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Betsson says thank you and shows Caribbean Dream Cruise

Published on by Adam

This video impression of how the ‘Caribbean Dream Cruise’ went ‘down’ a couple of weeks ago isn’t related to their current ‘Dream Day’ casino bonus promotion. It definitely serves however as another good example of how ‘Anything Can Happen’ on the virtual Betsson casino-floor…

Betsson makes dreams come true!

In an earlier article we’ve already shown video footage of the ‘Dream Day’ won by a Swiss couple at Betsson which consisted of a (day) trip to Las Vegas to, as was the couple’s biggest dream, re-new their marital vows in the Gaming Capital of the world. The Caribbean Dream Cruise as shown in above footage was a promotional campaign that ran a few months ago, by which players didn’t get their ‘wildest dream’ fulfilled by Betsson as is the case in the current ‘Dream Day’ campaign in the renowned NetEnt Casino…

Instead players could win (in a ‘deposit & play’ lottery held in November of last year) the luxurious cruise ‘for 2’ through the Caribbean which the video so terribly enviable documents. It was a one-week vacation that started in Miami where the ‘fortunate few’ (in all about 50 people) went aboard the ‘Celebrity Reflection’, a hypermodern cruise-ship. From there the trip went to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean ‘paradise-islands’ St. Croix and St. Martin.

Of course there was a lot of sun, sea, swimming, snorkeling and other aspects of tropical ‘beach-life’ going on and the lucky winners were offered plenty of opportunities to win even more as the cruise also included casino visits. And like many of the biggest cruise-ships also the Celebrity Reflection has a fully operational ‘off-shore’ casino on board, complete with roulette-, black jack-, poker-, craps and baccarat casino table games and no less than 237 ‘real-life’ slot machines .

So although the ‘dream-cruise’ lottery prize has nothing to do with the Dream Day promotion Betsson at this very moment has on offer, it certainly reflects and emphasizes the casino’s motto: ‘Anything Can Happen’.

Betsson as generous benefactor

Somewhat in contrast with the fun-filled ‘dream-cruise’ video is above footage of the Betsson Quiz Night charity evening. The event was held on the 30-th of January of this year and on behalf of ‘MusikHjälpen’, the Swedish version of the ‘Serious Request’ movement of radio broadcasting corporations worldwide (mainly in Europe but also in Kenya and South-Korea) raising funds for a certain charity.

The night was hosted by the popular Swedish comic duo ‘Filip and Fredrik’ and of course the Betsson Big Band was present to entertain the gathered public in between the quiz rounds. How much the event eventually raised in aid of the Swedish MusikHjälpen foundation wasn’t disclosed, what counts however is the ‘gesture’ of Betsson as a ‘social aware’ and ‘social responsible’ organization also in this way showing not only ‘Anything Can Happen’ but Betsson ‘Makes It Happen’.

Betsson says “Thank You!”

Last but not least below you’ll find a curious video that was also published by Betsson on the 20-th or 21-st of this month of May. It rather looks like a video that maybe should have been released somewhere in January, on the one hand commemorating all the highlights of the past year 2014 (with of course a ‘special mentioning’ of the World Cup Football in Brazil) and on the other hand expressing the wish this year 2015 will be even better… All in all the company shows itself ‘grateful’ for having us as players and for having made the Betsson year ‘amazing’ and for which it expresses a heartfelt ‘Thank you’

We thank Betsson too (we actually couldn’t have made the Betsson year great… without Betsson) and we’re sure many amazing years still lie ahead in which we can enjoy our beloved Netent casino games in the safe and reliable Betsson environment!

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