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A Timeline of Pennsylvania Online Gambling Legislation Updates

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A Timeline of Pennsylvania Online Gambling Legislation UpdatesAs you may have noticed, we’ve taken a keen interest in Pennsylvania’s online gambling legislation in recent weeks. It’s been a rather contrasting turn of events, with certain updates suggesting that a thriving, billion-dollar market is on the horizon, only for the next bill published set forth to wipe out the entire concept altogether. However, we’re still extremely hopeful that the Keystone State will eventually come to a conclusion which sees PA online gambling regulated and legalised – as doing otherwise would likely be a huge opportunity missed.

As betting online in Pennsylvania continues to change by the minute, we’ve decided to dedicate an entire article to any new updates so that our readers can be constantly in the loop with what’s happening. What’s more, it’ll be conducted with a timeline of events so that you can easily see how any potential legislation is progressing.

This article on Netent Casino will be continually updated, so we recommend bookmarking the URL and referring back frequently to see whether online gaming in Pennsylvania is any step closer.

Timeline of Online Gambling Pennsylvania Updates

May 25th 2017 – We’ve got good news, peppered with bad news. Legalised online gambling in Pennsylvania has taken a step closer after the Senate passed an amended HB 271 through to the House! Unfortunately, this includes our previous update’s 54% tax on casino slots and table games – making it the largest rate of its kind in the world. However, the legislation is not yet set in stone, with the House, who have been fairly reasonable with gambling in the past, being able to make suggestions on its final draft.

May 5th 2017 – Incredibly concerning news has emerged about the future of online gaming in Pennsylvania, as a 54% tax rate is supposedly being genuinely considered by the state. We’ve spoken before on numerous occasions how it is imperative that a tax rate of reasonable proportions is implemented for iGaming’s growth in the Keystone State, but this has apparently fallen on deaf ears. We can only hope that the tweeter’s source was referring to legislation being filed years ago, but any nerves won’t be allayed until we get an official word from PA authorities.

April 20th 2017 – After almost a month of little-to-no activity on the Pennsylvania iGaming front, a new house bill by Senator George Dunbar has taken a different tactic to get the Senate’s attention. Rather than fill this legislation piece with online gambling rhetoric that is likely to be disregarded, Dunbar has only included gambling at airports and has left the slate clean for the Senate to populate with what it sees fit. Furthermore, the senator believes that the 26th May is a key date for tax issues, as the PA Supreme Court had previously outlined this as the final deadline.

March 28th 2017 – Rather than being the all-important meeting we’d hoped for, it turns out that the 28th March was mainly used by the Pennsylvania House Gaming Oversight Committee to discuss the potential for the introduction of video gaming terminals.

It’s estimated that there are more than 40,000 illegal VGT’s across the Quaker State, and Pennsylvanian authorities want to change this. What this means for online gambling in Pennsylvania is anybody’s guess at the moment, but we’re hopeful it hasn’t gone on the back burner.

March 23rd 2017 – SB 524 was released just 5 days later, with significant changes to the proposed revenue tax for iGaming in Pennsylvania proposed. While it’s a step forward from the previous update that wanted to derail the industry altogether, the new 25% tax is seen as a blow to many who believe a reasonable rate is essential to the Pennsylvania online gambling market reaching its potential.

March 18th 2017 – Despite all the good cheer a few weeks before, a new anti-online gaming bill (House Bill 801) was filed which looked to shoot down any chance of this newfound market ever seeing the light of day. Fines and potential prison sentences were drawn up for anyone who attempts to circumvent the prospective rules. This bill, alongside all other online gaming legislation is set to be discussed on 28th March.

March 2nd 2017 – We analysed a report which outlined how Pennsylvania was ripe for regulated online gambling – with the potential for a billion-dollar industry to open up if managed correctly. The author, Robert DellaFave, is a consultant within the field who suggests that the main beneficiary from legalising Pennsylvania’s online gambling market would be the state – with over $400m generated in tax and licensing fees.

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