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Best Casino Blacklisted for Bad Behaviour

Published on by Adam

Best Casino Blacklisted for Bad BehaviourIn the early days of online casinos, things were shaky with a lack of regulating institutions making sure that applying casinos jumped through all the loops necessary to ensure their practice was legitimate. Then, with the passing of time, the chips started falling into place, and more stringent regulatory infrastructures were set in place to guarantee that if a casino is authorised, it really put its money where its mouth is. We would like to believe that this is the norm these days.

Despite this, even in the world of licensed casinos, there are those one-offs who refuse to play by the rules. And it’s these same shoddy casinos that give a bad name to the gambling industry in general; one that has made huge efforts to establish a respectable reputation. And Best Casino is one of these shady operators. Not so much the ‘best’ anymore, is it?

Agreements Not Respected

NetEnt Casino is always vigilant to select partners who are respectable and trustworthy. However, when a new casino shows up, there’s very little verifiable to go on apart from a license (preferably from an EU-based board), and, perhaps, the history of the team working behind the curtains. But as they say, time tells the truth, and fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you.

In simple terms, Best Casino has been refusing to pay up its share of the agreement. And the same has been brought to our attention also by other affiliates liaisons. Refusal over a period time to pay for services and unwillingness to communicate or disrespectful/deceitful communication have led us, here at NetEnt Casino, to cut all ties with Best Casino.

Impact on Players

You might be wondering if this affects you, the player, even if till this point, you might have not experienced such unethical behaviour from Best Casino. Well, it does; and if not in the immediate sense, it might only be a matter of time. When an online casino refuses to respect its end of the agreement with business partners, who can generally protect themselves legally and financially, if such practices are also used with players, unfortunately, there’s less one can do. Yes, licensing boards will be vigilant and will be called to take action. However, why risk trust your money with a distrustful online casino in the first place?

Call to Action

In light of this, we appeal to players to remind them that their feedback about casinos on our site is given serious consideration. It might seem like an ordeal at times, but if you have ever experienced improper behaviour from an online casino, we urge you to submit feedback. And in the meantime, we apologise if one of our former affiliates – Best Casino – might have already been guilty of this.

Luckily, most operators are not like this. So, if you are looking for the next, good online casino, we recommend checking out our list of new casinos.

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