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Android Devices and Online Casinos

Android Devices and Online Casinos

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In recent years, we’ve seen significant technological innovations that hold sway over the way we live our lives on a daily basis. One of these major changes is wireless internet and the birth of smart devices. It’s no longer necessary to be hooked up to the internet through a wired connection and a pc, as we now have internet on the go and can do most of what we only could on a pc till just a few years ago.

One of these activities that has shown a surge in frequency is online gaming and betting. More and more players are leaning towards accessing their favourite gaming platforms through their phones and tablets. It naturally follows that both people working in the igaming industry and smart device technology have been taking note. The result is improved technological geared towards this ever-growing crowd such as optimised applications and websites that provide a more positive and convenient gaming experience, with some of them working better with certain types of operating systems.

Alternatives to Google Play

Google Android, sits with Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows as the 3 major operating systems for smart devices with touch-screen functionality. This has inspired the development of apps, websites, games, and more that function optimally on these operating systems. Even just by taking a look at Google’s own app store and their own gaming service – Google Play – is indicative to how popular such activities are. However, the issue with anything igaming/betting related on Google Play is that Google’s policy prohibits any form of real-money gambling apps. Everything must be made free-to-play.

Google’s developer policy simply doesn’t allow for any gambling content that involves real money wagering and winning on the Google Play. Despite this bad news, Android device owners still have plenty of options if they want to use their devices to play casino games, bet on sports and lotteries, as well as to play games of skill. Knowing the limitations igaming/betting fans face with Google Play has inspired many online casinos and game providers to offer Android-compatible apps and websites through their platforms. And most options suitable for on-the-go players match their PC counterparts in terms of graphics, playability, and all-round technology.

Android and Online Casino Functionality

Just about every single game being released by most game providers nowadays also has its mobile counterpart. Further improvements have been seen recently with an increased implementation of HTML5 amongst other technologies gradually replacing Flash. As for online casinos themselves, while some still offer a downloadable app version of their platform, more of them are starting to opt for a website that automatically converts for mobile devices when accessed through one. Basically, all that is required is a reliable wi-fi connection, and you can access these convertible platforms for instant play. Bear in mind, though, that some online casinos still ask you to download their app. This can have its advantages too as there are also casinos that hand out exclusive bonuses to players who do that.

One more thing to look out for is the technical specifications required by online slots. Most of these are not particularly demanding, but with the technology for animations and special features – even features like VR – always improving, some slots may have relatively high requirements. These details are usually listed either on the online casino site itself or on the game provider’s site.

Other ways to avoid encountering problems is to make sure you have enough freed up memory space on your phone, especially when downloading an app is necessary. However, even when streaming a site directly online, it’s always wise to shut down other apps not in use so as to free up cache memory.

In the case of a downloadable app, currently the display graphics requirement is 16-bit on average. And when the online casino is the type played instantly in your browser, the minimum version of your operating system is 2.3.3.

Regarding deposits and withdrawals, the procedure should not be very different on mobile devices from how it is on PC. Whether you’re using a major debit or credit card, bank wire transfer, or an e-wallet such as Skrill or Neteller, there will be a list of guiding steps on the site or app that is meant to facilitate things for you.

Nothing usually changes about bonuses either. These are usually used in identical ways to how they are used on PC. The only exception (mentioned above) is that some casinos encourage players to download an app or simply stream the site in the phone browser by giving out exclusive promotional offers to mobile users.

Advantages of Playing on Android Devices

The first advantage that comes to mind when thinking about playing an app or browser-version of an online casino is convenience and portability. Regardless of where you are or what time of the day it is, you can always access your favourite casino for a few spins.

One more advantage that comes to mind is that Android allows for a highly optimised and user-friendly interface and controls that function by way of a touch screen. This adds more to the whole gaming experience as it brings the player closer to the actual game by adding a stronger element of interactivity. And due to Android’s versatility – especially for developers – you can find quite a variety of slots with unique features, while keeping graphics as good as those on the PC version.

Some people might be concerned about security. However, if you are playing on a fully regulated and reliable casino, you can easily find out if they are using strong encryption as it is usually noted on their site. Similarly, locating the registration number and license source of the casino will help you know that you are in reliable hands. Despite all this, it’s always a good idea to avoid connecting to suspicious wi-fin connections.

NetEnt and Android

NetEnt, as one of the leading innovators in the game provider business, is always one of the first in line to develop the next cutting-edge technology. In order to adapt to the growing demand of players wanting an improved mobile gaming experience, they developed their own NetEnt Touch – a platform optimised for games played on mobile devices with touch-screens. This system is integrated and adapted seamlessly for Android as it is for the other two major operating systems – Windows and iOS.

The list of games available through NetEnt Touch is extensive, and grows consistently as now, every new game released is also ported to mobile devices. All features from the original PC version convert neatly, and the touch features add ease-of-use and interactivity.

Also, besides simply slots, NetEnt has also launched its own NetEnt Live Casino games on handheld devices.

Online Casinos for Android

Here’s a list of some of the best online casinos that convert neatly to handheld devices that use Android:

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