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Betfair Outage leads to Thousands in Lost Winnings

Published on by Adam

Betsafe Outage leads to Thousands in Lost WinningsAs the world is becoming more and more digitalised, the more we are affected by technology and especially if this technology is not working as it should. In recent years quite a few large companies like banks and telecom companies have been affected by technical glitches and hacks with quite serious consequences for customers.


Betfair’s dubious honour

Betfair now has got the dubious honour to be added to the list of companies, with failing technology, as Betfair’s website was down last weekend at peak betting times to great annoyance to players. Betfair’s betting exchange failed to function as early as 4.30 on Saturday morning and remained down for most of the day. Bets from some players were never placed in the Tote pool. This issue is particularly embarrassing since the £2.92 million (€4.06 million) for last Friday’s jackpot was the biggest in the Tote’s history. One player claims he missed out on more than £16,000 (€22,240) as he placed his bet, thought he had won £16,610 only to discover that the betting exchange had failed to process the wager. It wasn’t the first time that Betfair suffered an outage and, like other times, Betfair apologised, yet failed to give an explanation for the outage.

It has become difficult to determine in which way the software a large company is using is reliable or not. Betfair is one of the world’s biggest online sports betting and casino providers. The company holds several licenses and is considered a safe and reliable online place bet and play. Yet its system has failed more than once.

Be aware online

With a greater dependency on the internet and all things digital there arises a need to educate ourselves about software processes of the website we use including online casino and sports betting website. What software is/are the casino/ casinos of your choice using? What has its performance been in the past and how is the particular software company working on innovation and development? Besides user-friendliness of the website, lucrative and fun promotions and games selection the type of software used is another factor the player needs to take into account, so he or she runs a minimum risk of suffering lost bets and winnings like players at Betfair did last Saturday.

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