technology and CRM capabilities, the until recently inaccessible brand portfolio of is set to increase the success of this merger even further.

News of the merger came as a surprise to unsuccessful bidders, GVC Holdings, who believed themselves to be the leading choice in the race for the tempting merger proposal. In the end GVC was considered to much of a gamble regardless of the higher offer, a higher offer that could not compensate for the additional execution risks brought by a merger of the two companies.

A merger with GVC was in the end denied due to risk, where not ready to take on the strategy suggested in a merger with GVC, where locking in the top line and slashing costs would be an implementation. Instead, going with a deal with 888 Casino results in two companies which hold similar strengths which compliment eachothers’ brands and company strategies’. A decisions which hopefully will result in revenue synergies and deliver value by implementing B2B business strategies. are hoping to see a smooth transition and quickly established team dynamic due to their recent experience in merging together the Bwin and Party brands, exciting news which should get any shareholders excited as this new powerhouse takes the stage in the industry. The lack of overlap of customer base is also something to cause excited among shareholders, as 888 Casino and expand into their respective current markets they will see new territory to conquer  when offering their new and improved services to players.

However, taking into the savings promised by the proposal from GVC and the fact that their teams are set to grow exponentially, there are hindrances to face for the transition of this merger but we are optimistic as to the two companies capabilities of forming an igaming powerhouse. One which is believed by some to be capable of shaking up and altering the current landscape of the iGaming industry.


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