Animal Themed Video Slots from Netent

Published on 28 February 2015 by Rhi

Animal Themed Video Slots from NetentAs someone who likes to be clinically tidy, neat and organised, it makes me feel happy to categorise pretty much everything and Netent video slots are no different. Today I wanted to talk about a favourite category of mine; animal themed video slots from Netent. I love animals (who doesn’t really?) so seeing them plastered across the reels of a game instantly endears me to it. Below is a list of all current animal themed Netent games, as well as an in-depth review of a few of my favourites.

All Netent Animal Themed Video Slots

  1. Go Bananas- filled with apes, monkeys and gorillas.
  2. Lucky Angler: A Snowy Catch- fish and sea creatures.
  3. EggOmatic- cheeky chickens.
  4. Evolution- primitive creatures.
  5. Wild Turkey- it’s in the name really!
  6. Wonky Wabbits- reels of rabbits.
  7. Tornado Farm Escape- a mixture of farm animals including pigs, cows and chickens.
  8. Piggy Riches- pigs, but not just any pigs. Rich pigs.
  9. Jungle Games- African safari creatures, all hooked on sports!
  10. Diamond Dogs- pampered pooches.
  11. Dragon Island- dragons are animals too you know!

That’s a pretty broad spectrum of animals there and I’m sure as new games get released we’ll be adding more and more cute creatures to the list as well. Animal slots are ones that can appeal to both men and women as they’re neither intrinsically masculine or feminine, which is great for Netent’s aim of creating a 50/50 male/female customer divide; these games can appeal to women, whilst not alienating their existing male fan base.

Wild Turkey

Animal Themed Video Slots from Netent

You only ever really hear much hype about Wild Turkey around Thanksgiving; at that time of year, all casinos are offering Free Spins on this bird based video slot from Netent. Whilst I understand the motivation behind it, I also find it a little conflicting to be playing a game based on these baulky birds that you are just about to cook up for dinner. That aside, this is a really fun animal video slot to play on. Find yourself in an untouched mountain range, where a tribe of wild turkeys are worshipping the reels. This 5 reel, 20 pay-line video slot is filled with Wild Symbols, a Stacked Wild and a Free Spins round to make your money go further.

The reels are intricately designed with vine dividers and turkeys trussed up in all sorts of tribal gear. They even have stone weapons, so these are not turkeys you’ll be finding on the table any time soon.

Dragon Island

Animal Themed Video Slots from Netent

Are dragons strictly classed as animals? I guess as they’re mythical I can pretty much class them as I want, so I think it’s fine. This largely unspoken of Netent game is actually a pretty big deal- did you know it was the first ever Netent video slot to include the ‘Win Both Ways’ feature, where pay-lines are read from left to right AND right to left? By activating Win Both Ways (it’s not on by default) you automatically double your stake, and, of course, double the wins!

Dragon Island heats up the excitement with 3 Wild symbols, including a Golden Wild, which only shows when Win Both Ways is activated and can multiply winnings by anything up to x8. Phew. There’s also a Free Spins round, which we always like to see.

The imagery and design on Dragon Island from Netent is stunning. Set on an exotic looking island, surrounded by crystal clear sea waters and featuring magical looking dragon symbols.

Wonky Wabbits

Animal Themed Video Slots from Netent

Wonky Wabbits is one of my all time favourite Netent video slots and I love that it’s animal themed. The Wabbit Wilds are the main part of this game. Whenever one appears on the reels, it burrows underneath and eats it’s way back up, turning another symbol Wild too. When one appears it’s fun, when two appear it’s exciting, but when three or more appear (resulting in at least six wilds!) it’s next level adrenaline pumping. I’ve been known to win €200+ from a single €1.50 spin, just because 3 Wild Symbols appear. And the best thing? They can appear at any time, so you could have multiple Mega Wins in a row.

No matter if you’re playing for big or small stakes, this slot can be incredibly lucrative. The wins spin to spin are there too, with an average RTP of 96.7%; a huge potential return, even for an online casino game.


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