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Betting on release date Netent video slot South Park

Published on by Adam

What will be the next release date of Netent video slot South Park?As fans of the exciting Netent casino games we really love betting. We love to bet while playing the Netent online casino games, we love betting in (reliable) online Netent Casinos and we love to bet on… just about anything of which the outcome is absolutely uncertain. We’ve placed bets on who would be the next Pope, on which country would win the Eurovision Song Contest (congratulations Denmark, I’ve won € 10!) and now we’re betting on what will be the exact release date of the highly anticipated upcoming next “branded“ Netent video slot South Park, The Slot.

If things are uncertain (that is, if the outcome or result of an event is unclear and unpredictable) it’s exciting to place bets and try to make some extra money by forecasting the right answer to the question: “What (or who, when or where) will be (..) of (..)?”.
We can place bets on if it’s going to rain tomorrow, if the next US president will be a Republican or a Democrat, if Balotelli will be headline news this week or the week after and even on if alien life will be found within the next 10 years we have bets outstanding.

Regarding to the release date of the next highly anticipated Netent video slot, we also have wagered some bucks, and the next in line to be released is Netent “branded” video slot South Park.

Last February Netent announced the release this year, somewhere in Autumn, of video slot South Park. At that time I personally already won again € 10, because everybody around me thought the next “branded” Netent video slot would be themed by the animated series “The Simpsons”.

Right now we’re speculating about the exact release date of video slot South Park. And as Netent has a habit of releasing their new slots in the first or the last week of a month, our little betting competition is about in which month (September, October or November) video slot South Park will be playable in the reliable Netent Casinos.

I have put my trust in the month of October. Because I gather the Netent game developers will take their Summer holidays in either July or August. And when everybody of the game developing department at Netent is back at work, they will probably need to make the last adjustments and test the game during September. So in my opinion October will be the most likely month in which we can expect video slot South Park to be publicly playable.

Whether I’m right or wrong, fact is every fan of the Netent powered casino games and Netent video slots is eager to now about the exact release date of Netent video slot South Park. As a “branded” slot it will surely arouse much attention in the online casino gaming community, and hopefully I can collect some extra cash to spend during next winter.

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