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Adobe Flash Security Issue and Fix!

Adobe Flash Security Issue and Fix!

Published on by Adam

There have been some issues facing casinos using Flash based slot games, due to a security issue discovered yesterday evening. Some players may have experienced technical issues when attempting to open flash slots, where the game either prompts an error message or doesn’t start at all, but lucky for you, we have the fix here!

Adobe Flash Slots

As you may or may not be aware of, very many of your favourite slot games are run using Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is a multimedia and software platform that allows websites to display animations, mobile applications, rich internet applications and basically anything that regular HTML coding will not facilitate. You may unknowingly be using Flash throughout most of your web-browsing, mainly if you are using an older computer you will notice the importance of flash.

Flash Slots have been facing some issues as of yesterday, particularly so in players who choose to game on a Firefox web browser rather than Google Chrome. The issue is caused solely due to a security issue with the most recent versions of Adobe flash player. In an attempt to fix the security issue, Mozilla Firefox released an emergency patch to amend the issues but this was unsuccessful, which for slot players, meant that Flash Player was inactive and Flash Slots were not playable. Players would be met with an error message declaring that the game cannot start due to security issues, or in some cases the game would not respond at all.

Issue Fix

However, should any player still face issues when attempting to play flash slots, we recommend that you either make the switch to Google Chrome as necessary flash updates are automatically installed and therefore, when these problems arise players will not notice the down time in such a significant way, or to be sure to manually upgrade their version of both FireFox and Adobe Flash.

We can appreciate the fact that some players are faithful to their browsers and are simply accustomed to the service that Mozilla offers. As most updates should be automatically installed with Firefox, these issues are not a common occurrence. We would like to advise all players who are currently facing issues opening flash slots to check and make sure that they are using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Simply go to Adobe’s website and follow the easy steps to download the latest version of Flash Player for Mozilla Firefox.

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