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Bet-at-home makes fun of us (and we’re laughing our socks off)

Published on by Adam

Bet-at-home is a light-hearted Netent Casino A while ago we wrote about a Netent Casino that surprised us with some unorthodox players actions in which you could win some nice extra money. We related about their lottery in which every registered player automatically participates and in which you only know you’re the daily winner if you log on onto your account the same day to subsequently win the jackpot. We’re talking about Netent Casino Bet-at-home and the above is not the only strange casino action they have (or had) running.

If you are the randomly chosen daily winner and you DON’T log in on your account that same exact day, then you not only miss out on winning the jackpot, but € 50 will be added to the jackpot and the next daily winner, if he or she manages to be in the right place and on the right time, subsequently will get it all. So that’s why in the same article we advised everybody to have a daily look on the website of Bet-at-home to see if they were selected and therefore the rightful winner of the jackpot.

Besides this wacky lottery, Bet-at-home has another unprecedented player action because they’re operating what must be “the longest lasting betting game ever” that started almost a full 5 years ago and is down to its last 159 participants (of which only one can win).

Somewhere in January in the year 2008 the then newly appointed “Head of Casino Customers Actions” at Bet-at-home, the legendary Warren T., convinced one the world’s most famous sports car manufacturers, Porsche S.A., to liberate a real Porsche 911 as the ONLY prize in his “Continued Daily Wagering Contest”.

He proposed to the players at Bet-at-home to, starting from the 8-th of March 2008, daily make a bet in the casino and the player who would do so the most consecutive days, without missing one day of placing whatever kind of bet, would win the highly desired automobile.

Hardly could he imagine that of the 2000 (or so) players that initially participated, after 5 years there are still 159 players left who continue to place a bet every single day to stay in the race. He could even less foresee it could take another 5 years from now before the only remaining daily bettor has out-betted all others and receives the keys of his bolide.

With their casino actions Bet-at-home proofs to be the most light-hearted Netent Casino that likes to be creative and unconventional when it comes to giving their players a chance of winning some extra money. To check for yourself what Bet-at-home has to offer you can follow this link to their page at

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