A brief history of video slots

Published on 4 June 2013 by Florence

Liberty-bellMaybe you’ve noticed that when you visit a real life casinos there are less and less table games, and that in they’ve been replaced by video slot machines. That’s because a casino is expensive real estate to own, and slot machines are much cheaper to run than table games with their dealers, and they have increased in popularity, especially video slots, thanks to the rise of online casinos, and that no casino is complete without one these days.

The mechanical slot machine was invented in 1897 by a man called Charles August Fay, a car mechanic from San Francisco. He developed a slot machine which comprised 3 rolls with four different symbols, and he called it the ‘Liberty Bell’. It even had a jackpot which hit the dizzying maximum amount of 50 cents.

The old classic Liberty Bell slot machine was a hit from the first day it was developed, but it also had its disadvantages because it was possible to cheat on those machines. But their popularity assured that starting in 1898, other companies also started to develop alternative machines to the Liberty Bell.

For a little while after the first slot machines were developed, around 1909, the US placed a brief ban on them, but once that was lifted the flood gates opened. Soon with further development on the machines it became virtually impossible to cheat on the slots, and in 1975 the first slot machines were offered in casinos.

Slots became an integral part of casinos, but games such as roulette, blackjack and punto banco stayed their main focus. In 1979 a new mechanical casino game, namely video poker, made its debut and became very popular. From 1980 slots became more and more advanced, new bonus games were developed, and progressive, linked jackpots made an entry into the casino world, and not long after that video slots arrived on the scene.

The lots on mechanical rolls were replaced by a screen with pictures of the rolls and the machines were called video slots. At first people were skeptical of the video slots, as people thought casino owners could influence the outcome of games, and it was also trickier for people to understand them as video slots had a lot more buttons and functions . But thanks to these new features and bonuses the video slots rose in popularity because they were just much more exciting than their old classic counterparts.

Thanks to internet and subsequently online casinos, your average casino guests has become very familiar with digital casino games such as video slots. Classic slots were digitally simulated on the internet and became a direct hit. But thanks to their  many themes, bonus games, special features and jackpots, it was the video slot that became the most popular casino game on the internet.

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