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A New Era for Skrill Casino Payments?

Published on by Adam

Anyone who reads regularly will know that I have a love/hate relationship with the Skrill e-wallet payment method. However, things seem to be changing at Skrill as displayed in their new, updated user experience. Nothing big has really changed, nothing that you need to worry about, but the process of depositing to a casino has become much quicker and slicker.

Skrill: The Good…

On the one hand, I think the premise of Skrill is great. You can deposit and withdraw to and from casinos quickly and without having the transactions on your bank account. It’s much faster and more secure than adding your credit card details to every casino you use. You can order a Mastercard for the account, giving you access to the balance without having to withdraw it back to your bank, which can be a super slow process and it really helps you keep your casino funds separate and organised.

…The Bad…

But on the other hand, they drive me nuts. They have fairly frequent technical glitches that do weird stuff like leave money ‘lost in transit’ for weeks when you do want to take it back to your bank. Or sometimes, transactions will start being debited from your balance twice. They generally do fix these issues but their support is damn near impossible to get hold of, never follows up on things they can’t fix immediately and in general is one of the most unhelpful support departments I’ve ever dealt with. In fact, if you’re having problems with Skrill and their helpdesk, check out my article on making the most of bad customer service for some tips.

…And The Pretty!

Firstly, lets talk about the new look, the new iframe (that’s the Skrill box that opens in the casino’s cashier). I love it. It’s now much more modern, with updated fonts and nice rounded corners. Before it was a super old school looking login box that didn’t look professional and wasn’t even particularly branded. It was simple but just a bit ‘blegh’. Now, it has all the logos you want to see; which payment methods are integrated to Skrill themselves, plus the all important Norton security seal.

A New Era for Skrill Casino Payments?

To make a deposit, simply enter your login details, see your balance and either go ahead and “Pay Now” or else select the card icon to pay by a card that’s registered to your account. Apart from the new design, a key update here is that the casino cashier remembers your Skrill details. As far as I’m aware, the casino can never see your password, but if you then login to the same casino from a new device or laptop, it will remember your password from before.


As someone who is kind of ‘on the fence’ about Skrill, yet forced to use them fairly regularly (they’re fast and just cheaper than other e-wallets out there!) I am really happy with this new design. It’s a small change but it makes quite a big difference and it’s finally a step forward for Skrill who admit that maybe there are improvements to be made.

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