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Arabian Nights Jackpot Hit for a Cool €2.2 Million

Published on by Adam

Arabian Nights Jackpot Hit for a Cool €2.2 MillionRewind back a couple of months and, after a long period of no jackpot winners on any NetEnt slot, there was a sudden flurry of huge winnings. Mega Fortune fell for €8.5 million back in November and again for €2.7 million in January, Mega Fortune dreams was scooped for €3.4 million in January also, and Hall of Gods was hit for €1.7 million the very same month. However, despite every other pooled NetEnt jackpot falling, the Arabian Nights jackpot kept on growing.


Arabian Nights, on average, pays out every 135 days so, with it having been 295 days since the last win on the slot (back in May 2015), it was statistically hot. And then it fell. Hit 5 hours ago, the Arabian Nights jackpot was won at around 03:00 CET and landed one lucky player a life-changing sum of €2.2 million.


It has been just 5 hours since the Arabian Nights jackpot fell for €2.2 million- having been climbing for over 9 months so while we know the what, why and when, the who and where questions are so far unanswered. Although, as we know the jackpot fell at 3am it’s safe to presume we have the winner was an insomniac or very early riser. Having said that, the big winning jackpot slots take a while to fall, the smaller wins build first, so it’s likely the player was spinning the reels for several hours before Arabian Nights paid out.


That’s the big question! Rest assured, it’s our first priority today to find out where the Arabian Nights jackpot fell and as soon as our industry contacts are out of bed and in their respective offices we’ll be doing our utmost to find out. 96 NetEnt casinos on Netentcasino offer the Arabian Nights jackpot slot so it may take a little while to narrow down the search!


Now Arabian Nights has been won, where to play next? Our best bet would be NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. It may have only been won 39 days ago but, it has grown to a monster jackpot of €2.6 million in that time alone- the big winnings are there for the taking.

We’ll keep you posted with any updates on the Arabian Nights jackpot winner as soon as we have them.


We can exclusively reveal that, while the player details are still tightly under wraps, the Arabian Nights jackpot was hit at Kroon Casino. Originally from the Netherlands, Kroon Casino is open to players all around the world but, with bonuses only being available to players from Holland and Belgium, we think it likely it will turn out that the lucky jackpot winner comes from one of these two countries. We”ll keep you posted, of course.

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