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Betchan Unfolds Like a Lotus Flower in Spring

Published on by Adam

Betchan Unfolds Like a Lotus Flower in SpringBetchan is one of the newer additions to the NetEnt Casino family. The latter half of the name of this casino – chan – seems to carry some East Asian connotation; especially if seen in connection with the site’s choice of décor that overlays a dark background with a red lotus motif. However, we are not entirely sure if this is simply over-interpretation, and chan is just an abbreviation for ‘channel’. So, let’s delve deeper into this mystery casino and try to unravel it.

Betchan at First Glance

Betchan, a Curaçao-licensed casino is a newcomer that welcomes players into a dark ambience that evokes elegance and mystique. Anything clickable on the site is tinted with bright colours, creating a visually appealing contrast that actually eases navigation. The Live Support and the About Us sections are placed in plain eyesight. Clicking on them helps dispel any doubts or queries you might have. In addition, there are 2 Terms and Conditions pages, an FAQ page, a complaints page, and a Play Safe 1 amongst other pages to reduce any headaches you might be getting from wondering if things are safe.

Like many other newer casinos, Betchan has implemented an affiliates program. Once again, the site will run you through clear details.

One other aspect that puts this casino in the more progressive clique is the fact that it accepts Bitcoin as an endorsed payment method.

Gaming Betchan Style

Some players might be concerned exclusively with nothing but the nitty-gritty of it all, that is, the actual gaming experience. How does Betchan tackle this? Accessing the Games section immediately presents you with fairly straightforward option to find your favourite game. Slots and roulettes seem to be the main emphasis here, but if you click on the Show More tab, you unlock quite a few others. The list includes video poker, table games, card games, poker games, casual, live, and jackpot games.

The tab labeled All Providers delivers everything neatly categorised as it promises. But what I personally like the most is the tab Branded Games, which unlocks a list of famous cult classic spin-offs.

Out of the rich selection of games, you can find over 100 NetEnt ones including NetEnt Touch and NetEnt Live. That’s quite a pleasant treat for fans of the provider.

Betchan’s Welcomes You Home with Exotic Bonuses

Betchan goes out of its way to make you feel at home with some introductory offers that are sure to tempt you. Here they are in a nutshell:

  • 1st deposit – 150% mark-up up to €100 + 50 free spins on Starburst
  • 2nd deposit – 50% mark-up up to €100 + 30 free spins on Starburst
  • 3rd deposit – 50% mark-up up to €100 + 30 free spins on Starburst
  • 4th deposit – 50% mark-up up to €100 + 30 free spins on Starburst

Wrapping Betchan Up

Even if we’re coming to a close, we still haven’t figured out what the ‘chan’ in Betchan really stands for. Maybe somethings are better left enshrouded in mystery, as it makes them more alluring. The important thing is that Betchan’s online casino experience is no more a mystery. No, you know you can jump in for a few spins without scratching your head much. So, why not give Betchan a try and get a taste of this mystery casino!

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