Abaqoos Review: The Hungarian Payment Method for Netent Casinos

Published on 30 December 2014 by Rhi

Abaqoos Review: The Hungarian Payment Method for Netent CasinosAbaqoos is probably not a word you’d be familiar with, but we want to change that. Aimed mainly at Hungarian casino players, Abaqoos is a simple and fee payment method for depositing and withdrawing funds to/from your favourite online casinos. Abaqoos call themselves a voucher method, however I’d say their system is much like a traditional e-wallet- you create an account, upload funds into it then deposit from there into the casino.

How does Abaqoos work?

Abaqoos has systems built for 8 of the largest Hungarian banks;

  • Budapest Bank
  • CIB Bank
  • Erste Bank
  • KH Bank
  • MKB Bank
  • OTP Bank
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Unicredit Bank.

Any Hungarian customer who has an account with one of those banks, simply needs to create an account with Abaqoos, which can be done online, for free and only takes a few moments.

Once you have your account, where you’ll set up a username and password, you can fund your wallet with money. Abaqoos accepts cash deposits or bank transfers.

Topping Up Your Abaqoos Account

Cash Deposit

Making a cash deposit is super simple. You can find the Abaqoos bank details in your online Abawoos account, then simply take them with you to your bank (or even a Post Office) and make a cash deposit using your username. The funds will appear in your account within just a few minutes.

Bank Transfer

If you don’t fancy going outside, or wont make it to the bank, you can make a bank transfer online. Simply lot into Abaqoos to get the bank details, log into your online bank and transfer the money as you usually would. The time this takes can vary from bank to bank, but providing you send the money to the same bank as you hold the account with, this can be instant!

Deposit to a Casino Using Abaqoos

Ok, so you’ve created your Abaqoos account and have topped it up, now you want to deposit into one of 7 great Netent casinos that currently offer this method. Again, it’s super simple. Simply log into your casino account (or sign up via the review page if you haven’t already!), click the deposit section and select Abaqoos.

Once selected you’ll simply need to input the amount, enter your username and password and confirm. That’s it!

Why Use Abaqoos?

If you are a Netent casino lover, based in Hungary and have your bank account with one of the banks listed above, this is definitely a method you should check out. It means no more entering your card or bank details on every different casino- you just need your Abaqoos username and password and nothing else- plus it’s completely free to deposit and withdraw. You’ll find that transfers move faster too, because once a casino approves your Abaqoos withdrawal, it’ll arrive in your Abaqoos account immediately. With a bank transfer, it usually still takes 3-5 days to arrive even after it’s been sent. Abaqoos is great for fast, free and simple payments online.


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