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Branded TV and Film Based Netent Video Slots

Published on by Adam

Branded TV and Film Based Netent Video SlotsA ‘branded’ Netent video slot, is one that is created in conjunction with an already existing brand, such as a movie, a TV show or even a book. Netent loves teaming up with the people behind well known and well loved institutions in order to create a slot that more people than ever can relate to. Netent actually state these branded slots as a huge method of theirs for pulling in new clients. Fans of a movie who have never played Netent before, or maybe never even played slots before, are much more likely to convert when they see the branded game, filled with icons that they are familiar with.

To give you an idea of how popular Netent’s branded video slots are, we can tell you that in 2014 alone, Netent saw players spin over 1.4 billion game rounds, just on their branded slots! Considering the offering is fairly small, this is a huge figure and a true testament to how popular these themed video slots are with players all across the world.

All Branded Netent Video Slots

Here we’ve listed all of Netent’s current branded video slots to give you the lowdown of their partnership powers.


In cooperation with: 20th Century Fox.
Based on: the 1986 film ‘Alien’.

Aliens is a 5 reel, 15 pay line video slot from Netent based on the terrifying film of the same name. Considered a cult classic, this video slot aims to target serious fans of the movie and help them recreate and almost ‘live’ the experience themselves. Only now, they can win actual cash whilst doing so! The game is one of Netent’s more unique offerings, featuring 3 levels within the game itself: The Search, The Encounter and The Hive.

Level 1: The Search– the aim of this level is to fill up the Alien Activity metre along the top with Multipliers, which increase wins by their respective amount. All symbols in a winning pay line (except for Wilds) are added to the metre in order to increase the multiplier. So the more you win, the more you win… if that makes sense!

Level 2: The Encounter– once the Alien Activity Metre is filled up, you will progress to level 2, where 10 steps must be completed to move on. Multipliers from level 1 are transferred over meaning huge wins. This new level includes new features such as a pulse rifle, ammo clip reel, ammo clip counter and another Alien Activity Metre.

Level 3: The Hive– when the Alien Activity Metre in level 2 is full, you will progress to the 3rd level. This level includes a smartgun, hive health metre, an ammo clip counter and more in order to help you destroy the hive.


In cooperation with: Universal Studios.
Based on: the 1931 film of the same name.

Frankenstein is the Netent video slot based on the iconic monster and filled with excitement, adrenaline and a whole lot of fun. This 5 reel, 20 pay line video slot includes loads of extra features including Linked Wilds (which spread across 2 or more symbols to really enhance winnings), a Free Spins round and Multipliers.

The Free Spins are triggered when 3 or more windmill symbols appear on the reels and wins are multiplied by a monstrous x5!

The Invisible Man

In cooperation with: Universal Studios.
Based on: the 1933 sci-fi film.

The Invisible Man is one of the most action and feature packed Netent slots of all time. A 5 reel, 20 pay line format is the basis for 2 amazing bonus features and the fun filled main game, set in the eccentric scientists lab. The bonus games, Griffins Rage and Police Spins, really make this feel more like a video game than a video slot and the overall effect allows the player to immerse themselves in fun.

Griffin’s Rage Bonus Game- here the player goes out into the snow on the hunt for the Invisible Man. By now the police are fast on his tail and you get to join the chase. Look around in 3 different locations and enjoy the ‘pick and click’ feature of the game, where you look for clues and win coin prizes.

Police Spins- this is where it really gets close and the police are chasing the Invisible Man across the reels. Rather than be caught, he really loses his head and Burning Wilds can appear across the reels to boost winnings more than ever.

South Park

In cooperation with: South Park Studios
Based on: the popular TV show ‘South Park’.

Until now the branded video slot options from Netent have all been rather creepy and sinister, so it’s nice to have a little lighthearted comedy injection. Everybody’s favourite 4 kids have been immortalised on the reels to bring us, not just laughs and entertainment, but big wins too. South Park is a 5 reel, 25 pay line video slot featuring Free Spins, Wild Symbols, Sticky Wilds, Bonus Games and Mini Features.

Each character has their very own bonus game in the South Park video slot to enjoy;

  • Cartman: hunt the hippies in order to win coin prizes.
  • Stan: win with Sticky Wilds and free Re-Spins.
  • Kenny: collect coin wins and multipliers up to x10.
  • Kyle: enjoy 10 free Bonus Spins and a brand new Wild.

South Park: Reel Chaos

In cooperation with: South Park Studios
Based on: the popular TV show ‘South Park’.

The first South Park video slot from Netent was such a huge success that they went and created a second, South Park: Reel Chaos. It’s not often that a video slot earns itself a Part II so this just shows how groundbreaking and valuable these branded offerings from Netent really are.

South Park: Reel Chaos brings us the young bucks again but with a totally new angle; they’re now superheroes. Never was there a less likely bunch to save the world, but they might just surprise you. This offering is a 5 reel, 20 pay line video slot featuring Professor Chaos, who must be beaten along with his band of evil minions. Once again the game is filled with mini features and extras to make this as interactive as possible.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

In cooperation with: Universal Studios
Based on: the 1954 horror movie.

And we’re back to horror! Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of the lesser talked about Netent video slots, but undeservedly so. It’s full of fun and surprises. It’s a 5 reel, 20 pay line video slot set within the Black Lagoon on a quest to find the creature and destroy him. ‘The Creature’ is a prehistoric monster, which seems to be a half sea creature, half human creation who captures Kay and takes her to his underwater lair.

Work through the features in order to beat the creature and save Kay. Loads of features will help you on your quest, including Spreading Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Free Spins and ReSpins. All designed to bring Kay back and, of course, create as many big wins as possible.


In cooperation with: Universal Studios
Based on: Scarface the movie.

Whilst not strictly horror, Scarface is still a very dark, intense and disturbing film, which must be why Netent were so keen to make it into another branded video slot! This film is the ultimate cult classic with everyone loving it, hating it or at least having heard of it, and it’s this ‘familiar’ feeling that Netent want to embrace.

Scarface video slot is well known for it’s super high RTP payout and one of the most fun and adrenaline filled bonus games of any game, online video slot or video game alike. Based on the ‘say hello to my little friend’ scene from the movie, help Tony during his very last stand, to take down as many hit men as possible, earning coin wins for every kill.


In cooperation with: Warner Bros
Based on: The TV show Dallas.
Note: this game is exclusive to Unibet and their brands and cannot be played at any other online casino! This is both a branded AND exclusive video slot!

Dallas is one that might not be appreciated by the younger generation, but those grownups amongst us will love this retro video slot, based on the TV show of the same name. Featuring an incredibly rich Texan Oil Baron family and their trials and tribulations. Several of the main characters will be seen across the reels and extras like Free Spins, Multipliers and the Ewing Oil Bonus game really fill this slot with fun.


In cooperation with: Universal
Based on: The film of the same name.

Dracula is another creepy offering from Netent, in their collection of branded film and TV video slots. Dracula is a 5 reel, 40 pay line video slot which introduces the brand new “Bat Feature” where Dracula himself explodes into a flurry of bats, which reform on the reels to duplicate symbols and create big wins.

As well as the Bat Feature, you’ll enjoy Free Spins and Stacked Wilds as the complicated and dangerous love affair between himself and his one true love.

The branded video slots are by no means over from Netent, as even more are due to be released this year. Next up is the first ever musically branded video slot, Guns n Roses, inspired by the hugely popular 80’s rock band of the same name.

Did you know…

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